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of March 13, 2014 No. 41

About hunting and hunting economy

(as amended on 08-07-2019)

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on January 29, 2014

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law

In this Law the following basic concepts are applied:

biotechnical actions - actions of direct impact on hunting animals and the circle of their dwelling (hunting grounds) for the purpose of maintenance, optimization of number and specific structure of hunting resources in nature, increases in productivity of hunting grounds;

reproduction sites - sites of hunting grounds with temporary or permanent restrictions of economic activity and hunting;

intraeconomic okhotustroystvo - complex of works on inventory count of grounds, to creation of okhotkhozyaystvenny cards, accounting of fauna, reasons for the plan of reproduction and other actions, establishment of the directions and ways of development of hunting economy;

hybridization - crossing of the animals belonging to different types or subspecies;

the state hunting certificate - the state document certifying receipt of the status of the hunter by physical person;

the state hunting fund - set of hunting animals with the circle of their dwelling;

production of hunting animals - withdrawal of hunting animals from the environment by their shooting or catching;

The Red List of the Kyrgyz Republic (further - the Red List) - the code of data on biology, condition of the populations and the habitat brought in it the rare, disappearing or being under the threat of disappearance objects of animal and flora and mushrooms existing and recommended measures for their preserving, recovery and steady use;

limit - the quantity of individuals established on all territory of hunting grounds of the republic or on certain limiting hunting grounds, admissible to withdrawal from the environment irrespective of the withdrawal purposes, taking into account capability of populations on steady existence and reproduction;

intereconomic okhotustroystvo - complex of works on delimitation of sites of the hunting grounds intended for implementation of okhotkhozyaystvenny activities and the priority directions of its development, to establishment of zones of preserving types of wild animals;

monitoring of hunting resources - system of regular observations of distribution, number, physical condition of hunting resources, gender and age structure of populations, quality and the area of the circle of their dwelling;

use regulations - extreme quantity of individuals of the hunting animal not limited types, admissible to withdrawal from the environment, established on specific hunting grounds or on one hunter, for certain period, taking into account capability of populations on steady existence and reproduction;

consolidation of hunters - the voluntary, self-governed organization (in the form of societies, clubs and other organizations) created by physical persons (hunters) who united on the basis of community of interests for realization of their rights to hunting implementation;

hunting - type of use of objects of the fauna representing process of implementation by hunters of search, tracing, prosecution for the purpose of production and actual getting (by catching or shooting) the wild animals and birds who are in condition of natural freedom or in semi-free conditions;

the hunter - the physical person who received the state hunting certificate according to the procedure, established by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, or person equated to the hunter;

hunting minimum - complex of the minimum data in biology of hunting animals, rules and methods of hunting, security measures in case of weapon handling, responsibility for violation of rules of hunting and other questions connected with hunting and hunting economy which the hunter needs to know, to okhotpolzovatel, the holder of lovchy birds of prey;

okhotkhozyaystvenny activities - type of economic activity on preserving and steady use of hunting animals in hunting grounds, to their reproduction and increase in productivity of hunting grounds;

hunting animals - individuals of fauna (wild animals and birds) on their specific accessory who are in natural environment or in hunting nurseries which preserving, reproduction and use are regulated by this Law. Their list is specified in Rules of hunting in the Kyrgyz Republic;

hunting resources - specific and quantitative set of hunting animals;

hunting grounds - the territories or water areas with certain borders serving as the habitat of hunting animals on whom the rights of conducting okhotkhozyaystvenny activities can be granted to legal entities;

hunting nursery - the economic division performing content (cultivation, cultivation) in semi-free conditions or in bondage of hunting animals for the purpose of further release in hunting grounds for hunting and reproduction, and also realization (sale) for other purposes;

okhotpolzovatel - the legal entity (irrespective of pattern of ownership and legal form) having the right of conducting okhotkhozyaystvenny activities on certain hunting grounds provided according to the Agreement on conducting okhotkhozyaystvenny activities signed with authorized state body in the field of hunting and hunting economy;

okhotkhozyaystvenny plans - sustainability plans and to maintaining hunting economy on hunting grounds;

hunting products - the hunting animals, their meat, furs and other products which are got/received as a result of hunting implementation;

the permit to production of hunting animals - the allowing document issued by okhotpolzovatel to the production hunter on regulation of not limited types of hunting animals in hunting grounds on which the okhotpolzovatel is granted the right of conducting okhotkhozyaystvenny activities;

reacclimatization - artificial return to some area of the animal type who earlier disappeared there;

preserving hunting resources - activities for maintenance of hunting resources in the condition allowing to maintain specific, genetic, ecosystem variety and to keep the number of populations of hunting animals sufficient for steady reproduction;

steady use of hunting resources - the long-term use by hunting resources excluding deterioration in their condition, structure and genetic structure of populations and deterioration in the habitat.

Article 2. Legal regulation of the relations in the field of hunting and hunting economy

1. Subject of regulation of this Law and other regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic accepted according to it are the relations in the field of preserving, reproduction and use of hunting resources and the circle their dwelling arising when implementing hunting and conducting okhotkhozyaystvenny activities (further - the sphere of hunting and hunting economy).

2. The relations in the field of hunting and hunting economy are regulated also by the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic "About environmental protection" and "About fauna".

Article 3. Objects of the relations in the field of hunting and the hunting economy regulated by this Law

1. Objects of the relations in the field of hunting and the hunting economy regulated by this Law are hunting animals who in total with the circle of their dwelling constitute the state hunting fund of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2. Animal species which list is specified in the Rules of hunting in the Kyrgyz Republic approved by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic concern to hunting animals.

3. Preserving, reproduction and use of types of the wild animals included in the Red List are carried out according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "About fauna", this Law and Regulations on the Red List approved by the order of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article 4. The basic principles of legal regulation in the field of hunting and hunting economy

Legal regulation in the field of hunting and hunting economy is based on the following basic principles:

1) the steady use of hunting resources performed thus and such rates which do not bring in the long term to depletion of biological diversity thereby keep its capability to satisfy requirements present and future generations and to answer their expectations; implemented by means of establishment of amounts of production of hunting animals taking into account biological, ecological and socio-economic factors;

2) openness (transparency) for the general public of information on condition and provision in use of hunting resources;

3) paid nature of special use of hunting resources;

4) ensuring preserving and reproduction of hunting animals due to their use which promotes receipt of the funds allocated further for preserving hunting resources, improvement of condition of their populations and the habitat, social and economic development of local communities;

5) equal rights of access for any interested persons to hunting resources in accordance with the established procedure;

6) separations of the managing and control regulating functions of state bodies;


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