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of May 13, 1996 No. 261

About approval of Rules of retail trade, acceptance, storage and accounting of products from precious metals and gemstones

(as amended on 10-11-2021)

According to the Law of the Republic of Moldova No. 1453-XII of May 25, 1993. "About consumer protection" the Government of the Republic of Moldova DECIDES:

1. Approve Rules of retail trade, acceptance, storage and accounting of products from precious metals and gemstones (are applied).

2. Ceased to be valid

Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

Andrey Sangeli

Rules of retail trade, acceptance, storage and accounting of products from precious metals and gemstones

I. General provisions

1. These rules govern the relations between sellers and buyers on purchase and sale of jewelry, objects of table layout, objects of decoration of rooms and other products from gold, silver, platinum, palladium and their alloys, products with gemstones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls), products from precious metals with inserts from semiprecious stones, hours in the body from precious metals.

2. Rules establish the main requirements imposed to the sellers who are engaged in trade in the jewelry and other household products containing precious metals and gemstones and hozyaystvuyushch x the subjects performing activities in the field of retail trade by products from precious metals and gemstones irrespective of patterns of ownership extend to all.

3. Sale of products from precious metals and gemstones is performed based on the license granted according to the current legislation.

4. In trade floors information on the tests established in the Republic of Moldova for jewelry and household products (from precious metals and gemstones), extraction from regulating documents about procedure for branding of these products, the image of the state assay brand of the Republic of Moldova, and also the license for the right of implementation of the corresponding type of activity, these rules and other information necessary for the consumer shall be in a visible place hung out.

II. Acceptance and storage

5. Acceptance and storage in shops and specialized sections of products from precious metals and gemstones are performed by quantity and quality according to the law, the specifications and technical documentation and terms of the contract.

Acceptance and storage in shop of products from precious metals and gemstones in the absence of delivery notes and other accompanying documents confirming source of acquisition of the specified products and their cost and also without registration of these documents in the special magazine is forbidden.

6. Before giving in trade floor of product from precious metals and gemstones including accepted on the commission shall have pre-sale training which includes viewing and grading of products, verification of presence of the state brand according to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova No. 892 of August 28, 2001. "About the state assay supervision", and also safety of seals and labels, sorting according to the sizes.

7. In shops and specialized sections jewelry, gold products and hours in the gold body upon termination of the working day are stored in safes (metal boxes) which firmly fasten to floor or wall, sealed by personal seal of the responsible person. Products from silver are stored in safes, on metal racks and panels.

Window openings in rooms for storage of the specified values shall be isolated from trade floor and have metal lattice with the section of metal rod at least 1 sq. cm, doors and windows - reliably locked locks.

8. All rooms where products from precious metals and gemstones are stored, shall be equipped with the means of the security alarm system guaranteeing the warning of penetration of strangers in them.

Safes (cases, metal boxes, racks etc.) where products from precious metals and precious (semiprecious) stones are stored, are placed in specially allotted rooms. Ventilating systems in case of their device in each room are equipped with lattices, wooden entrance doors are upholstered with iron. Besides, the additional metal doors equipped with reliable locks are established.

Premises of shops are equipped with three boundaries of the security alarm system.

Systems of the alarm system independent from each other are considered as boundaries of the alarm system of rooms, each of which is removed on independent number of the panel of centralized observation.

The first boundary of the alarm system protects perimeter (or I will eat around) shop (window, doors, hatches, ventilating channels, water, thermal and other communications etc.). Are protected by the second boundary perimeter and I will eat around (area) of the storage room, third - the direct place of concentration of values (the safe, case, rack etc.).

Besides, the shop (utility rooms) is equipped with the fire alarm combined with the first boundary of protection or separate with conclusion to way of centralized observation. The fire alarm works round the clock. In the afternoon the signal of the fire is removed on the panel of centralized observation or to premises of administration of shop.

Rooms where values are stored and trade is made, are equipped with the alarm alarm system.

The alarm system of alarm is understood as the device of the hidden giving of signal (the button, pedal) by service personnel on protection post, and also on the panel of centralized observation or in control room of police in case of attack, the fire etc.

9. In cases when protection of rooms for storage of values is performed by means of centralized observation, acceptance and their delivery under protection are made in accordance with the established procedure by responsible persons by phone to the person on duty on the panel.

III. Sale

10. Sale of products from precious metals and gemstones is made only in specialized jewelry stores and sections within at least 8 square meters in which accounting, reliable safety of these values, and also proper conditions for their display and the choice by the buyer is provided.

For creation of conveniences to buyers jewelry, objects of table layout and other products shall be grouped according to appointment.

11. Sales of products from precious metals and gemstones is performed in the presence on them prints of marks of manufacturers and the state assay brand. The products of foreign production imported into the Republic of Moldova also without fail shall have prints of the state assay brand which is put down by Public organization "State Assay Chamber".

12. The products from precious metals and gemstones exposed for sale shall have the sealed-up labels with indication of their name, the manufacturer, the name of pawnshop or number of the civil agreement (depending on circumstances), the article, test, the weight and the price for 1 gram of product, type of inserts, their characteristics, weight and retail price of product.

When for the purpose of check of correctness of marking of products (including weight) removal of label is required, the statement with the subsequent specifying of number of the act on label of the duplicate of shop is drawn up.


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