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of February 24, 2014 No. 135

About procedure for distribution of fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers

(as amended on 17-04-2018)

Based on provisions of article 2 of the Law No. 339 of December 23, 2013 on the government budget for 2014 (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2014, Art. No. 14-16, 34) and article 21 of the Law No. 243-XV of July 8, 2004 on subsidized insurance of industrial hazards in agricultural industry (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2004, Art. No. 132-137, 704), with subsequent changes and amendments, and also for establishment of the principles, the purposes and priority tasks in realization the politician of support of the agricultural Government DECIDES: producers

1. Accept the offer of the Ministry of Agriculture and food industry on distribution of fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers in the amount of 500 million lei, including 46 million lei at the expense of the grant provided by the European commission (the scheme of grant of ENPARD) for the following measures for support:

1) stimulation of crediting of agricultural producers by financial institutions, including loan and savings associations;

2) stimulation of insurance of industrial hazards in agricultural industry;

3) stimulation of investments into creation of long-term plantings, including systems of protection against frosts and protivogradovy installations, raskorchevka of the long-term plantings which are subject to write-off and promotion of grape and wine-making products;

4) stimulation of investments into production of vegetables in the closed soil (winter greenhouses, sunbeds, tunnels);

5) stimulation of investments into acquisition of agricultural machinery and stock, and also the equipment constituting irrigating systems;

6) stimulation of investments into the equipment and technological re-equipment of livestock farms;

7) stimulation of acquisition of breeding animals and preserving breeding gene pool;

8) stimulation of investments into development of infrastructure of postharvest processing and conversion;

9) stimulation of consolidation of farmlands;

10) stimulation of irrigation of farmlands.

2. Allocate the Ministry of Agriculture and the food industry in coordination with the Ministry of Finance the right:

1) distributions of fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers for the measures provided in subitems of 1)-10) of Item 1, depending on statements of agricultural producers for financial support including for repayment of debts on statements for provision of the subsidies confirmed with final and irreversible judgments within fund of subsidizing of the agricultural producers specified in Item 1 of this resolution;

2) uses of the financial resources coming from return of subsidies by agricultural producers - receivers of subsidies in 2010-2014 which allowed departures from provisions of the existing regulations, for the purpose of financing further of other statements for support, according to the measures provided in subitems of 1)-10) of Item 1 of this resolution;

3) ensuring financing as fee in Fund of grapes and wine, according to Item b) parts (3) and parts (12) article 32-3 of the Law No. 57-XVI of March 10, 2006 on grapes and wine.

3. Resolve repayment at the expense of the means provided in Item 1 of this resolution, accounts payable in the total amount of 211 439 lei registered for December 31, 2013 owing to not financing at the expense of fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers for 2013.

4. Approve:

Regulations on procedure for distribution of fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers, according to appendix No. 1;

The list of risks for which insurance insurance premiums in crop production, gardening, wine growing and livestock production, according to appendix No. 2 are subsidized from fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers for 2014;

The list of crops and animal species and birds for whose insurance insurance premiums, according to appendix No. 3 are subsidized from fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers for 2014.

5. To impose control over the implementation of this resolution on the Ministry of Agriculture and the food industry.

Prime Minister

Iurie Leanca


Deputy Prime Minister,

Minister of Economic Affairs


Valeriu Lazer

Minister of Agriculture

and food industry

Vasile Bumakov

Minister of Finance

Anatol Arapu

Appendix No. 1

to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of February 24, 2014 No. 135

Regulations on procedure for distribution of fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers

Chapter I Main determinations

In this Provision the main used determinations have the following value:

1) agricultural activities - production, cultivation or cultivation of agricultural products, including preprocessing and conversion of agricultural products, milking, cultivation and content of animals in the agricultural purposes or content of sites in proper agricultural and ecological conditions;

2) the receiver - the applicant of subsidy whose statement is assessed positively and approved for the conclusion of the contract with the administrator of fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers - intervention and payments Agency in the field of agricultural industry;

3) the house of packaging - the agricultural unit consisting of the refrigerator and extras used in complex or separately during the cleaning, sink, sorting and packaging of fruit and fresh vegetables;

4) selection criteria - compulsory provisions which the applicant for the filing of application and documents necessary for provision of free financial aid shall carry out;

5) investment - cost, excluding VAT, material values (assets) enclosed in business activity in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, put in operation according to the conditions and terms provided for each measure for support, the agricultural producers which are subject to financial support from fund of subsidizing according to requirements of this provision, except for the size of the grant which is investment component;

6) livestock farm - the agricultural unit with the status of the agricultural producer authorized in accordance with the established procedure which property consists of animals, rooms, processing equipment, arrangements, and intended for product receipt of animal origin;

7) grant - the non-paid financial or technical contribution provided to the agricultural producer from donors, including foreign when purchasing material values (assets) which size is subtracted from the provided investment amount in case of calculation of subsidy;

8) group of producers - any legal entity, except for non-profit organizations, consisting at least of 5 agricultural producers which main objective is the joint appeal in goods of agricultural products of members of group;

9) measure for support - the main direction in agricultural industry chosen and which is financially supported by the state depending on the tasks established in programs and documents the politician in agro-industrial area;

10) the rural settlement - villages, communes, including settlements which according to the Law No. 764-XV of December 27, 2001 on the administrative-territorial device of the Republic of Moldova have the status of the city in which the number of inhabitants, according to results of the last population census, does not exceed 8500 people, except for the cities which are the residence of regional councils, the cities and villages as a part of municipium of Chisinau, and also the cities as a part of the autonomous territorial entity Gagauzia;

11) the list of the forbidden agricultural producers - the official document constituted by the body responsible for management of subsidizing of agricultural producers of fund for the purpose of restriction within 3 years in a row of access to subsidies of agricultural producers which submitted doubtful data false documents for receipt of subsidies or allowed violation of other selection criteria;

12) the payment order - the payment document based on which are performed transfer of financial support, transfer of the credit, and also confirmation of any payment method allowed in the territory of the republic, except for transactions on exchange of goods (barter), transactions on compensation and agreements on concession;

13) the applicant - agricultural producer which performed investment or into the authorized capital of which material values (assets) for the purpose of implementation of business activity which are subject to support within fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers and which submitted the application in this respect, according to support measures were enclosed in accordance with the established procedure;

14) subsidy - the free and tax-free monetary assistance provided from fund of subsidizing of agricultural producers for support of the investments enclosed by agricultural producers which correspond to selection criteria;

15) irrigating system - the hydraulic system consisting in complex or separately of pumping points, pipelines including fitting and connecting accessories, geomembranes and geotextiles for water intake, farmlands used for irrigation bought in 2012-2014 and put in operation since November 1, 2013;

16) preprocessing - set of the transactions executed by the agricultural producer according to certain technology within which vegetable or livestock agricultural products are prepared for use as raw materials or semifinished products in various industries of the agrofood industry;


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