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of July 11, 1996 No. 395

About condition of domestic trade and measures for strengthening of the state influence on its development

The government of the Republic of Moldova notes that the provision in the consumer market is aggravated, purchasing power of the population remains low, providing with goods is performed unsatisfactorily, the state control of condition and development of trade is weak.

The companies of the industry and trade interact in the organization at the level of sale to the population of products made in the republic insufficiently. The material and technical resources of trade, especially consumer cooperation, are not used fully. Heads of the companies of the industry and trade do not find new forms of sales of goods.

The due attention is not paid to control of quality of the products sold to the population which are especially arriving on import (food, detergents, etc.). Everywhere in trade enterprises and public catering rules of trade are not followed, the culture of servicing of the population is extremely low. More than a half of goods, usually import and not always high-quality, implemented by retailers, are received from different commercial structures and individuals who disappear from tax payment.

Serious concern is caused by trade condition in the city and rural markets of the republic which are not equipped with the necessary equipment where the sanitary and hygienic rules are not respected, rules of servicing of buyers are violated.

The material and technical resources of trade and public catering fell into decay, depreciation of the equipment and weight measuring devices makes 90-100 percent. Privatization of most trade enterprises is not brought to the logical end, data for creation of shareholder registers are not provided to them and certificates on privatization are not granted that constrains improvement of activities of labor collectives.

Bodies of local public authority and state control do not pay due attention to development of trade on places, consumer protection and to other questions of social improvement of the population.

For the purpose of improvement of the situation in the consumer market and strengthenings of the state influence on development of trade in the republic the Government of the Republic of Moldova DECIDES:

1. Primeriyam of municipiums and to district executive committees:

in a month to consider at the meetings situation in the field of trade in the subordinated territories and to take specific measures for elimination of noted shortcomings;

together with Department of trade till August 1, 1996 to complete the work provided by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova N 414 of June 19, 1995. "About measures for increase in role of bodies of local public authority in regulation of trade process" on creation as a part of primeriya of municipiums and district executive committees of managements (departments) of trade and public catering, to completion of these divisions by qualified personnel;

provide constant control behind activities of the business entities occupied in the field of trade behind observance of the range of goods established in the corresponding licenses by them, the maximum use of resources of the goods made by the industry of the republic, and also supply of trade enterprises and public catering with weight measuring devices;

bring due order to work of the markets and to trade in goods on streets of settlements, having prohibited sale of different products, especially food, in insanitary conditions that can be source of emergence of different diseases and epidemics;

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