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 Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 

 February 25, 2014  

No. 335/25112


of February 5, 2014 No. 99

About approval of Requirements to employers concerning protection of workers against harmful effects of electromagnetic fields

According to article 28 of the Law of Ukraine "About labor protection" and the Presidential decree of Ukraine of December 24, 2012 "About some measures for optimization of system of the central executive bodies" I order to No. 726:

1. Approve Requirements to employers concerning protection of workers against harmful effects of electromagnetic fields which are applied.

2. To public service of mountain supervision and industrial safety of Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure:

1) to provide submission of this order on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

2) to enter the order in the State register of regulatory legal acts concerning labor protection.

3. This order becomes effective from the date of its official publication.




Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukrainyot on February 5, 2014 No. 99

Requirements to employers concerning protection of workers against harmful effects of electromagnetic fields

I. General provisions

1.1. These Requirements establish requirements to subjects of managing on protection of workers against danger to their health which exists or results from impact of electromagnetic fields.

1.2. Action of these Requirements extends to subjects of managing irrespective of pattern of ownership and legal form and is obligatory for the employers and workers performing the works connected with impact of electromagnetic fields.

1.3. Action of these Requirements does not extend on:

the workers working with visual display terminals of electronic computers or perform works in not switched off electroinstallations up to 750 kV inclusive;

protection of workers against the dangers contacting to the details which are under the influence of voltage.

1.4. In these requirements the term "maximum permissible level (further-GDR)" is used in the value given in the State sanitary standards and rules during the work with sources of the electromagnetic fields approved by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of December 18, 2002 No. 476, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on March 13, 2003 for No. 203/7524 (further - DSANPIN

1.5. Other terms are used in the following values:

electromagnetic fields - permanent magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiations in the range of frequencies from Hz 50,0 to 300 GHz;

harmful effects of electromagnetic fields - influence on the health of workers caused by the power networks and their elements induced by electromagnetic fields on human body.

II. Obligations of employers on prevention of danger of emergence of harmful effects of electromagnetic fields on health of workers

2.1. Requirements for creation of safe and harmless working conditions by proper arrangement of workplaces and production, sanitary and household and other rooms shall conform to the General requirements on ensuring labor protection of workers with employers approved by the order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine of January 25, 2012 No. 67, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on February 14, 2012 for No. 226/20539 (further - NPAOP 0.00-7.11-12).

2.2. The employer before works in case of application of sources of electromagnetic fields shall:

organize measurements of intensity electric and magnetic constituting electromagnetic fields according to DSANPIN ;

taking into account results of hygienic estimation to provide arrangement of production rooms and arrangement of the equipment according to requirements DSANPIN;

provide workers with individual protection equipment from impact of electromagnetic fields according to DSANPIN and provide with special clothes, special footwear and other individual protection equipment according to requirements of the Regulations on procedure for the providing workers with special clothes, special footwear and other individual protection equipment approved by the order of the State committee of Ukraine on industrial safety, labor protection and mountain supervision of March 24, 2008 No. 53, No. 446/15137 registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on May 21, 2008.

2.3. The employer shall provide holding the relevant treatment-and-prophylactic activities according to requirements DSANPIN

2.4. The employer shall for the means organize performing medical examinations of workers of certain categories, namely preliminary medical examination (in case of employment) and periodic medical examinations (during labor activity), according to requirements of the Procedure for the performing medical examinations of workers of certain categories approved by the order of the Ministry of health protection of May 21, 2007 No. 246, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on July 23, 2007 for No. 846/14113 (further - the Procedure for performing medical examinations).

2.5. Before work and during work the employer shall pay attention on:

level, frequency range, duration and nature of impact of electromagnetic fields;

GDR of indicators of electromagnetic fields;

possibility of direct impact of electromagnetic fields on safety and health of workers;

possibility of any indirect impact, in particular probability of creation of hindrances of the electronic equipment and electronic devices, including pacemakers and other implanted devices; the danger caused by the particles falling from ferromagnetic objects in magnetic fields with magnetic induction higher than 3 mtl; initialization of electroexplosive ignition of devices (detonators) of the flammable materials and explosions caused by sparks which can arise thanks to the induced currents;

feasibility of replacement of the equipment for the purpose of reduction of level of electromagnetic fields;

information obtained during passing of medical examination on the state of health of workers;

availability of several at the same time working sources of electromagnetic fields;

simultaneous impact of electromagnetic fields of different frequency.


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