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of April 6, 1999 No. 60

About questions of safety control of traffic

(The last edition from 01-06-2017)

For the purpose of ensuring execution of the Presidential decree of the Azerbaijan Republic "About application of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About traffic" of November 22, 1999 the No. 24 Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic decides:

1. Approve "Model clause about parking and garages of vehicles" it (is applied).

2. Approve "Rules of conducting the state accounting of safety control of traffic, use of information accounting and forming of reporting data" (are applied).

3. Approve "The list of indicators of traffic safety, accounting treatment and the report" it (is applied).

4. Approve "The procedure for proper use of the means arriving from payments by physical persons and legal entities of penalties for violation of provisions of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic on traffic" (is applied).

5. Approve "The accounting treatment for penal points for persons to whom administrative sanctions for the violations determined in the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic on traffic" are applied (is applied).

6. This Resolution becomes effective from the date of its signing.

Prime Minister of the Azerbaijan Republic

Artur Rasi-Zade

Approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic of April 6, 1999 No. 60

Model clause about parking and garages of vehicles

1. General provisions

1.1. This Provision determines storage precautions of vehicles on paid parking and in garages.

1.2. In this provision the following concepts are used:

- the parking - the protected protected territory in which the vehicle brought to disabled condition is stored;

- garage - the protected structure intended for the parking of vehicles.

1.3. Parking and garages can be created by physical persons and legal entities.

They act on the basis of the this Provision.

1.4. Parking and garages for storage of vehicles shall be established in the places ensuring traffic safety, environmental protection and meeting the requirements of public safety.

1.5. For temporary storage of vehicles which operation is prohibited in the cases determined by the law (Further in the text "Law") and also discharged of traffic, divisions of the state road traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Further in the text - "The ODS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs") will organize parking and garages.

2. Acceptance of vehicles to the parking and in garage

2.1. Parking and garages are effective round the clock. Parking and garages are protected by persons in charge. In service spaces of parking and garages the operating time, the text of this Provision, the price list of the prices for storage of motor transport, the instruction for duty employees, safety regulations, telephone numbers of owners of parking and garages shall be specified.

2.2. Persons in charge of parking and garages:

2.2.1. shall demand from the vehicle owner or their drivers of observance of procedure for storage of vehicles;

2.2.2. check exterior and completeness of the vehicles provided for storage, and in case of need - the registration certificate of the vehicle, the car driver license of person managing it and to take them on registration;

2.2.3. during acceptance on storage of the vehicle of the data on transport and its owner shall be brought in the register in the form corresponding to appendix No. 1 to this Provision the receipt of payment for use of the parking and garage in the form determined in appendix No. 2 to this Provision or storage card according to appendix No. 3 to this Provision is issued.

2.3. From the owner of the vehicle given to storage with the damaged body the reference of body of the ODS is required. According to the shown reference the corresponding records according to Article 2.3 are made. this Provision.

2.4. For temporary storage of vehicles which operation is prohibited by the law, or in case of their discharge from traffic they are brought on parking and to the garages operating under the ODS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

2.5. The vehicles forcibly brought on the parking and to garage are accepted for storage based on the act which form is determined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. One copy of the drawn-up statement is attached to administrative material, and another - is issued to the vehicle owner.

3. Payment of servicing on parking and in garages

3.1. Payment for transportation of the vehicle on the parking and in garage and its storage is performed according to the price list of the prices determined by the owner of the parking and garage there.

3.2. Payment is performed in date of transmission of the vehicle on storage on parking and in garages.

3.3. If the storage duration exceeds one paid days or if the vehicle keeps compulsorily, then payment for storage, and also payment for its transportation on the parking is levied from the owner at the moment when it takes away the vehicle.

3.4. Payment for services on parking and in the garages performing activities in case of GDDP Ministry of Internal Affairs is levied on the rate approved by Tariff (price) Council of the Azerbaijan Republic.

3.5. According to contract prices on parking and in garages also other types of servicing in connection with servicing of vehicles can be rendered.

4. Procedure for storage of the vehicle on the parking and in garage

4.1. For storage of vehicles on parking and in garages they shall be established within specially marked up places, with the locked doors and the connected brake system.

4.2. In case of stop on vehicle bias with permissible maximum weight of more 3,5 of ton, at least under one of wheels the stopper shall be established.

4.3. Within the parking and garage the vehicle shall be controlled with the speed which is not exceeding 5 km/h.

4.4. After installation of the vehicle on storage, it shall not fuel.

4.5. Insides of the vehicles checked within the parking and garage shall not be used for rest and washing and cleaning works shall not be performed.

4.6. In case of leakage of fuel or oil from the vehicle, it shall not be placed in storage.

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