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of February 15, 2003 No. 23

About approval of the List of separate types of the professions and works connected with source of enhanced danger on which activities restriction is required

(as amended on 12-01-2024)

For the purpose of ensuring execution of the fifth paragraph of Item 1 of the Presidential decree of the Azerbaijan Republic "About application of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About mental health services" of September 3, 2001 the No. 574 Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic decides:

1. Approve "The list of separate types of the professions and works connected with source of enhanced danger according to which activities restriction is required" it (is applied).

2. This resolution becomes effective from the date of signing.

Prime Minister of the Azerbaijan Republic

A. Rasi-Zade

Approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic of February 15, 2003 No. 23

The list of separate types of the professions and works connected with source of enhanced danger according to which activities restriction is required

1. High-rise and steeplejack works, and also carried out in connection with servicing of lifting constructions, the heavy lift gears established in stationary type and portable, escalators, ropeways, funiculars and elevators, including bridge, portal and tower cranes, towers, passenger and freight elevators, suspended passenger and cargo ropeways.

2. The works connected with the state forest conservation, the cabin, transportation and preprocessing of forest materials.

3. The works in the oil-and-gas industry (including the bulk oil and gas distribution lines) including connected with sea drilling and geological investigation.

4. The mining operations, all work types which are carried out on mineral processing and in underground conditions.

5. Works at hydrometeorological stations, on mountain, field installations of communication, in severe geographical climatic conditions.

6. Exploration, topographical, construction and other works in the remote, almost impassable, boggy and mountainous areas.

7. All work types on ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy connected with harmful physical, thermal, chemical effects on melting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and final receipt of alloys.

8. The spray, opryskivatelny works connected with toxic chemicals and on transportation, loading and unloading of these substances in agricultural industry.

9. Works in the production industries dangerous concerning explosion, toxication, strong toxication, ignition, ignition.

10. The works connected with acceptance, storage, loading and unloading of dangerous goods, their transportation by means of air, sea, rail and road transport, washing and cleaning of the cars, special tanks and containers transporting dangerous goods.

11. Works on the mechanical equipment (on turning, milling and other forming pressa).

12. The works which are directly connected with movement of all modes of transport including maintenance of transport.

13. The works connected with radioactive and electromagnetic radiation.

14. All works connected with toxic substances in the petrochemical, oil-processing and chemical industry.

15. All works connected with servicing of the equipments and installations which are under pressure and water-heating.

16. Driver (stoker), boiler operators and all works of service of gas supervision.

17. Service of the device of protection, special communication, collection, all works in bank system on which there is special permission to carrying and use (use) of firearms.

18. The works connected with services of rescuing from gas, the prevention and liquidation of open gas and oil fountains, mountain and mine-rescue, fire-proof services.

19. The works connected with servicing of the installations which are under voltage irrespective of type.

20. All works on livestock farms.

21. All works connected with servicing of water constructions, water storage basins.

22. All works at the companies of food products, dairy farms, dairy kitchens, food bases and warehouses connected with food, their production, storage and realization.

23. Works at the companies of food, trade, including in buffets and catering departments of all companies, transport and stations.

24. All works in teaching and educational organizations.

25. All works in child care and teenage improving facilities.

26. All works in preschool educational institutions.

27. Works in treatment and prevention facilities, sanatoria, rest houses, boarding houses, organizations of social servicing for aged and faces with disability, directly tied with food of patients.

28. The works connected with diagnostics and treatment of patients including in departments of pathology of newborn, premature babies in maternity hospitals (departments), children's hospitals (departments).

29. Works in the drugstores which are engaged in production, packaging and realization of medicinal substances at the pharmacological plants and factories.

30. Operators and programmers of computers.

31. Works at the companies of sanitary and hygienic, consumer services of the population.

32. The works connected with trainings, doctrines on swimming, medical water procedures.

33. The responsible and serving works in hotels and hostels.



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