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The document ceased to be valid since February 22, 2020 according to article 34 of the Law of the Republic of Moldova of November 30, 2018 No. 306


of March 18, 2004 No. 78-XV

About foodstuff

(as amended on 24-05-2018)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Purpose and scope of this law

(1) This law establishes the legal base in the field of production, conversion and distribution of foodstuff, and also regulates the main conditions of turnover of these products, including ensuring its safety, for the purpose of health protection of the person, protection of the consumer interests concerning some foodstuff, ensuring fair practice of trade in foodstuff.

(2) This law is applied to all foodstuff, including to enriched, special dietary purpose, to additives to food and other types of the foodstuff intended for placement in the domestic market.

(3) This law is not applied to food staples, held for use in house conditions or for production, manipulation or storage of foodstuff for the purpose of private use in life at home, and also to the foodstuff conveyed through the country as transit goods or which are temporarily stored in quality of the property which is subject to transit through the country if such products do not constitute health hazard of the person or the environment.

Article 2. Basic concepts

For the purpose of this law the following concepts mean:

foodstuff - any substance or product in the natural or processed type intended for the use by the person in food, including drinks, drinking and mineral water in bottles, chewing gum, food supplements, the enriched foodstuff, nutrients and additives to food, the foodstuff received from genetically changed organisms and any other substances, including water which are purposely entered into foodstuff in production process, preparations, manipulations or processings of foodstuff. This concept does not include: forage for animals; live animals, except for those which are prepared for placement in the market for the purpose of consumption by the person; plants before their collection; narcotic and psychotropic substances; the substances used only as medicines; cosmetic products; tobacco and tobacco products;

food supplement - any substance which is usually not used as foodstuff or as regular typical component of foodstuff, having or not having nutrition value, purposely entered into foodstuff in the technology purposes (including organoleptic) at different stages of production process of foodstuff, become or able to become directly or indirectly component of this foodstuff or influencing their characteristics. This concept does not include the "pollutants" or substances added to foodstuff for preserving or increase in nutritive properties (vitamins, microelements, amino acids, etc.);

ingredient - any substance, including food supplements used in production or production of foodstuff and containing in end product as such or in the changed form;

foodstuff of special dietary purpose - foodstuff which thanks to the special structure or process of conversion accurately differs from the foodstuff intended for normal consumption has the structure answering the required purpose of power supply, such as requirements satisfaction in power supply of certain categories of persons at which processes of digestion or metabolism are broken or which are in special physiological conditions, or healthy babies or small children, and is on sale in shape, adequate to their assignment;

initial formula of power supply - foodstuff for power supply of babies in the first months of life sufficient for satisfaction of their nutritional requirements before introduction of the corresponding additional power supply (feeding up);

the subsequent formula of power supply - foodstuff for power supply of babies when the corresponding additional power supply representing the basic liquid element gradually of diversifiable diet of these children is entered;

mixes on the basis of grain - the products intended for satisfaction of special needs of healthy babies during the termination of breastfeeding and healthy children of younger age as additive to the diet received by them and/or for gradual adaptation to regular diet, relating to one of the following categories:

a) simple grain, recovered or recovered by milk or other corresponding nutrient liquids;

b) grain with addition of product with the high content of protein, recovered or recovered by the water or other liquids which are not containing protein;

c) the pasta eaten after boiling in water or other corresponding liquids;

d) the crackers and cookies eaten directly or after crushing with addition of water, milk or other corresponding liquids;

baby food - the products intended for satisfaction of special needs of healthy babies during the termination of breastfeeding and healthy children of younger age as additive to the diet received by them and/or for gradual adaptation to regular diet, except for:

a) mixes on the basis of grain;

b) drinks on the basis of milk and the similar products intended for children of younger age;

foodstuff for the special medical purposes

- in a special way the processed or made foodstuff intended for dietotherapy of patients, including babies, eaten under medical observation. Are intended as complete diet or part of diet for patients with the limited, weakened or broken capability to accept, to digest, acquire, metabolize or remove regular food or the nutritive matters or their metabolites or patients containing in them with other food requirements determined by medical methods which dietotherapy cannot be performed only change of normal diet;

substitutes of complete diet for control of weight

- the food made especially for consumption in case of low-calorie diet for weight reduction which in case of the use according to the instruction of the entrepreneur of the sphere of food business completely replace day diet;

the enriched foodstuff - foodstuff with addition of one or several nutritive matters, such as vitamins, mineral substances, proteins or other nutritive matters, for the purpose of increase in nutritional value of the corresponding product which are absent in product from the very beginning or was lost during regular production process. The enriched foodstuff is not considered as medicines;


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