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of May 3, 2001 No. 87

About approval of term and the Procedure for carrying out preventive inoculations on epidemic indicators

(as amended on 25-08-2022)

For the purpose of ensuring execution of the Presidential decree of the Azerbaijan Republic "About application of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About immunoprevention of infectious diseases" of June 17, 2000 the No. 353 Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic decides:

1. Approve "The term and the Procedure for carrying out preventive inoculations on epidemic indicators" it (is applied).

2. This resolution becomes effective from the date of its signing.


Prime Minister of the Azerbaijan Republic

Artur Rasi-Zade

Approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic of May 3, 2001 No. 87

The term and Procedure for carrying out preventive inoculations on epidemic indicators

1. For the purpose of the prevention of spread of infectious diseases the relevant structures of the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, Service of state security, the State Border Service, the Presidential Security Service of the Azerbaijan Republic, Public service of special communication and information security, the State agency on protection of strategic objects, the Ministries of Health, the State compulsory medical insurance agency and governing bodies providing immunoprevention carry out preventive inoculations for increase in immunolevel of the population.

2. Preventive inoculations are carried out in medical institutions (medical aid stations, offices) by health workers.

3. Persons involved in preventive inoculations have previously medical medical examination and physical examination.

4. On specifying of the relevant organ providing immunoprevention in case of reasons for intensity of epidemiological situation by it holds immunizatsionny events among various national groups.

5. Epidemiological indicators for carrying out preventive inoculations are:

- Tulyaremiya-pri to threat of exacerbation of disease during autumn and winter season inoculative events with attraction of all population, since 4-year age are instantly held.

Indications to carrying out inoculations against tulyaremiya:

- mass increase in number of rodents, being the main source of infection with disease;

- detection of epizooty of disease of tulyaremiya among rodents;

- registration of disease of tulyaremiya among people.

In case of registration of cases inoculative events shall be held in the shortest terms.

- The Siberian ulcer - the settlement, and also the separate territories of pastures or way of pasture of herds of animals having one or several centers of anthrax are recognized Item, unhealthy concerning disease.

Preventive inoculations among adult population in unhealthy Items are carried out annually within 4 years after registration of activity of infection.

If activity is registered after this term, inoculative actions repeat again in the same order.

- Leptospirosis-in cases among animals in the territories epidemic due to illness is carried out preventive inoculation among the persons living in this territory and being under the threat of infection, generally in two months prior to epidemiological season, but no later than the first decade of April.

- Plague indicator for carrying out preventive inoculation is recognized plague epizooty availability among rodents or possibility of introduction of infection by the sick person according to the antiplague epidemiological investigation which is carried out by the companies.

The inoculation is carried out depending on epidemiological situation in certain territory or selective way among the contingent which is under special threat (persons, constantly or temporarily contacting to the territories in which there is epizooty).

- Belly typhus - mass preventive typhoid inoculation are carried out in the presence of threat of aggravation of epidemics on epidemiological indicators (natural disasters, major accidents in water supply systems and sewer networks), and also among living in settlements, certain hostels, barracks and other places of compact accommodation in which the disease is registered and there is threat of its wide circulation.

6. Preventive various infectious diseases inoculations are carried out according to the instructions approved by the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic.

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