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of June 13, 2013 No. 686-IVQ

About ensuring unity of measurements

(as amended on 24-06-2023)

According to Item 24 of part I of article 94 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, this Law establishes legal and organizational basis of ensuring unity of measurements in the Azerbaijan Republic.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

1.0. The concepts used in this Law express the following values:

1.0.1. measurement - set of the transactions which are carried out for determination of numerical value of size;

1.0.2. unit of measure - the fixed value accepted for unit of size and used for quantitative expression of sizes, uniform with it;

1.0.3. unity of measurements - condition of measurements which results are expressed in officially to the size unit allowed for use and which indicators of accuracy do not go beyond;

1.0.4. metrological requirements - requirements to the indicators of accuracy of measuring instruments, standard samples and standards of unit of size influencing results of measurements, to condition of accomplishment of measurements;

1.0.5. metrological examination - the analysis and assessment of establishment of metrological requirements and their observance;

1.0.6. metrological supervision - activities for check of observance of metrological rules and regulations;

1.0.7. size unit standard - the technical tool used for realization (repeating), storage of unit of size and transfer to measuring instruments;

1.0.8. the state standard of unit of size - the size unit standard which is in state-owned property;

1.0.9. the state primary standard of unit of size - the state standard of unit of size providing realization (repeating), storage and transfer of unit of size with the highest accuracy, approved in this indicator and accepted as primary standard in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic;

1.0.10. transfer of unit of size - reduction of unit of the size stored by measuring instrument to unit of the size (repeated) by standard of implementable unit of size or standard sample;

1.0.11. traceability - the property determining the communication of standards of unit of size and measuring instruments with the state primary standard of unit of size supported by the document by means of checking, checks, calibrations;

1.0.12. checking of standards of unit of size - set of the transactions establishing ratio between size units, the implementable (repeated) standards of unit of size of identical level of accuracy and in identical conditions;

1.0.13. measuring instrument - the technical tool used for measurement accomplishment;

1.0.14. technique (method) of measurement - set of specifically described transactions which accomplishment provides results of measurements with accuracy indicators;

1.0.15. certification of techniques (methods) of measurement - assessment and confirmation of conformity of techniques (methods) of measurement to metrological requirements to measurements;

1.0.16. direct measurement - measurement in case of which required value of size is received directly from measuring instrument;

1.0.17. It is excluded according to the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic of 23.02.2018 No. 1008-VQD

1.0.18. technical requirements to measuring instruments - the requirements determining features of design of measuring instruments (without limiting their technical enhancement) for the purpose of preserving metrological characteristics of measuring instruments in the course of their operation, achievement of reliability of results of measurements, the prevention which is not resolved settings and interventions, and also the ensuring safety and electromagnetic compatibility of measuring instrument;

1.0.19. check of measuring instruments - set of the transactions which are carried out for the purpose of appointment and confirmation of conformity of measuring instruments to metrological requirements;

1.0.20. type of measuring instruments - set of the measuring instruments provided for measurement of the same sizes expressed in the same units of the sizes based on the same principle of action, having the same design and made according to the same technical documents;

1.0.21. standard sample - sample of substance (material) with the values of one appointed by results of research and more than sizes characterizing structure and properties of substance (material);

1.0.22. type of standard samples - set of the standard models of the same appointment made according to the same technical documents and of the same substance (material);

1.0.23. testing of measuring instruments or standard samples for the purpose of approval of type - the works performed on establishment of metrological and technical characteristics of the same measuring instruments or standard samples;

1.0.24. approval like standard samples or measuring instruments - decision making about compliance like standard sample or measuring instrument to metrological and technical requirements based on results of the testing which are carried out for the purpose of approval of type;

1.0.25. calibration of measuring instruments - set of the transactions which are carried out for the purpose of determination of the valid values of metrological characteristics of measuring instruments;

1.0.26. technical systems and devices with measuring function - technical systems and devices which along with their main functions, carry out as well measuring functions;

1.0.27. the packed-up packed goods - the goods packed without participation of the buyer which content remains invariable in the absence of opening and deformation the weight, amount, length, the area and other characterizing quantity of the goods of size of which containing in packaging are designated on packaging.

Article 2. Purpose and scope of the Law

2.1. This Law aims to provide requirement of the state and society for receipt of objective, reliable and comparable results of the measurements which are carried out for the purpose of ensuring protection of life and health of the person, environmental protection, plant and animal life, ensuring defense and safety of the state and to prevent negative impact of inexact results of measurements.

2.2. State regulation of ensuring unity of measurements extends to the measurements which are carried out in the following areas:

2.2.1. health care;

2.2.2. protection and quarantine of plants, implementation of agrochemical actions;

2.2.3. veterinary science;

2.2.4. environmental protection;

2.2.5. labor protection;

2.2.6. control of observance of requirements of technical safety to operation of potentially dangerous objects;

2.2.7. rendering paid services, trading activities, packing of goods;

2.2.8. state accounting and registration transactions;

2.2.9. accounting of expenditure of water, gas, electricity and heating energy;

2.2.10. ensuring defense and safety of the state;

2.2.11. banking, tax and customs activities;

2.2.12. safety in emergency situations;

2.2.13. geodesy and cartography;

2.2.14. hydrometeorology;

2.2.15. assessment of conformity of products (works, services) to the mandatory requirements established by regulatory legal acts;

2.2.16. holding official sports competitions, training of athletes;


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