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of September 27, 2012

About cooperation

The Supreme Economic Court of the Republic of Belarus and the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic which are hereinafter referred to as by the Parties

respecting the sovereign rights of the states and adhering to the principle of non-interference to internal affairs of each other,

noting interest of both Parties in development and strengthening of cooperation in the area connected with implementation of justice in the field of the economic (economic) relations

recognizing need of providing equal judicial legal protection of the rights and legitimate interests of participants of the economic relations of each of the states in the territory of other state,

based on the conventional principles and rules of international law within the legislation existing in both states,

directed by mutual desire to strengthen and develop cooperation between economic courts of the Republic of Belarus and courts of the Azerbaijan Republic,

agreed as follows:

Article 1. Cooperative principles

The parties perform cooperation on the principles of legality, reciprocity, efficiency and confidentiality.

Article 2. Directions of cooperation

1. The parties taking into account the opportunities and according to the national legal system, perform cooperation in the following spheres:

1.1. exchange of the legal and other information concerning consideration of economic (economic) disputes by the Parties;

1.2. consideration on the basis of the national legal system, international legal regulations, established practices and on the terms of reciprocity of questions of recognition and carrying out of the decisions of the courts of the states of the Parties which took legal effect.

2. For coordination of interaction on accomplishment of this agreement if necessary the working groups of agents of the parties are created.

3. This agreement does not interfere with the Parties in determination, development and development of other mutually acceptable directions and forms of cooperation which are not contradicting the legislation of the states of the Parties.

Article 3. Working meetings, consultations, seminars

For the purpose of mutual studying of work experience of economic courts of the Republic of Belarus and courts of the Azerbaijan Republic, practice of application of both the international, and national legal system of the states of the Parties, approval and development of the general directions and methodological approaches in the area concerning consideration of economic (economic) disputes, the Parties will hold working meetings, consultations, seminars according to the mutual arrangement.

Article 4. Exchange of information

1. The cooperation in the field of exchange of legal and other information within this agreement is performed based on requests of the concerned party about rendering assistance or at the initiative of the Party assuming that such assistance is of interest to other Party.

2. The parties will communicate about the legislation regulating the sphere of business, other economic activity of subjects of managing of two states, activities of the courts, resolutions of the highest degrees of jurisdiction, materials on generalization and the analysis of court practice.

Article 5. Execution of request

1. The required Party takes all necessary measures for ensuring bystry and most complete execution of request.

2. In case of execution of request the legislation of the state of the required Party is applied.

Article 6. Restrictions of use of the acquired information and documents

The results of execution of request received based on this agreement without the consent of the Party which provided them cannot be used in other purposes, than in what they were requested and were provided.

Article 7. Language

The parties when implementing cooperation based on this agreement use Russian.

Article 8. Relation to other international treaties

This agreement does not affect the rights and obligations of the Parties according to other international treaties which participants are the states of the Parties, does not mention obligations of the Parties concerning the states, not being participants of this agreement, and also does not limit the rights of the Parties to participation in any other bilateral and multilateral forms of interstate cooperation.

Article 9. Modification and amendments, cancellation of the Agreement

1. By mutual consent of the Parties changes and additions which are drawn up by separate protocols can be made to this agreement and become effective according to procedure, stipulated in Clause the 10th this agreement.

2. Other Party is notified on acceptance by the state of one of the Parties of the legal act excluding or limiting action of this agreement or its separate provisions.

Article 10. Final provisions

This agreement becomes effective from the date of its signing and stops the action after six months from the date of receipt of one of the Parties of the written notice from other Party of its intention to stop its action.

It is made in the city of Minsk on September 27, 2012 in duplicate in Russian.


Chairman of Supreme Economic Court of the Republic of Belarus

Kamenkov V. S.

Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic

Ramiz Yagub Oglou Rzayev


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