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of March 22, 2012 No. 4616-VI

About security activities

(The last edition from 26-11-2015)

This Law determines the organization-legal principles of implementation of economic activity in the field of provision of services by protection of property and citizens.

Section I General provisions

Article 1. Determination of terms

1. In this Law the terms below are used in such value:

security activities - provision of services on protection of property and citizens;

object of protection - physical person and/or property;

the subject of security activities - the subject of managing of any pattern of ownership created and registered in the territory of Ukraine which performs security activities based on the license obtained in accordance with the established procedure;

protection of property - activities for the organization and practical implementation of the actions of protection aimed at providing immunity, integrity of the buildings determined by the owner and ought to it, constructions, the territories, water areas, vehicles, currency values, securities and other personal and real estate for the purpose of prevention and/or non-admission or the termination of illegal actions concerning it for preserving its physical condition, the termination of unauthorized access by the owner to it and ensuring implementation by the owner of this property of all powers ought to it concerning it;

protection of physical person - activities for the organization and practical implementation of the actions of protection aimed at providing personal security, life and health of individually certain physical person (group of persons) by prevention or non-admission of negative direct impact of factors (activities or divergence) illegal nature;

personnel of protection - workers who directly perform functions on protection of property or physical persons according to the qualification level;

the protection organization of events specialist - the head of the subject of security activities or his deputy, the chief of branch, other isolated structural division, or his deputy whose job responsibilities the organization and holding actions of protection, control over the implementation by personnel of protection of the obligations assigned to it treat;

access control - the procedure established within objects of protection which is provided with complex of the organization-legal and technical actions performed for the purpose of exception of possibility of uncontrolled movement of persons, vehicles and property on objects and from objects of protection;

the inside mode - the procedure established within objects of protection which is provided with set of the actions and regulations obligatory for accomplishment by persons, on them being;

reaction transport - the vehicle which is in property of the subject of security activities intended for ensuring immediate response of personnel of protection to illegal actions concerning object of protection or on events and circumstances which put (can do) property harm or create possible threat of personal security of citizens or to personnel of protection on objects of protection;

technical means of protection - technical means which are used during implementation of security activities: systems, devices and equipment for identification, notification and warning of availability of danger to life of people and/or property;

Item of centralized observation - the center with the working personnel which watch condition of systems of transfer of disturbing notifications.

Article 2. Law purpose

1. Main objective of this Law is creation of conditions for:

1) protection of property, providing rights and legitimate interests of subjects of managing and physical persons;

2) ensuring the state control of implementation of actions for protection of property and physical persons;

3) development and enhancement of the sphere of provision of services on protection of property and citizens.

Article 3. Law coverage

1. This Law governs the relations of subjects of managing during the organization and implementation of security activities by them.

2. Operation of this Law extends to legal relationship of law enforcement agencies and military forming in the course of provision of services in protection of property and citizens by them in part which is not regulated by the legal acts regulating their activities.

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