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of November 15, 2013 No. NK-06/8607-I

The Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (further - MF RK Oil Company) for the purpose of improvement of administration of application of cash registers (further - KKM), reports the following.

Now on the portal of MF RK Oil Company the "Interactive Services / Verification of the Control Check according to Registration Number of Cash Register" service allowing to perform verification of presence of registration in the KKM tax authorities by the control check of KKM is realized.

So, the consumer by means of information specified in the control check, in particular, according to registration number or serial number of KKM, can check availability/absence in tax authorities of registration of KKM by means of which issue of the check of KKM is made. For convenience of taxpayers in the presence of registration of KKM in tax authorities the search result displays, including the address of the place of use of KKM.

In view of stated, this resource allows taxpayers to check legitimacy of the control check of KKM forming the basis for reference on account of expenses.

In turn, absence cases on search results by the control check of KKM of the fact of registration of KKM in tax authority are not excluded.

On such taxpayers the relevant tax authorities need to hold events for the purpose of establishment of the facts of availability of KKM and observance of procedure for application of KKM.

At the same time for the purpose of rapid response to the facts of MF RK Oil Company stated above mailing of for which buyers (partners), in case of receipt of the answer to search results on lack of registration of KKM in tax authority, the scanned checks of KKM, and also the location address of KKM by means of which issue of the illegitimate check is made will go is created.

Based on the above, I charge:

To provide 1) no later than November 25, 2013 in Management on work with taxpayers of MF RK Oil Company on the e-mail address: the list of responsibles of tax authorities as whom working off of information arriving on mailing of will enter;

2) to carry out mass and explanatory work, including by means of placement of the information sheet, among the population about availability of the service allowing to check legitimacy of the control check.

Appendix: on 1 leaf (information leaf).

Vice-chairman of MF RK Oil Company

A. Kipshakov

Isp. Baymenov K. Ph. 8 (7G72)71-80-64

 ис.1 к Письму НК МФ  К от 15.11.2013 №НК-068607-И


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