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of March 30, 2012 No. 60

About social integration of persons with limited opportunities

(The last edition from 02-11-2017)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Subject of the law

This law regulates the rights of persons with limited opportunities for the purpose of their social integration, guaranteeing of possibility of participation in all spheres of life by it without discrimination, on an equal basis with other members of society, and is based on observance of basic rights and human freedoms.

Article 2. Basic concepts

Within this law the following basic concepts are determined:

person with limited opportunities - person with physical, intellectual, intellectual or touch violations which in case of interaction can prevent complete and effective participation of this person in life of society on an equal basis with other persons with various barriers / obstacles;

limited opportunities - the general term for specifying of defeats/violations, limits of activities and restrictions of participation designating negative aspects of interaction between the individual (having problems with health) and circumstances in which it is (factors of the environment and personal circumstances);

working capacity - ratio between individual biological capabilities and the professional demand caused by physical and intellectual ability and level of the social and professional integration depending on preparation and experience;

social integration - complex of the diverse measures and actions which are carried out in the fields of social protection, employment of labor power, housing, education, sport, health care, informing and communication, mobility, safety, justice, culture and in other areas connected with integration in society of persons with limited opportunities;

early intervention (for children) - process of anticipation, identification and acceptance of effective measures concerning children and families with the purpose of minimizing of potentially negative impacts and consequences of pathological condition of the child, and also rendering essential assistance in ensuring its development and health protection;

the personal help - individualized services in assistance (in the field of social protection, work, medical care, educational and educational, information area, the field of access to infrastructure, etc.), necessary for mobility and satisfaction of needs of the child or the adult with the severe forms of restriction of opportunities requiring support in the course of integration in society on the basis of the individual program of rehabilitation and social integration, and also primary or complex assessment;

reasonable adaptation - implementation of the necessary and adequate changes and coordination which are not requiring disproportionate or unjustified efforts, when necessary in order that persons with limited opportunities could use or perform on an equal basis with the others all basic rights and human freedoms;

universal design - designing of objects, the environment, programs and services so that they could be used as far as it is possible, all persons without the need for their adaptation or special designing. The universal design does not exclude auxiliary devices for certain groups of persons with limited opportunities, when necessary;

the proper standard of life - protection and promotion of the rights of persons with limited opportunities on proper food, clothes and housing along with other citizens, without discrimination on the basis of restriction of opportunities;

availability - package of measures and works on adaptation of the physical circle, vehicles, and also the information and communication circle, including information and communication technologies and systems, to needs of persons with limited opportunities that is important factor of realization by such persons of the rights and accomplishment of obligations in society;

the individual program of rehabilitation and social integration - the document developed by the National consultation of establishment of restriction of opportunities and working capacity or its territorial structures in which general recommendations of activities and services which person with limited opportunities in the course of social integration needs are provided;

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