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The document ceased to be valid since  September 18, 2020 according to Item 3 of the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of September 10, 2020 No. 676


of December 12, 2012 No. 924

About approval of method of calculation of cost of energy audit

Based on part (6) article 11 of the Law No. 142 of July 2, 2010 on energy efficiency (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2010, No. 155-158, of the Art. 545) the Government of POSTANOVLYAT:

1. Approve the Method of calculation of cost of energy audit it (is applied).

2. To impose control over the implementation of this resolution on the Ministry of Economics.

Prime Minister

Vladimir Filat


Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Affairs


Valeriu Lazer

Minister of Finance

Vyacheslav Negrutsa

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of December 12, 2012 No. 924

Method of calculation of cost of energy audit

I. General provisions

1. The method of calculation of cost of energy audit (further - the Technique) is developed for the purpose of ensuring use of the single mechanism for determination of the maximum estimated value of services in energy audit, forming of contract prices and implementation of assignments for the provided services.

2. The main objectives of the Technique are:

a) use of the single mechanism of forming of cost of services of energy audit;

b) creation of the free and competitive market due to optimization of ratio of cost of services of energy audit and their quality;

c) ensuring balance between economic interests of power accountants and customers of energy audit.

3. This Technique is applied in case of the projects on energy efficiency realized in case of financial support of Fund of energy efficiency and within programs for improvement of energy efficiency in case of financial support of the government budget or budgets of bodies of local public authority.

4. The cost of the services of energy audit included in this Technique is provided in the list of the basic prices brought into accord with current prices with use of coefficient of updating.

5. The coefficient of updating of cost of services of energy audit affirms the Agency on energy efficiency in coordination with the Ministry of Economics.

6. The specification is developed by the customer in coordination with the energy manager of bodies of local public authority and the Agency on energy efficiency for services of energy audit of objects of the public sector.

7. After coordination of the specification the Agency determines the energy audit cost on the basis of this Technique which is represented to the customer of energy audit with advisory nature subsequently by energy efficiency.

8. The customer has the right to apply one of procedures of the public procurements established by the Law No. 96-XVI of April 13, 2007 on public procurements even if the estimated value of contracts for public procurements, without the value added tax, does not exceed the limits set by the current legislation.

9. The list of the prices is divided into three Sections which are given in appendices No. 1-13 to this Technique:

Section I - Carrying out energy audit and determination of offers on enforcement of measures for increase in energy efficiency of the objects which are subject to energy audit (appendices 1-3);.

Section II - Studying of projects of objects and establishment of technical solutions on improvement of indicators of their energy efficiency (appendix 4-10);

Section III - Determination of normative indicators of expense of fuel and energy resources and development of normative and methodical and information materials (appendix No. 11-13);

10. The cost of works on energy audit is determined by formula:Формула 1 к Пост. Правительства РМ от 12.12.2012 г. №924


CTV - total cost of amount of works on carrying out energy audit;

CCC - additional current expenses on provision of services;

KTVA-coefficient of the value added tax.

11. The cost of amount of works, necessary for implementation of energy audit, is determined by formula:Формула 2 к Пост. Правительства РМ от 12.12.2012 г. №924


kact - coefficient of updating of the size of cost of works on energy audit;

kiUL - single working costs in the basic prices (provided in tables of this Technique);

kiNEF - the coefficient considering conditions, adverse for implementation of works;

Ni - the number of works of the same type and amount;

ai - correction coefficient.

12. Single working costs of CtUL are established based on the tables No. 1-13, provided in appendices to this Technique which considers the following costs:

a) expenses on direct compensation of workers and specialists (which includes also allowances for category);

b) assignments on social insurance and fees of compulsory medical insurance;

c) total and administrative expenses;

d) profit.

13. The coefficient considering conditions, adverse for implementation of works is determined with use of the following coefficients:


Условия и работы, при которых применяется коэффициент


Объекты с закрытым режимом функционирования, в которых, в зависимости от ситуации или режима функционирования, неизбежны перерывы в работе, соответственно потери рабочего времени, или инспектирование которых возможно только вне рабочего времени, в том числе в ночное время



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