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of March 7, 2013 No. 32

About the State Emblem of the Republic of Moldova

The parliament adopts this organic law.


Article 1. State Emblem

The State Emblem of the Republic of Moldova (further - the State Emblem) is one of the main official symbols of sovereignty and independence, unity and indivisibility of the Republic of Moldova.

Article 2. Description and image of the State Emblem

(1) the State Emblem represents the crossed board, above - the red field, below - blue. In the center of board the head of tour between which horns - eight-beam star, to the right of the head - five-petal rose, at the left - the half moon turned and slightly inclined to the left is represented. All elements on board gold (yellow). The board is placed on breast of the natural eagle holding in beak gold cross (eagle crusader) in claws on the right - green olive branch, at the left - gold scepter.

(2) Heraldic description of the State Emblem following: in the board crossed to chervlenye and azure, the imposed tour head directly accompanied between horns eight-beam star, on the right - heraldic rose and at the left - the decreasing half moon, all gold; shchitoderzhatel, behind board: eagle (heraldic, with the lowered wings) natural color (brown chestnut-golden), with dark red beak and paws, the gold cross holding in beak, in the right paw - green olive branch, and in left - gold scepter (coupe de gueules et d'azur an un rencontre d'aurochs brochant, accompagne d’une etoile a huit rais entre les cornes, d’une roze heraldique a dextre et d’un croissant contourne a senestre, le tout d’or; support, derri, re l’ecu: une aigle (heraldique, au vol abaisse) au naturel (brun mordore), becquee et membree de gueules, tenant dans son bec une croix d’or, dans sa serre dextre un rameau d'olivier de sinople et dans sa senestre un scepter d'or).

(3) Reference graphical representation of the State Emblem - color, black-and-white planimetric and black-and-white with shafirovka - is given in appendix 1.

(4) the Reproduced image of the State Emblem, irrespective of its sizes, shall correspond in accuracy to proportions of reference graphical representation.

(5) Technical recommendations about observance of coloring in case of production and reproduction of the State Emblem correspond given in appendix 2 to the Law on National flag of the Republic of Moldova No. 217 of September 17, 2010.

(6) the State Emblem can be made in any visually perceived kind of any material which is not perceived concerning it offensive.

Article 3. Respect for the State Emblem

(1) the Citizens of the Republic of Moldova and foreigners who are in the Republic of Moldova shall show respect for the State Emblem and not make any offensive actions concerning it.

(2) Heads of bodies of the public power and public organizations, heads of diplomatic representations and consular establishments of the Republic of Moldova, heads of legal entities and physical persons who use or reproduce the State Emblem, shall provide the correct use of the coat of arms, its advantage and integrity.

(3) Use of the State Emblem with violation of provisions of this law, and also violation of the State Emblem by its maraniye, drawing texts, drawings, imposings of any objects, burning, breaking, damages, not authorized removal, trample or other offensive actions concerning it attract the tort liability established by the legislation or criminal liability.

(4) Replacement and destruction of the worn-out or damaged State Emblem are performed ceremoniously.

(5) the Day of the State Emblem is celebrated on April 27 - in Day of National flag of the Republic of Moldova.

Chapter II USE of the STATE EMBLEM

Article 4. Placement of the State Emblem on buildings and in rooms

(1) the State Emblem is placed without fail:

a) on buildings of bodies of the public power and public organizations, on index plates, in office offices of heads, assembly halls, legal rooms and assembly halls of the specified bodies and organizations;

b) on the buildings which are the location of educational institutions, scientific and cultural institutions;

c) in the locations of check points through frontier, in ports, on piers, on buildings of the airports, stations, bus stations of the international message, and also on the boundary posts designating border of the Republic of Moldova;

d) in locations of the international organizations which member is the Republic of Moldova, according to internal regulations of these organizations and the legislation of the accrediting state.

(2) in case of placement of the State Emblem on the buildings and constructions provided in Items a) - c) parts (1), it is placed on the main facade depending on architectural features: or in the middle of building facade in the upper part or over the central entrance, or to the left of the central entrance from the point of view of entering the building, at height providing possibility of complete perception of the State Emblem. If the location represents complex of buildings, the State Emblem is placed on the main building.

(3) in case of placement of the State Emblem in office offices of heads of bodies of the public power and public organizations it is located on the center of wall behind desktop, at height providing possibility of complete perception of the State Emblem without the persons standing or sitting at table closed it the head.

(4) in case of placement of the State Emblem on gate of the protected complex or on external panel before the building or complex of buildings need to be provided placement of the State Emblem at the central entrance on the left side from the point of view of entering the building or complex and to provide possibility of his complete perception.

Article 5. Reproduction of the image of the State Emblem on documents and seals

(1) Color, the black-and-white image of the State Emblem, planimetric or black-and-white with shafirovka, is reproduced on:

a) official acts, letterheads, forms of documents, forms, editions, business cards, index plates of persons who are taking up responsible state positions and also the central and local authorities of the public power of any level;

b) seals of the bodies specified in Item and);

c) identification documents of national passport system;

d) acts of civil status and on other documents of single state sample issued by the central bodies of the public power;

e) other documents and seals according to provisions of the current legislation.

(2) the Color image of the State Emblem is placed (is reproduced) without fail on acts:

a) Parliament;

b) President of the Republic of Moldova;

c) Governments;

d) Ministries of Foreign Affairs and European Integration;

e) diplomatic representations, consular establishments of the Republic of Moldova;

f) Constitutional court;

g) The highest trial chamber.


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