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of March 16, 1995 No. 34-I

About the status of the deputy of Majlis of Turkmenistan

(as amended on on March 28, 2002)

I. General provisions

Article 1. Deputies are plenipotentiaries of the people

Deputies, being plenipotentiaries of the people, have all completeness of the rights providing their activities in Majlis.

Deputies, performing the powers within the Constitution and the laws, express will of the voters.

Article 2. Emergence of powers of the deputy and their termination

Powers of the deputy arise from the moment of adoption by Majlis of the decision on their recognition.

Powers of deputies stop from the moment of the beginning of work of Majlis of new convocation, and in case of early termination or deprivation of the deputy of powers - from the moment of adoption of the relevant decision of Majlis.

Article 3. Relations of the deputy with voters

The deputy supports communications with voters, and also with bodies of the local executive authority, the self-government and public associations located in the territory of its constituency.

Article 4. Relations of the deputy with Majlis

The deputy takes active part in activities of Majlis and its bodies, carries out their orders.

Work on preparation, consideration and adoption of the laws and other acts of Majlis is the main activity of the deputy of Majlis.

The relations of the deputy with Majlis on implementation of deputy powers and accomplishment of the obligations are regulated by this Law and other acts adopted by Majlis.

Article 5. Protection of the rights, honor and advantage of the deputy

The state guarantees to each deputy of condition for free and effective implementation of its powers, protects its rights, life, honor, advantage and freedom, security of person.

Persons encroaching on the rights, honor, advantage and freedom, security of person of the deputy bear responsibility according to the law.

Article 6. Deprivation, temporary and early termination of powers of the deputy

The deputy can be deprived of the powers only by Majlis.

The basis of deprivation of deputy powers are:

the introduction in legal force of conviction of court against the deputy;

availability of the decision of election meetings of the respective district on early termination of powers of the deputy elected by them.

Powers of the deputy stop ahead of schedule in case:

statements for abdication;

election or appointment it to position which class in the law is incompatible with accomplishment of deputy powers;

recognitions by its court incapacitated;

terminations of citizenship of Turkmenistan.

The decision on deprivation of powers of the deputy is made by Majlis by open voting the majority at least two thirds of voices of the determined number of deputies.

The decision on temporary and early termination of powers of the deputy is accepted by Majlis open voting by a simple majority vote from the determined number of deputies.

In inquiry period of criminal case concerning the deputy of its power can be temporarily stopped.

II. Activities of the deputy as a part of Majlis

Article 7. Participation of the deputy in work of Majlis

The deputy at the sessions of Majlis on the basis of free discussion takes part in consideration and the solution of the questions carried to maintaining Majlis.

The deputy shall be present at meetings of Majlis and its bodies in which structure he is elected, to participate actively in their work.

Article 8. The rights of the deputy at meetings of Majlis

The deputy has the right of casting vote on all questions considered at meeting of Majlis.

The deputy has the right:

propose candidacies, choose and be elected to bodies in to the positions formed and elected by Majlis;

offer questions for consideration by Majlis;

make offers and notes in the order of consideration and to being of the discussed questions;

introduce drafts of decisions and the amendment to them;

express opinion on staff of the bodies created by Majlis and candidates of the officials elected by Majlis;

participate in debate, ask questions;

make inquiries;

act with reasons for the offers and based on vote, give references, the Deputy on the question discussed at meeting of Majlis can submit to the chairman the text of the performance, the proposal and the note for inclusion in the protocol.

The procedure of the specified rights is determined by this Law and the Regulations of Majlis.

Article 9. Power to initiate legislation of the deputy

The deputy has power to initiate legislation in Majlis.

Article 10. Deputy request

Deputy request - the requirement to state bodies and officials declared at meeting of Majlis to make official explanation or to state line item on the questions having social significance.

The deputy at meetings of Majlis has the right to make inquiry to the Cabinet of Ministers, ministers, heads of other state bodies.

The inquiry can be made by the deputy or group of deputies in oral or written form. The inquiry made in writing is disclosed at meeting of Majlis.

State bodies or officials to whom the request is turned shall give the answer at meeting of Majlis in the terms established by Majlis. The request, the answer to it and the resolution accepted by Majlis by results of consideration of request are published in seal.

The Majlis has the right to oblige to submit state body or officials to fixed term the report on accomplishment of the resolution at the request of the deputy.

Article 11. Consideration of offers and notes of the deputy

Offers and notes of deputies stated at session are considered by Majlis, Presidium of Majlis, committees or the commissions or are sent for consideration to the relevant state bodies and officials.

State bodies and officials to whom offers and notes of deputies are sent shall consider these offers and notes, and on results to report in writing directly the deputy and in Majlis.

III. Activities of the deputy in the constituency

Article 12. The rights and obligations of the deputy in the constituency

In the constituency deputy:

Has the right:

participate by consideration in local executive bodies and local self-government of the questions infringing on essential interests of citizens of the constituency;

hold election meetings of the district;

act concerning the deputy activities for radio and television, in seal.


inform voters, public associations on work of Majlis;


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