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The document ceased to be valid since August 12, 2015 according to article 1 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic of April 2, 2015 No. 69


of June 1, 2013 No. 88

Technical regulation "Hygiene of Production of Foodstuff"

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on April 18, 2013

This Law adopted according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "About bases of technical regulation in the Kyrgyz Republic" is the technical regulation and establishes obligatory for application and execution of the requirement to objects of technical regulation.

Chapter 1 General provisions

Article 1. Purpose of this Law

The purpose of this Law is ensuring protection of life and human health, animals, plants, the environment from impact of the dangerous and harmful factors arising in case of industrial production of food staples and foodstuff.

Article 2. Scope of this Law

This Law establishes mandatory requirements to creation of necessary conditions in case of the industrial production of food staples and foodstuff made by physical persons and legal entities irrespective of pattern of ownership.

Article 3. Objects of technical regulation

Food staples and production of foodstuff belong to objects of technical regulation of this Law.

Article 4. Basic concepts

For the purposes of this Law the following basic concepts are used:

hygiene of production of foodstuff - conditions and the measures necessary for safety of foodstuff at all stages of production process;

disinfection - the actions directed to destruction of microbes;

disinsection - the actions directed to extermination of insects;

deratization - the actions directed to extermination of rodents;

critical control point - stage at which the control which is important for prevention or exception of danger of foodstuff or its decrease to the level which is not constituting health hazard of the population can be applied;

monitoring - carrying out planned periodic observations or measurements of control parameters in critical points;

dangerous factor - the biological, chemical, physical agent in foodstuff; the biological, chemical, physical condition of foodstuff capable to cause negative impact on health of the person;

rules of hygiene in production process of foodstuff - set of the recommended sanitary and hygienic requirements regulating amount and procedure for sanitary processing, disinfection, disinsection and deratization;

suitability of foodstuff - guarantee that foodstuff is acceptable for consumption by the person according to its purpose;

production supervision - control of products and production processes on compliance to safety requirements of food staples, foodstuff in the course of their production;

production (production) of foodstuff - obtaining processes (cultivation, production), processings, conversions, productions and packagings of foodstuff and service of catering establishments;

the sanitary protection zone (SPZ) - distance (width) from any industrial facility which is impact source on the habitat and health of the person, to the housing estate, the rest area, the resort and other structures;

technology documents (technology instructions) - the documents determining structure and the characteristic of raw materials, the technology modes, procedure for carrying out engineering procedures and transactions in case of production of foodstuff;

temperature condition in case of production of foodstuff - set of indicators of the regulated temperatures in the mass of product; in the camera of the refrigeration equipment intended for temporary storage of product; in the production (warehouse) room used in engineering procedure of production of foodstuff;

technology chain - the conversion of raw materials, semifinished products in consumption products which is characterized by high-quality changes of raw materials;

the participant of economic activity in the field of production of products - the legal entity or physical person making food products at the companies of the food industry.

Chapter 2 Hygienic requirements to the companies for production of foodstuff

Article 5. Hygienic requirements to buildings and rooms

1. Designing and construction of the companies for production of foodstuff, improvement of their territory and the organization of sanitary protection zones shall be carried out taking into account products.

In case of placement of the companies for production of foodstuff it is necessary to check availability of potentially hazardous substances in the environment, availability of the objects located in the neighbourhood, to determine products which are turned out by them and potential risk.

2. During the designing, construction and reconstruction of the companies for production of foodstuff it is necessary to observe threading of the engineering procedures excluding counter and cross flows of the raw materials and finished food products contaminated and net stock.

3. The design in buildings of the companies for production of foodstuff shall give in easily to leaving, cleaning and disinfection, excepting possibility of emergence of condensation and efflorescence that can affect safety of products.

4. The surface of walls, partitions and floors of the companies for conversion, production, storage of foodstuff shall be made of the waterproof, waterproof, not having toxic action materials allowed for use in accordance with the established procedure.

5. Walls and partitions of the companies for conversion, production, storage of foodstuff shall have smooth surface, it is easy to give in to processing and disinfection.

6. The rooms used for production of foodstuff shall be exposed to regular cleaning, disinfection, deratization and disinsection.

7. For the purpose of exception of risk of cross pollution from rooms and the equipment microbiological laboratories at the companies for production of foodstuff shall be isolated from production rooms.

8. Floors of the companies for conversion, production, storage of foodstuff shall be arranged with bias that the water drain was provided.

Article 6. Hygienic requirements to water supply

1. In production of foodstuff the drinking water meeting the requirements of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic shall be used.

2. Water supply of the companies for production of foodstuff is provided from the central networks and local sources (wells).

3. Water indicators on indicators of safety shall conform to requirements of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

4. Pipelines of supply of drinking cold and hot water shall be painted in contrast colors.

5. In case of use at the company for production of foodstuff of nondrinking water for the technical purposes at the company the water supply system, separate from drinking water, shall be provided.

6. Vapor which is used in direct contact with foodstuff shall not lead to pollution of foodstuff and contain substances hazardous to health of the person.


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