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of March 22, 2012 No. 48

About wages system of government employees

(The last edition from 16-03-2018)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Subject and purpose of the law

(1) This law regulates procedure, conditions and the amount of compensation of government employees.

(2) the Wages system of government employees determines general provisions by application of single standards and procedures in case of establishment of the salary and provides:

a) creation of hierarchy of the salaries on categories of government employees;

b) establishment of the salary depending on the importance, responsibility, complexity and risk of the performed activities, and also depending on professional achievements of government employees;

c) establishment of the transparent and easily applied regulations.

(3) the Purpose of this law consists in creation by the government employee of necessary conditions for effective implementation of the obligations by them and contribution to providing bodies of the public power with competent and motivated staff.

Article 2. Principles of wages system

The wages system of government employees is based on the following principles:

a) rule of law according to which establishment and provision of the rights in the field of compensation are performed according to the current legislation;

b) competitiveness according to which it is necessary to provide equilibration of level of the income from compensation in the public sector with their level in private sector for similar or comparable from the point of view of complexity and responsibility of positions or activities;

c) proportionality according to which the wages system provides establishment and salary payment according to the level of the required competence for occupation of this position, complexity of the performed work and level of responsibility, in accordance with the terms of work and on the basis of general criterions of classification of the state positions;

d) motivations according to which the wages system promotes development of career of government employees according to the law, recognition and remuneration of individual professional achievements;

e) justice and the sequence according to which the wages system creates equal opportunities by regulation of the single principles and regulations of establishment of the salary of government employees;

f) flexibility and adaptability according to which the wages system provides the general and flexible legislation which gives the chance of periodic reduction of the pay level of work of government employees in compliance with development of economy, legislative and institutional changes, and also possibility of the decentralized management of implementation;

g) responsibility according to which contractors of the budget are responsible for observance of the rights of government employees regulated by this law and government employees are responsible for implementation of powers and accomplishment of obligations according to the law;

h) transparencies according to which the mechanism of establishment of the salary and other rights in the field of compensation of government employees is part of information which is of public interest.

Article 3. Scope of this law

Provisions of this law extend to government employees of the bodies of the public power specified in appendix 1 to the Law on the state position and the status of the government employee No. 158-XVI of July 4, 2008 and to government employees with special status from structure of National authority on integrity, Customs Service and diplomatic service.

Article 4. Administration of wages system

(1) Administration of wages system of government employees is provided with each contractor of the budget within the approved budgetary funds and extreme number of personnel of body of the public power approved according to the current legislation.

(2) For ensuring administration of wages system and career system of public service contractors of the budget have the right to perform redistribution of some positions within structural divisions of body of the public power or between subordinated structures according to the procedure of job development or the translation of the government employee within the approved budgetary funds and extreme number of personnel of body of the public power approved according to the current legislation.

Chapter II Salary of the government employee

Article 5. Structure of the salary

(1) the General salary of the government employee for work within a month at the normal duration of the working hours established by the law, according to the tasks and obligations provided in the job description consists from:

a) official pay rate;

b) allowances for the class rank, special rank and diplomatic rank;

c) the stimulating payments.

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