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The agreement between the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic on cooperation in the field of work with youth and sport

of July 12, 2012

The government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

Confirming accustom to drinking intentions in strengthening of the relations and wishing to develop traditionally friendly bonds between the people of both countries,

being confident that creation of close interrelations and cooperation in the field of youth policy and sport promote strengthening of the brotherly relations among the younger generation and serves strengthening of mutual understanding between them,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties will promote in every possible way strengthening and development of youth bonds but the line of government institutions, public youth organizations recognized in the countries.

Article 2

The parties will help cooperation between the sports organizations, to their participation in the sporting events held in both countries.

Article 3

The parties according to their national legal system will promote development of bonds and cooperation in the field of youth and sport by means of:

a) creations of conditions for cooperation, bonds and interchange between organizations and the organizations, and also the certain physical persons performing activities in the field of youth and sport;

b) studying of conditions and opportunities of other Party for holding joint actions and rendering assistance in it:

c) exchange of information about provision and development of youth and sports movement of the Parties.

Article 4

The parties will promote development of direct we will reduce between the research organizations or the centers dealing with problems of youth and sport including interchange but to the questions interesting them.

Article 5

The parties according to their national legal system will help cooperation in the field of production of the sports equipment and stock, designing, construction, reconstruction and operation of sports constructions, will create conditions for competitions and educational training camps.

Article 6

The parties will promote participation in the festivals, conferences, symposiums, seminars, tenders, exhibitions, meetings, forums and tournaments covering areas of this agreement.

Article 7

The parties, according to previously acquired information, will render all assistance to the organized youth and sports groups, certain official representatives who are in the territory of the state of other Party.

Article 8

Agents of the parties will annually meet serially in Dushanbe or in Baku for consideration of implementation of Articles of this agreement and joint development of the actions plan for each next year.

All expenses connected with stay of representatives are born by the sending party.

The parties can perform cooperation in other forms which answer this agreement purpose.

Article 9

The matters of argument arising during application of this agreement are permitted by consultations and negotiations between the Parties.

Article 10

Competent authorities on implementation of this agreement are:

from the Republic of Tajikistan - Committee on cases of youth, sport and tourism under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan,

from the Azerbaijan Republic - the Ministry of youth and sport of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 11

By mutual consent of the Parties changes and additions which are drawn up by the separate protocols which are integral part of this agreement and becoming effective according to the procedure, stipulated in Article the 12th this agreement can be made to this agreement.

Article 12

This agreement becomes effective from the date of submission of the last written notice by the Parties through diplomatic channels about accomplishment of all of interstate procedures necessary for this purpose, the Agreement will be effective within five years and to be prolonged automatically for the subsequent five-year periods if any of the Parties in writing does not notify other Party at least in six months prior to the expiration of the corresponding term on the intention to terminate this agreement.

"12" July, 2012 in two authentic copies in the Tajik, Azerbaijani and Russian languages are made in the city of Baku, and all texts are equally authoritative.

In case of disagreements in interpretation of provisions of this agreement of the Party will use the text in Russian.

For the Government

Republic of Tajikistan

For the Government

Azerbaijani Republics


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