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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan 

 On September 23, 2013 No. 577


of September 19, 2013 No. 1020

About breeding case

(In edition of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan of 21.02.2018 No. 1513)

This Law governs the public relations connected with the organization of breeding case in the Republic of Tajikistan and is directed to strengthening of national genetic fund of livestock production and ensuring food security of the country.

Chapter 1.
General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

- farm animals - all animal species, birds, fishes, silkworm, the bees divorced by the person and directly related to farm-production;

- breeding case - complex of the zootechnical, biologo-genetic, organizational and economic measures directed to removal of new breeds and selection groups of farm animals, leaving and improvement of qualities of the existing breeds;

- breeding material (products) - males and females of breeding farm animals, and also the sperms and embryos received from them;

- breeding farm animal - the farm animal having the document confirming its family tree, who underwent the state registration and used for breed creation;

- breeding value - the level of genetic potential of breeding farm animal and his influence on useful signs of posterity;

- quality evaluation of breeding farm animals - determination of quality of breed, performance and development of breeding farm animals, with assignment of the corresponding degree, and also other breeding material (products), determined for the purpose of their further use;

- branding - the designation of breeding farm animal by drawing number, tattoo allowing to identify breed;

- breed of farm animals - the numerous group of farm animals of one type which is including livestock of the defined age and different sex, having the breeding value passing to future generations, having certain qualities, useful and distinctive from other breeds, structure which consists of the necessary number of lines (cross-countries);

- the line - certain intra pedigree group of farm animals of one posterity removed from one or several outstanding breeds of males;

- cross-country - complex of lines and hybrid of the breeding farm animals appearing within certain procedure by crossing, having high performance and endurance;

- gene pool of small breeds - group of rare breeds of the farm animals who are differing in genetic and selection signs and being under the threat of disappearance;

- the state register of breeding farm animals - data set about accessory, performance, other qualities of breeding farm animals and breeding value of their posterity;

- intra pedigree groups - the groups of farm animals created by methods of crossing of different breeds for fast changing of linear signs of two or more breeds for creation of breed with high performance;

- the breeding company (economy) - the business entity who is engaged in cultivation of livestock of breeding farm animals, reproduction of new breeds, enhancement of useful qualities of the existing breeds, and also obtaining, storage of seed of breeding farm animals and its realization;

- the breeding plant - the company which is engaged in cultivation of breeding farm animals with high productivity;

- the breeding center - the legal entity who is engaged in cultivation of domestic and foreign breeds with high performance and expansion of genetic potential of different types of farm animals;

- farm of breeding farm animal - the component of agricultural enterprise which is engaged in cultivation of breeding farm animals;

- certification - assessment of activities of subjects of the sphere of breeding case which is periodically carried out by authorized state body in the field of breeding case;

- the certificate on breeding farm animals the document confirming genealogical accessory, performance and other qualities of breeding farm animals, and also accessory of seed and (or) embryo;

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