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Accepted at the twenty fourth plenary session of Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the State Parties of the CIS (The resolution of December 4, 2004 No. 24-5)


About control of turnover of radioactive materials

This Law establishes the legal basis of state policy in the sphere of turnover and control of turnover of radioactive materials and is designed to promote prevention of illicit trafficking in radioactive materials, ensuring health and personal security of citizens, and also the state, public and international security.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

For the purpose of this Law the following basic concepts are used:

ownerless radioactive materials - radioactive materials which are not under control owing to the fact that they or never were under control or were left unguarded, lost, placed in the inadequate place, stolen or transferred without proper formal permission;

safety in case of the treatment of radioactive materials - the condition of security of radioactive materials reached by realization of complex of the normative legal, organizational and technical measures directed to minimizing of probability of emergence of emergency and other emergency situations with radioactive materials, and in case of such situations - on mitigation of their radiation and other consequences;

highly active radioactive materials - radioactive materials concerning which owing to their increased radioactivity and potential danger special safety requirements in case of the treatment of them and their safety are established;

state body of management of use of atomic energy - the state body performing carrying out the state scientific and technical, investment and structural policy in the field of use of atomic energy including in the sphere of turnover of radioactive materials;

burial - final isolation of radioactive waste from the environment;

the radioactive materials withdrawn from the use - the radioactive materials which are not used and not planned further to use in practical activities and concerning which the formal permission about their withdrawal from the use is got;

categorization of radioactive material - the differentiation of radioactive materials on the level of potential danger for the person and the environment performed according to the national legal system and taking into account recommendations of International Atomic Energy Agency;

competent authority in the field of control of turnover of radioactive materials - the state body determined by the government (or system of bodies) having legal powers on control of turnover of radioactive materials;

control of turnover of radioactive materials - set of the organization-legal, technical and technological actions directed to check and ensuring compliance of actual state of the radioactive materials which are in circulation to the requirements established by regulatory legal acts in the field of safety in case of the treatment of radioactive materials and their safety;

the license - documentary drawn up permission to the right of implementation of the activities connected with turnover of radioactive materials, issued by regulating authority to the legal entity in the procedure established by the national legal system;

illicit trafficking in radioactive materials - the revolution of radioactive materials made with violation of the existing national legal system;

unauthorized actions - making or attempt of making of diversion on subjects to use, storage or movement of radioactive materials, their plunder, unauthorized access, bringing (transportation) of the forbidden objects and inactivation of technical means of systems of physical protection;

unauthorized access - penetration or attempt of penetration of persons and vehicles which do not have access rights into the protected rooms, buildings and on the territory where works with radioactive materials are carried out;

turnover of radioactive materials - the treatment of radioactive materials and transactions of them;

the treatment of radioactive materials - the administrative and operational activities connected with production, delivery, obtaining, possession, storage, use, transfer, transportation, maintenance, conversion and burial of radioactive materials;

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