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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan

 On March 11, 2014 No. 245


of March 4, 2014 No. 169

About the List of works at which application of work of the workers who did not reach eighteen-year age and maximum permissible regulations of loadings for them is forbidden in case of lifting and moving weights by them manually

(as amended of the Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of 03.03.2017 No. 110)

According to Article 208 of the Labor code of the Republic of Tajikistan the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan decides:

1. Approve the List of works at which application of work of the workers who did not reach eighteen-year age is forbidden and maximum permissible regulations of loadings for them in case of lifting and moving weights by them it (is manually applied).

2. Determine that the state normative requirements for labor protection for physical persons and legal entities are obligatory for introduction of this List.

3. To the ministries, departments, executive bodies of the government Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous areas, areas, the city of Dushanbe, the cities and areas of the republic, to the organizations, the companies and organizations irrespective of patterns of ownership and types of activity to provide execution of this resolution.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan

Emomalii Rahmon


The project Is approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of March 4, 2014 No. 169

The activity list with harmful and dangerous working conditions on which application of work of persons is forbidden is younger than 18 years and limit rates in case of lifting and moving weights manually

I. Mining operations, tunnels and underground constructions of special purpose

1. Underground works

The workers of all professions occupied at underground works

2. Open mining operations and surface acting and mines under construction and cuts

Driller (operator of the drilling rig)

Vagonetchik of the air ropeway


Elector of breed

The miner according to the prevention and suppression of the fires

The supplier of fixing materials to the mine

Supplier (carrier) of explosive materials


The timberer occupied with production of simple and difficult types fix also procurement of the fixing wood

Hatch, occupied on fullering and otkatka manually

Driver of zemlesosny installation

Driver of loading machine

Driver of dump plow

Operator of the scraper winch

Driver of puteperedvigatel

Operator of the hoist engine

Driver of uglesosny installations (uglesos)

Driver of otvaloobrazovatel

The haulage man occupied with manual fullering and otkatka of trolleys


The drifter at superficial works

Distributor of explosive materials


Terrikonshchik occupied on the burning waste heaps

Cleaner of bunkers

Lock in case of caisson

3. Enrichment, agglomeration, briquetting

The bureaucrat on preparation of mixes for briquetting

Bureaucrat of coal preparation

Vygruzchik of dust

The gas-man of the defreezing installation



Closer of diamond-bearing concentrates

The doser occupied at agglomerative factories

Doser of hot return

Doser of reagents



Zagruzchik-vygruzchik cupolas and furnaces, occupied on unloading of hot agglomerate

The loader occupied on enrichment, agglomeration and briquetting

Pourer of hot agglomerate

Refueler of agglomerative bowls

Fireman of drying department


Tsentova the cleaner occupied on enrichment and briquetting

Driver of briquette press

The driver of mills occupied: at agglomerative and gold-extracting factories; servicing of disintegrators; on crushing (crushing) of quartz, quartzite, ore and gumboils, copper slags, manganese, candle end, pitch

The driver on servicing of silos and coal tower

Operator of mixing reels

Driver of sorting

Driver of drying installation

The mechanic of feeder occupied on drying of sulphidic concentrates

The burner occupied: on roasting of ores and concentrates of non-ferrous and rare metals; on conversion of gold-bearing slimes

The handler of slimes occupied at gold-extracting factories

Handler of efily

The operator of the control panel occupied on: to drying of sulphidic concentrates; enrichment, sorting and briquetting of coal (slate)

The operator on servicing of dust and gas collecting installations

Probutorshchik of small-capacity drag

Rastvorshchik of reagents occupied at concentrating and drobilnosortirovochny factories

Rastvorshchik-regeneratorshchik of tsianplav

The separator occupied at concentrating and crushing and sorting factories

The sorter occupied: on selection of copper of slag; on sorting of cables in electrolysis shops

The dryer occupied with drying of concentrates at concentrating and crushing and sorting factories

Filtrovalshchik (filtrovshchik) occupied: at gold-extracting factories; on enrichment and sorting of coal (slate)

Tsementatorshchik of gidromedyustanovka

Tsentrifugovshchik occupied on enrichment, sorting, briquetting of coal (slate)



Cleaner of bunkers

Ekstraktorshchik occupied at gold-extracting factories

4. Production and enrichment of mining and chemical raw materials

Vygruzchik of arsenic (nabivshchik)

Drenazhist on production of mirabilit

Getter of raw materials

Worker of antiavalanche protection

Traffic controller of work of wells



5. Production and enrichment of construction materials


Kolshchik of plates and blocks

Winch operator of scraper installation

Operator of the glinorezny machine

Operator of the stone-cutting machine


Prigotovitel of jet water

The workers of all professions occupied directly on production and enrichment of asbestos


Reactor specialist

Carver of stone

Carver of trenches

Deliverer acceptor of ore, asbestos

6. Production of mountain wax (ozokerite)

Bureaucrat of production of reagents

Bureaucrat of distillation

Bureaucrat of extraction

7. Production of the coal and graphitized products


Driver of mills





II. Prospecting and the topographer - geodetic works

1. General professions

The blaster at geophysical works

Logger perforator operator

Operator of the elevator of the logging and perforating station

Operator of the shurfoprokhodchesky aggregate

Mechanic of the self-propelled logging and perforating station

Promyvalshchik of tests

III. Metallurgical production

1. Ferrous metallurgy General professions of ferrous metallurgy

Bryzgalytsik of troughs, shlakovozny ladles and bowls

Vygruzchik of slag on dumps

The loader of thermal furnaces occupied on loading and unloading with manual method

Kalilshchik of hire

Kantovshchik-ukladchik, occupied at works with hot metal

Kleymovshchik of hot metal

Ladle man

The controller in production of ferrous metals occupied directly on hot sites of works

The medical nickname occupied directly in metallurgical shops

The drivers occupied with servicing of all machines and mechanisms working: in hot flights; on hot sites; on transportation of metal, pipes, agglomerate and coke in hot condition

Heater of metal

The grinder on removal of defects of metal

Obmazchik of sheets and pipes

Ognerezchik on cleaning of defects of metal

Operator of post of management

Operator of peeling machines

Operator of post of control of aggregates of volume training of rails

Otzhigalshchik of precision steel and alloys (rod iron, tape, wire)

Prigotovitel of filling fire-resistant materials and thermal mixes

Posadchik of metal

Pravilshchik of hire and pipes occupied on editing of hot metal

Pultovshchik of the electromelting furnace

The carver of hot metal, in the absence of remote control from the panel

Heat-treater of hire and pipes

Cleaner of scale and slag

Shikhtovshchik occupied with performance of works manually


Shlifovalshchik of procurements (the worker on removal of defects of metal)

2. Domain production

Fueler of the domain shop

Riding blast furnace

Plumber of the blast furnace

Gas-man of the blast furnace

Forge blast furnace

Forge desulfuration of cast iron

Granulyatorshchik of domain slag

Complainant of razlivochny machines


Driver car scales

Operator of the elevator of the blast furnace

Driver of shikhtopodacha

The serviceman automated the car scales

Operator of post of management of system of shikhtopodacha


3. Steel-smelting production

Driver of hydrotreating and lubricant of molds

Operator of the charging machine

Operator of the filling machine

Driver of pitch installation


Nabivshchik of blocks


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