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of July 27, 2012 No. 234

About approval of Rules of safe handling of weapon

Based on part twelve of article 14 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of November 13, 2001 "About weapon" and subitem 9.4 of Item 9 of the Regulations on the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus approved by the Presidential decree of the Republic of Belarus of December 4, 2007 No. 611 "About some questions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the organizations which are a part of the system of law-enforcement bodies" the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus DECIDES:

1. Approve the enclosed Rules of safe handling of weapon.

2. This resolution becomes effective after its official publication.


militia major general I. A. Shunevich

Approved by the Resolution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus of July 27, 2012 No. 234

Rules of safe handling of weapon


1. These rules establish procedure for safe handling of gas guns and revolvers, fire sports and hunting weapon, pneumatic weapon with dulny energy over J 7,5, alarm and throwing weapon (further, unless otherwise specified, - weapon).

2. These rules are obligatory for execution by citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who are constantly living in the Republic of Belarus (further - the owner), in case of weapon handling for the purpose of self-defense, in the educational purposes, for sports activities and hunting for the territories of the Republic of Belarus.

3. Weapon shall be used and used according to the Law of the Republic of Belarus of November 13, 2001 "About weapon" (The national register of legal acts of the Republic of Belarus, 2001, No. 109, 2/810) and the Procedure for turnover of office and civil weapon and ammunition to it in the territory of the Republic of Belarus approved by the Presidential decree of the Republic of Belarus of August 30, 2002 No. 473 "About measures for enhancement of regulation of turnover of military, office, civil weapon and ammunition to it in the territory of the Republic of Belarus" (The national register of legal acts of the Republic of Belarus, 2002, No. 100, 1/4006).

4. The owner of weapon shall:

4.1. store weapon and cartridges in the place of residence (stay) with observance of the conditions ensuring their safety, safety of storage and excluding access to them for strangers in the locked safes or metal cases, boxes from high-strength materials or in the wooden boxes upholstered with iron. At the same time weapon shall be discharged and delivered on safety lock;

4.2. always to handle weapon as with loaded and ready to production of shot;

4.3. observe the safety requirements stated in the passport (maintenance instruction) of specific model of weapon;

4.4. during the sporting events, educational and training firing practice to load the weapon and to begin firing only with the permission of the head of firing practice;

4.5. check channels of trunk, and also weapon components before firing, and also after fall of weapon for availability in (on) them foreign objects and if necessary to delete them;

4.6. start firing from weapon only after studying of its device, acceptances of disassembly, assembly, loading and exhaustion, methods of aiming and conducting firing, and also these rules;

4.7. make adjustment fire of weapon only in the places which are specially intended for this purpose;

4.8. when firing to consider trajectory of flight of bullet, the striking elements of throwing weapon, possible negative effects in case of defeat of the purpose, ricochet and miss;

4.9. upon termination of firing to discharge weapon;

4.10. transport weapon discharged and packed into transport container, case or cover. In transit the cartridges to weapon striking elements of throwing weapon (further - the striking elements) can be packed together with weapon without their ramming into cartridge chamber, equipments of shop or drum;

4.11. prevent fall of weapon and cartridges to it.

5. It is forbidden:

5.1. without need to load the weapon, to switch off safety lock, to impose finger on trigger until aiming;

5.2. direct weapon even if it is not loaded, towards people, pets, vehicles or in the direction of their possible emergence, buildings, constructions, wires and support of power lines, and also in other dangerous directions, except as specified self-defenses;

5.3. store, carry, transport and use weapon and cartridges to it without the corresponding permission to their storage and carrying;

5.4. use for firing defective or damaged (the having cracks, zaboina, swellings, corrosion) weapon and cartridges to it, and also throwing weapon with explicit defects (chips, cracks, the turned-off screws, damages of bowstring);

5.5. apply cartridges to weapon and the striking elements which are not intended for firing from used the weapon models, cartridges with independently increased powder charge striking the elements produced by handicraft method, cartridges expired, osechny cartridges;

5.6. shoot from unstable provisions or at the same time from several trunks of multibarrelled weapon;

5.7. shoot at not clearly visible purpose, in the conditions of limited visibility, and also on noise, rustle;

5.8. self-construct repair of components and components of weapon, to make constructive changes to them;

5.9. leave weapon and cartridges to it out of specially equipped storage locations, and also to transfer them to strangers;

5.10. carry, transport and use weapon, equip cartridges to it in the condition caused by consumption of drugs, the psychotropic, toxic and other stupefying substances and (or) in alcohol intoxication, under the influence of the medicines reducing attention and speed of reaction and also in the painful or tired condition threatening safety of people and safety of weapon and cartridges to it.


6. The owner of gas guns and revolvers (further - gas weapon) shall:

6.1. store, carry and transport cartridges to gas weapon in leak-proof package;

6.2. after opening of packaging with cartridges to gas weapon to be convinced of lack of the tear or irritating substances in the form of powder on cartridges and the internal surfaces of packaging;

6.3. wipe cartridges to gas weapon with the tampon moistened with alcohol or spirit solution if after opening of packaging with cartridges impact of the tear or irritating substances is felt (sneezing, irritation in throat, burning in eyes and nose, dacryagogue, allocations from nose);

6.4. during the loading and exhaustion to direct gas weapon up or in other safe direction;

6.5. in order to avoid impact of aerosol cloud in case of shot to hold gas weapon in outstretched arm, after shot at once to step aside on several meters;

6.6. not touch person, especially eye, by hands which contacted to cartridges to gas weapon, shot sleeves and details of gas weapon;


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