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Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and Government of the Azerbaijan Republic on production and scientific and technical cooperation of the companies and organizations of defense industries

of November 5, 2004

The government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic (further - the Parties),

for the purpose of providing favorable conditions for economic, production and sci-tech cooperation of the companies and organizations of the defense industries which are hereinafter referred to as with "organizations"

being guided by the principles provided by the Agreement on general terms and the mechanism of support of development of production cooperation of the companies and industries of the State Parties of the Commonwealth of Independent States of December 23, 1993

agreed about the following:

Article 1

The parties promote preserving and development on mutually advantageous basis of production and scientific and technical cooperation between the organizations in the field of:

developments and productions of military and technical appointment;

rendering services of military and technical appointment;

supply of materials, semifinished products, components, educational and auxiliary property for own needs necessary for the arms production and military equipment.

Article 2

Mutual deliveries necessary for production, repair and servicing of arms and military equipment of materials, semifinished products, components and other material resources between the organizations are performed according to the approved lists containing lists of the organizations of suppliers and consumers, the nomenclature and amounts of delivered goods.

The specified lists are subject to annual approval of the states of the Parties by authorized bodies.

Article 3

Mutual deliveries of products, services and auxiliary property within this agreement are performed based on contracts (contracts) between the Belarusian and Azerbaijani organizations.

Settlement is performed on contract prices according to the legislation of the states of the Parties.

Responsibility for contract performance (agreements) is born by the organizations which signed them.

Article 4

The parties not apply the import and export customs duties, indirect taxes levied by customs and tax authorities of the states of the Parties and also quoting and licensing of import and the commodity exportations delivered according to the lists specified in Article 2 of this agreement.

Article 5

The parties hold consultations with the purpose of rapprochement of the limits of profitability established on goods delivered in cooperation.

Article 6

The procedure for development and production of new samples of arms and military equipment with participation of the organizations of the Parties is determined by free intergovernmental agreements.

Article 7

The parties will not sell or transfer to the third party, including foreign physical, legal entities or the international organizations, mutually delivered military products, scientific and technical information on it, auxiliary property without written consent of other Party.

The parties observe copyright and trade secret when implementing mutual deliveries of products and services within this agreement.

The parties undertake obligations on the information security with limited access received within this agreement according to requirements of the legislation of the states of the Parties and international treaties.

Article 8

The parties charge to the Ministries of Defence of the Republic of Belarus and the Azerbaijan Republic to exercise in the organizations quality control of developments and production, and also product acceptance of military and technical appointment according to the existing technical and regulating documentation.

Article 9

All matters of argument which can arise between the organizations by delivery of products according to this agreement are solved according to the procedure, stipulated by the legislation the states of the Parties and contracts.

Article 10

Control and coordination of actions for implementation of this agreement are assigned to authorized bodies of the states of the Parties:

from the Republic of Belarus - on the State military-industrial committee of the Republic of Belarus;

from the Azerbaijan Republic - on the State committee on special mechanical engineering and conversion.

Article 11

The matters of argument connected using or interpretation of this agreement, are permitted by the Parties by consultations and negotiations.

According to the mutual arrangement of the Parties changes and additions which are drawn up by the separate protocols which are integral part of this agreement and becoming effective according to Article 12 of this agreement can be made to this agreement.

This agreement does not cause damage to obligation fulfillment, accepted by the Parties according to other international treaties.

Article 12

This agreement becomes effective from the date of the last written notice confirming accomplishment of the interstate procedures by the Parties necessary for entry into force of this agreement.

The agreement is effective within three years and is automatically prolonged for the subsequent year periods.

The Agreement is terminated after six months from the date of receipt of one of the Parties of the written notice of other Party of the intention to stop its action.

After cancellation of this agreement of its provision will continue to be effective concerning the contracts signed between the organizations during operation of the Agreement which accomplishment is begun, but is not complete completely by the time of cancellation of this agreement.

It is made in the city of Baku on November 5, 2004 in two authentic copies, everyone in the Russian and Azerbaijani languages, at the same time all texts are equally authoritative and are authentic. In case of disagreements in interpretation of provisions of this agreement of the Party will be guided by the text in Russian.

For the Government of the Republic of Belarus


For the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic



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