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of March 4, 2003 No. 95

About approval of instructions for use water objects for needs of hydropower

In pursuance of article 83 of the Water code of the Republic of Tajikistan, for the purpose of establishing order and effective use of water objects for needs of hydropower, the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan decides:

Approve Instructions for use by water objects for needs of hydropower it (is applied).


Prime Minister

Republic of Tajikistan E.Rakhmonov


to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of March 4, 2003 No. 95

Instructions for use water objects for needs of hydropower

I. General provisions

2. The rivers which are in its territory, lakes, and other natural superficial sources, and also artificial water storage basins belong to the water objects of the Republic of Tajikistan used for needs of hydropower.

3. Realization of single state policy in the field of use of water resources, determination of the main directions of use and protection of waters, and also approval of procedure for use of water resources, approval of schemes of complex use and protection of waters and control of use and protection of water objects is performed by specially authorized state bodies on regulation of use and protection of waters.

4. These rules regulate regulations, the rights and obligations of the participants using water objects for needs of hydropower. They do not replace other existing rules, regulations and other leading materials on operation of objects of hydropower.

II. The departmental regulating documents regulating use of water objects for needs of hydropower

5. All constructed objects of hydropower shall be accepted in operation by the State inspection appointed by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan or the state body authorized by it.

6. All objects of hydropower shall have the passports including:

- key parameters of object;

- purpose of object;

- the main characteristics of the used waterway;

- hydrological and meteorological characteristics of water storage basin;

- water management balance and operating mode of the water-engineering system;

- structure and characteristics of hydraulic engineering constructions.

The passport of hydrotechnical object shall be developed by the project organization - the author of the project of the water-engineering system and to affirm the Customer - the owner.

7. Operation of objects of hydropower shall be performed according to the special "Maintenance instruction" regulating:

- current supervision of constructions;

- structure, procedure and frequency of observations of separate constructions;

- observations of the modes of water objects.

Maintenance instructions are developed by operational services of water-engineering systems, together with the project organization and affirms superior organization.

8. Development of operating modes of water-engineering systems and their implementation is made according to the "Dispatching schedules of daily tasks on loading of power plants" providing optimization of use of water drain for needs of hydropower taking into account interests of all other water consumers.

Dispatching schedules are developed by services of operation of water-engineering systems together with the project organization and affirm superior organization.

9. Supervision of safety of hydroenergy objects is exercised by the body authorized by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

10. Technical operation of the energy objects using water resources for needs of hydropower is performed according to "Rules of technical operation of power plants and networks", and also the Instructions approved by superior organizations.

III. Requirements to the user water objects for needs of hydropower

11. In case of operation of water economy of hydroelectric power stations the most complete energy use of waterway and installed capacity of hydroaggregates with participation of hydroelectric power station, optimum for power supply system, in load graph covering shall be provided.

Requirements of not energy industries (hunting and fishery, transport, agricultural industry, industrial water supply) and conservation conditions shall be at the same time considered.

For the power plants having the water storage basins regulating water drain service regulations of water storage basin shall be constituted and approved in accordance with the established procedure.

12. For power plants with water storage basin of complex use the water management plan establishing monthly amounts of use of water by different water users, approved with the Ministry ofMelioration and Water Resources shall be constituted.

In the presence in power supply system of several hydroelectric power stations or cascades regulation of drain shall be carried out so that to gain the maximum total energy effect taking into account requirements satisfaction of other water users.

13. The Department of Energy, develops Schemes of use of hydroenergy resources and operating modes of water storage basins taking into account interests of other industries, for the purpose of increase in efficiency of their use and minimization of negative impact of objects of hydropower on the environment.

14. The mode of preliminary drawdown of water storage basin before flood and its subsequent filling shall provide:

a) filling of water storage basin in the period of flood to normal retaining level;

b) favorable conditions for dumping through constructions of ice and excess of water, and also for the omission of deposits;

c) conditions for fishery, irrigation, water supply and condition of normal navigation;

d) the greatest energy (fuel) effect in power supply system In case of observance of the restrictions approved with not energy water users;

e) regulation of waste expenses taking into account safety requirements and reliable operation of hydraulic engineering constructions and fight against floods.

All requirements of not energy water users limiting the modes of drawdown and filling of water storage basin obligatory for accomplishment in case of regulation of drain with energy water-engineering systems shall be mutually approved and included in "Service regulations of water storage basin".

15. By the time of acceptance of power plant directorates shall be put into operation by the project organization:

- approved with the interested organizations "Service Regulations of Water Storage Basin";

- hydraulic characteristics of water throughput (water waste) constructions.

In process of accumulating of operational data these Rules and characteristics shall be specified and supplemented.

16. The omission of water through water waste constructions shall be performed according to the local instruction and shall not lead to damage of constructions, and also to washout of bottom of the lower byef which could affect stability of constructions.


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