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The document ceased to be valid since March 8, 2023 according to article 79 of the Law of the Republic of Moldova of February 16, 2023 No. 24


of July 11, 2012 No. 185

About prevention of dope in sport and fight against it

(as amended on 09-06-2022)

The Parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I General provisions and concepts

Article 1. Tasks and purpose of this law

(1) This law is directed to prevention of dope in sport and fight against this phenomenon at the national level by acceptance and realization of anti-doping policy and anti-doping rules; encouragement of net sport for the purpose of protection of health of athletes and respect for the principle of fair play in sport; development and support of researches in the field; promotion of state policy on health protection of the person, promotion of healthy lifestyle.

(2) Dope in sport is:

a) use of substance and/or method, athletes potentially hazardous to health and/or improving their achievements;

b) availability in organism of the athlete of the prohibited substance or its metabolites.

(3) the Purpose of this law is development and enhancement of nadzornokontrolny activities for prevention of dope in sport and fight against it and approval of efforts of the public and scientific institutions, and also non-governmental organizations in the field.

Article 2. Sphere of regulation

This law regulates:

a) the legal relationship arising in work of the organizations and bodies equipped with functions of supervision and control for the purpose of prevention of dope in sport and fight against it;

b) activities of bodies with functions of supervision and control in the field of prevention of dope in sport and fight against it, their organizational structure, functions and other corresponding aspects relating to turnover of doping substances, prevention of dope in sport and fight against it.

Article 3. Legal basis

(1) Activities of bodies with functions of supervision and control in the field of prevention of dope in sport and fight against it are regulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, this law, by others legislative and regulations and it is performed according to international treaties which party is the Republic of Moldova, in particular the World anti-doping code, the International convention of UNESCO about fight against dope in sport, the Convention of the Council of Europe against doping and the Additional protocol to it.

(2) This law, another acting legislative and regulations guarantee the right of citizens to occupation net sport with respect for the principles of fair play.

Article 4. Basic concepts

initial hearings - the hearings which are carried out by the anti-doping commission of national sports federation directly after identification of positive result of drug test and prior to the main hearings;

drug test - the process including testing planning, collection and delivery of biological tests in laboratory, laboratory researches, processing of results, carrying out hearings and consideration of appeals;

competitive drug test - drug test in case of which athletes are selected for conducting testing in connection with participation in any sports competition;

out of competition drug test - any drug test which is carried out out of competitions;

sudden drug test - the drug test which is carried out without preliminary notification of the athlete in case of which the athlete is followed constantly, since the moment of receipt of the notification and before the end of delivery of biological test;

disqualification - cancellation of results of the athlete in any competition or sporting event with all that it implies, including withdrawal of medals, points and prizes;

falsification - illegal actions, false representation or any fraud for the purpose of change of results of drug test or preventing to implementation of regular procedures of drug test, and also provision to the National anti-doping agency of unreliable information;

the prohibited list - the list establishing the list of the prohibited substances/methods;

marker - the complex substance, group of such substances or biological parameters testimonial of use of the prohibited substance or the prohibited method;

metabolite - any substance which is formed in organism in the course of metabolism and biotransformation;

the officer of drug test - the person certified by the International anti-doping agency and given authority on the organization of selection of biological tests;

support personnel of the athlete - any coach, the instructor, manager, the sports agent or personnel of management of team, the official, medical or paramedical personnel, any person who advises the athlete during preparation or participation in sports competition;

the principle of fair play - action with respect for the ethical principles denying achievement of success at any cost, advancing honesty and equal opportunities for all competing, respect of the personality and value of each participant of sporting event;


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