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The agreement on carrying out coordinated policy in the field of transit of natural gas

of November 3, 1995

The governments of the State Parties of this agreement, further - the Parties,

being guided by the commonly accepted principles and rules of international law, the Agreement to the Energy Charter of December 17, 1994,

recognizing need of ensuring free transit of natural gas irrespective of origin, destinations or its owner,

recognizing need of implementation of agreed measures for the purpose of providing the national economy and the population of the State Parties of this agreement with uninterrupted gas supply,

for the purpose of further realization of provisions of the Agreement on creation of Economic union of September 24, 1993

agreed as follows:

Article 1

For the purposes of this agreement:

"gas transit" - movement through the territory of the Party of the gas occurring in the territory of other state and intended for the territory of the third state provided that either other state, or the third state is contracting party.

Article 2

The parties take necessary measures for ensuring free transit and safety of natural gas in case of its pipeline transportation through the territory of the states.

The natural gas delivered by transit through the territory of one of the Parties cannot be used for needs of the Party which performs its transit.

Article 3

The parties shall take necessary measures, including joint in order that any of the Parties did not appear under the threat of disconnection from sources of gas supply and damage was not caused to interests of the states suppliers of natural gas and the states performing its transit.

Article 4

In case of dispute between the Parties of this agreement of the Party should interrupt and reduce transit supply of gas to permission of this dispute.

The parties provide observance of all earlier reached agreements under the terms of transportation of natural gas to the final dispute resolution, but no later than the duration of the contract.

Article 5

In case of accident in transit gas-transport system the Party in the territory of which there was accident without delay notifies on it concerned parties and takes all necessary measures for elimination of effects of accident, without waiting for results of investigation of its reasons. The amount of the delivered gas reduced at the same time is distributed between consumers in proportion to amounts of transit gas according to the signed agreements.

The parties perform in priority procedure for supply of equipment, materials, components and spare parts for carrying out recovery and repair work on transit gas-transport systems. At the same time the Parties will not apply customs duties and charges equivalent to them, and also restrictions of non-tariff nature.

Article 6

Disputes between the Parties on interpretation and application of provisions of this agreement, and also the disputes affecting the rights and obligations of the Parties will be permitted by carrying out direct consultations and negotiations between concerned parties or other procedures provided by international law.

Article 7

The parties undertake measures for ensuring timely calculations for transit and consumption of natural gas.

Article 8

This agreement becomes effective from the moment of receipt by depositary of the third notification on accomplishment of the interstate procedures by the Parties necessary for the introduction of the Agreement in force.

Article 9

Each Party can leave this agreement, previously having notified in writing depositary of the Agreement on the intention not later than six months before date of exit.

It is made in the city of Moscow on November 3, 1995 in one authentic copy in Russian. The authentic copy is stored in the Executive Secretariat of the Commonwealth of Independent States which will send to each state which signed this agreement, its verified copy.


For the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic

(with special opinion)

For the Government of the Republic of Moldova

For the Government of the Republic of Armenia

For the Government of the Russian Federation

For the Government of the Republic of Belarus

For the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

For the Government of the Republic Georgia

(see the note)

For the Government of Turkmenistan

For the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

For the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan

For the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

For the Government of Ukraine

Special opinion of the Azerbaijan Republic to the Agreement on carrying out coordinated policy concerning transit of natural gas

Article 3: Exclude.

Enter Article of the following content:

"Provisions of this agreement shall not be interpreted as interfering acceptance of measure by any Party within its sovereign rights which she will consider necessary for protection of essential interests of its safety and maintenance of public order, including during the periods of wars, armed conflicts or emergency states in the international relations."

Notes of the Republic Georgia under the Agreement on carrying out coordinated policy concerning transit of natural gas

To Article 2:

Georgia suggests to add paragraph 2 with the words "except for, when the Parties agree about payment of cost of transit at the expense of the part delivered by transit of natural gas."

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