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Bishkek declaration

of December 5, 2002

President of the Russian Federation and President of the Kyrgyz Republic,

having exchanged opinions on condition of the interstate relations during the official visit of the President of the Russian Federation to the Kyrgyz Republic which took place on December 5, 2002 and having recognized their being equitable to national interests of both parties,

relying on the aspirations of the Russian and Kyrgyz people proceeding from depths of centuries to the sincere friendship reflecting their authentic feelings and mutual sympathies

being committed to the choice made by the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic for benefit of the democratic multipole world order based on supremacy of international law and strengthening of the central coordinating role of the United Nations in world cases

confirming readiness to fight all means according to Articles of organization of the United Nations against the threats for international peace and safety created by acts of terrorism

emphasizing the aspiration of the parties to continue close interaction within the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Agreement on collective security, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other international organizations,

declare the determination:

1. To follow firmly and from now on to the principles and obligations following from the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and mutual aid between the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic of June 10, 1992, the Declaration on eternal friendship, alliance and partnership between the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic of July 27, 2000 and also from other bilateral agreements and arrangements in political, economic, military, military and technical, scientific, cultural and humanitarian areas.

2. Deepen full cooperation for the benefit of strengthening of global and regional security, including counteraction to threats and challenges of the 21st century, first of all to the international terrorism, arms trafficking and drugs, to illegal migration and other types of organized crime. For this purpose by us on December 5, 2002 in Bishkek the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic on cooperation in the field of safety is signed. The specified Agreement reflects further strengthening of the relations of eternal friendship, alliance and partnership between two countries, and also intention and further to fill the bilateral relations with new content, to increase their high-quality level they in due measure conformed to requirements of time and features of modern international situation.

3. For the purpose of further promotion in the countries of progressive economic reforms, consecutive development of democratic processes, first of all in the field of protection of human rights and freedoms, regularly to exchange opinions on the state of affairs on the specified questions, giving each other necessary assistance and support.

4. The president of the Kyrgyz Republic in this connection considers necessary to emphasize full support to those efforts which are made in the Chechen Republic on establishment in the territory of this subject of the Russian Federation of constitutional order, to prevention and suppression of the acts of terrorism representing threat for international peace and safety.

5. Promote strengthening under the auspices of the UN of effective international cooperation in the field of fight against terrorism on the basis of the principles of the Charter of the UN and rules of international law. Promote strengthening of international legal base of anti-terrorist fight.

6. Develop cooperation in military and technical area, strengthening the contractual legal base which is available for this purpose.

7. In every possible way to develop trade and economic cooperation between our countries for more complete use of the potential which is available for both parties in the field. Along with enhancing cooperation at the ministerial level in every possible way to encourage development of interregional bonds and contacts with the purpose of inclusion in this sphere of new layers of trade and economic interaction taking into account interests of the respective regions of both countries.

8. Give new impulses to development of bilateral ties in the humanitarian sphere, in every possible way encouraging cooperation in the field of culture, education, science, art, the sport and health care promoting further strengthening of spiritual proximity of our people. In this regard direct connections between the relevant organizations of both countries deserve support.

The president of the Russian Federation again positively estimated the taken measures for giving to Russian in the Kyrgyz Republic of the status of official language. In turn the President of the Kyrgyz Republic with gratitude apprehended the measures for improvement of legal status of the labor migrants who are in the Russian Federation planned by the Russian Federation from the Kyrgyz Republic.

Instructions about study of question of opening in perhaps short time of the information cultural centers of two countries in the territory of each other will be given.

9. To actively promote expansion and deepening of mutually beneficial multilateral cooperation in the Commonwealth of Independent States, to further disclosure of capacity of the CIS as practical tool of the solution of the urgent general tasks facing the State Parties.

The priority attention will be paid to development of Eurasian economic community, creation in its framework of full-size custom union and to the subsequent promotion to common economic space that will fully allow to use integration benefits for the benefit of the people of two countries.

The Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic will fix military-political cooperation within the Collective Security Treaty Organization designed to play key role in ensuring regional stability and safety.

During the meeting in Bishkek the President of the Russian Federation and the President of the Kyrgyz Republic confirmed invariable rate of two countries on strengthening of bilateral cooperation for further consolidation of friendship, alliance and partnership of the countries again. The Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic will be faithful to these purposes and aspirations forever.



Russian Federation

V. V. Putin


Kyrgyz Republic

A. A. Akayev


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