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of October 2, 2012 No. 5403-VI

(The last edition from 02-10-2018)

Section I General part

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The relations which are governed by the Code of civil protection of Ukraine

1. The code of civil protection of Ukraine governs the relations connected with protection of the population, the territories, the surrounding environment and property against emergency situations, response to them, functioning of single state system of civil protection and determines powers of public authorities, Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local government bodies, the rights and obligations of citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons, the companies, organizations and the organizations irrespective of pattern of ownership.

Article 2. Determination of terms

1. In this Code terms are used in such value:

1) rescue service - set organizationally the joint governing bodies, forces and means intended for carrying out rescue and other urgent works;

2) rescue unit - division of rescue service, independent division, group, the center, rescue and fire fighting division (part);

3) rescue and other urgent works - the works sent to search, rescue and protection of the population, avoidance of destructions and loss of property, localization of zone of influence of dangerous factors, liquidation of factors which make impossible carrying out such works or threaten life of rescuers;

4) accident - dangerous event of technogenic nature which entailed defeat injuring of the population or creates in the separate territory or the territory of the subject of managing threat of life or to health of the population and leads to destruction of buildings, constructions, the equipment and vehicles, violation of production or transport process or causes above-standard, emergency emissions of pollutants and other adverse effect on the surrounding environment;

5) recovery work - complex of the works connected with recovery of buildings, constructions, the companies, organizations and organizations irrespective of pattern of ownership which were destroyed or damaged as a result of emergency situation, and the corresponding territories;

6) the road accident - event which took place during movement of the road vehicle as a result of which people died or were traumatized or the damage to property is caused. Level of emergency situation in case of the road accident is determined according to Procedure for classification of emergency situations of technogenic and natural nature which affirms the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

7) evacuation - organized removal or export from zone of emergency situation or zone of possible defeat of the population if there is threat of his life or to health, and also material and cultural values if there is threat of their damage or destruction;

8) epidemic - mass spread of infectious disease among the population of the corresponding territory for short period;

9) epizooty - wide circulation of infectious disease of animals for short period which considerably exceeds the regular illness rate this disease in the corresponding territory;

10) epiphytoty - wide circulation in the territory of one or several administrative and territorial units of infectious disease of plants which considerably exceeds the regular illness rate this disease in the corresponding territory;

11) prevention of emergence of emergency situations - complex of the legal, social and economic, political, organizational and technical, sanitary and hygienic and other actions directed to regulation of technogenic and natural safety, evaluating risk levels, advance response to threat of emergence of emergency situation on the basis of data of monitoring, examination, researches and forecasts of rather possible current of events for the purpose of non-admission of their development into emergency situation or mitigation of its possible effects;

12) means of fire protection - the technical means intended for prevention, identification, localization and liquidation of the fires, protection of people, material values and the environment against influence of dangerous factors of the fire;

13) means of civil protection - fire-proof, rescue and other special technology, the equipment, mechanisms, devices, tools, products of medical appointment, medicines, means of collective and individual protection which are intended and are used during execution of tasks of civil protection;

14) protective constructions of civil protection - the engineering constructions intended for protection of the population against influence of dangerous factors which result from emergency situations, military operations or acts of terrorism;

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