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of December 21, 2012 No. 506-IVQ

About culture

(as amended on 06-10-2023)

This Law according to Item 1 of part I of article 94 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic determines the purposes and the principles of the state cultural policy in the Azerbaijan Republic, the rights and obligations of subjects of cultural activities, legal, organizational, economic and social guarantees in the field of culture, governs the relations arising in the field of creation, accumulating, studying, promotion and preserving cultural values.

Chapter 1. Basic concepts

Article 1. Basic concepts

1.0. The concepts applied in this Law are used in the following values:

1.0.1. culture - set of lines which determine material, moral, intellectual and emotional specifics of society or social groups rules of their cohabitation cover conduct of life of people, system of moral values, including literature and art;

1.0.2. cultural activities (activities in the field of culture) activities for creation, distribution, preserving, recovery, development and promoting of cultural values, and also rendering and the organization of the cultural benefits;

1.0.3. state policy in the field of culture - set of the purposes, the principles, regulations, concepts, strategy and state programs by which the state in the measures which are carried out in creation, determination, preserving, development and promotion of cultural heritage and cultural values is guided;

1.0.4. cultural products - the results of human activities representing forms of cultural self-expression from the point of view of characteristics, types or are more whole than use, irrespective of their commercial cost;

1.0.5. the cultural benefits - the services and conditions provided for the purpose of satisfaction of cultural, spiritual, esthetic needs of persons;

1.0.6. cultural space - the sphere of creation and distribution of cultural values and traditions;

1.0.7. cultural content - traditions and cultural values which are created and expressed as a result of cultural originality;

1.0.8. the cultural industry - the field of activity providing production and realization of cultural products and benefits;

1.0.9. art value - properties which create the esthetic importance of works of culture, the literature and art representing result of art creativity;

1.0.10. national cultural heritage - set of the examples of culture which are belonging to the Azerbaijani people, representing the all-Azerbaijani value and having universal value;

1.0.11. non-material cultural heritage - traditions, forms of representation and expression, knowledge and skills, and also the related tools, objects, artifacts and cultural spaces recognized by persons, groups and society as samples of cultural heritage;

1.0.12. material cultural heritage - immovable and movable cultural heritage;

1.0.13. immovable cultural heritage - immovable archaeological, architectural, landscape gardening, monumental, memorial monuments, models of arts and crafts, including monuments of culture, architecture, art, ethnographic, natural monuments and historical reserves, spaces of culture, tomb, archaeological complexes, architectural complexes, religious places and ethnoparks;

1.0.14. movable cultural heritage - set of the movable values relating to history, the nature, archeology, documentary, ethnography, cookery, art creativity, scientific research, painting, art, cinematography, numismatics, philately, heraldry, the bibliography, epigrafiya, esthetics, ethnology and anthropology;

1.0.15. samples of cultural heritage - set of the cultural values reflecting in themselves samples of material and non-material cultural heritage of the people, ethnic minority. Samples of underground, land and underwater cultural heritage concern to them;

1.0.16. underwater cultural heritage - the cultural, historical or archaeological traces of human existence staying under water fully or partially, constantly or periodically;

1.0.17. natural heritage - the nature sanctuaries having universal value consisting of physical and biological educations, the geological and physiographic educations, zones which are area of animals and plants, natural zones;

1.0.18. arts and crafts - the field of creativity creating material cultural heritage, directed to creation of works of art on different products;

1.0.19. variety of cultural self-expression (cultural diversity) - different forms in which find the expression of culture of separate groups and communities transferred between groups and communities and in them. The cultural diversity arises not only as a result of application of different means of cultural self-expression through which the world cultural heritage is expressed, developped and transmitted, but also by production, distribution, development of different types of art creativity and products of cultural self-expression irrespective of the applied means and technologies;

1.0.20. cultural self-expression - the expression form which is result of creativity of individuals, groups or societies and having cultural content;

1.0.21. cultural values - moral and esthetic ideals, regulations and examples of behavior, languages, dialects and dialects, national traditions and customs, historical toponyms, folklore, art crafts and crafts, works of culture, including the literary work and art, publishing products, results and methods of scientific research in the field of culture, buildings, constructions, objects having cultural and historical value, the unique natural territories and objects of cultural and historical value, tomb, reserves, archaeological complexes, objects of archaeological and numismatical nature;

1.0.22. samples of national cookery - results of the human activities combining in itself complex of the technologies, forms, patterns, objects, the equipment and recipes belonging to culture of one nation directed to production of food products, drinks and food;

1.0.23. actions of social value - Culture Days, festivals, reviews, tenders, the presentations, anniversary and commemorative events, and also cultural events held for the purpose of perpetuating of memory of cultural figures and art;

1.0.24. creative activities - the activities directed to creation of cultural values;

1.0.25. the creative person - the physical person who is engaged in creation of cultural values, including pedagogical or research activities in the field of culture;


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