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The agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Republic of Latvia about economic and sci-tech cooperation

of April 21, 2004

The government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Republic of Latvia (further - the Parties),

wishing to promote development economic and sci-tech cooperation between the states of the Parties in the areas which are of mutual interest on the basis of equality and mutual advantage,

recognizing importance of acceptance of long-term measures for successful development of cooperation and strengthening of ties between the states of the Parties at the different levels and, in particular, at the level of their subjects of managing,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

1. Within the corresponding national legal systems and in view of their international obligations, the Parties will perform various measures for development and strengthening economic and sci-tech cooperation in all areas which can be of to them mutual interest and benefit. Application of this agreement by the Republic of Latvia will be performed without prejudice to the obligations arising at it in connection with membership in the European Union.

2. Such cooperation will be directed, in particular, on:

strengthening and diversification of commercial ties between the Parties,

encouragement of adjustment new and expansions of the existing contacts between subjects of managing, including the small and medium companies, for the purpose of development of investing activities, creation of joint businesses and other forms of cooperation between them.

Article 2

1. The cooperation provided in Article 1 of this agreement shall extend, in particular, to cooperation between the Parties in the following industries:




frontier cooperation,

pharmaceutical industry,

agricultural industry, including agricultural mechanical engineering,

banking, insurance and other financial services,


professional education,

investment policy,

technologies and innovations,

other activities for rendering services which are of mutual interest.

2. The parties will hold consultations for the purpose of determination of priority areas of cooperation, including new areas of economic and nauchnotekhnichesky cooperation.

Article 3

1. The economic cooperation provided by this agreement shall be performed mainly on the basis of contracts and contracts between the Belarusian and Latvian subjects of managing according to national legal systems of the states of the Parties, and for the Republic of Latvia and according to all obligations arising at it in connection with membership in the European Union.

2. The parties will make various efforts for support of such activities by creating favorable conditions for economic cooperation and, in particular, in the way:

creations of the favorable investment climate,

assistance to exchange of commercial and economic information,

assistance to exchange of contacts between their subjects of managing,

assistance to the organization of exhibitions, fairs, the symposiums which are carried out in the territory of the Parties

supports of activities for trade development.

Article 4

The parties will promote establishment of direct cooperation in the nauchnotekhnichesky sphere by the conclusion of new agreements between scientific institutions, educational institutions, scientific and technical associations for the purpose of support of creation and implementation of joint programs, creation of the joint research centers and other forms of cooperation in the territory of the Parties.

The sci-tech cooperation will be performed in the way:

exchange of specialists in the different directions of scientific and technical activities;

exchange of scientific and technical information;

the organizations of scientific and technological research and developments, other joint activities in scientific, scientific and technical and innovative spheres;

the organizations of seminars, discussions, conferences and exhibitions in the areas which are of mutual interest;

organizations of training and rates;

creations of the joint research centers, laboratories and groups;

any other form of cooperation concerning which the Parties will come to the agreement.

Article 5

1. The parties will create the Intergovernmental commission for the purpose of control of the course of accomplishment of this agreement.

2. The intergovernmental commission is created of agents of the parties, and its meetings are held according to the offer of the either party in the terms coordinated through diplomatic channels and the place.

3. The intergovernmental commission estimates development and results of cooperation within the Agreement and develops recommendations about realization of the purposes of the Agreement.

4. The intergovernmental commission if it is necessary, can make decisions on creation of subcommittees and working groups for assistance of realization of tasks of this agreement.

Article 6

1. This agreement becomes effective from the date of receipt of the last from the diplomatic notes confirming accomplishment of the interstate procedures necessary for the introduction of the Agreement in force and remains in force sine die.

2. This agreement it can be terminated by the written notice of one of the Parties of it. The agreement stops the action after six months from the date of receipt of such notification by other Party.

3. In case of cancellation of the Agreement all its relevant provisions will be applied to all contracts signed within and during operation of the Agreement, before completion of obligation fulfillment, arisen in connection with them.

It is made in Minsk on April 21, 2004 in duplicate in the Russian, Latvian and English languages. In case of disputes over interpretation of provisions of this agreement the advantage will be had by the text in English.

For the Government of the Republic of Belarus


For the Government of the Republic of Latvia



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