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 The agreement on cooperation in the field of book publishing, book trading and polygraphy

of February 10, 1995

The State Parties of this agreement on behalf of the Governments which are hereinafter referred to as - the Parties,

considering that development and strengthening of the relations of friendship, neighborliness and cooperation are equitable to radical interests of the people, and also relying on centuries-old traditions of cultural communication between them,

confirming the accessory to observance of international standards in the field of the human rights affirmed in such fundamental documents as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

being guided by agreements of the Commonwealth of Independent States on cooperation in the humanitarian sphere,

showing care of strengthening of cultural and scientific potential of future generations,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties will develop mutually beneficial and equal cooperation in the field of book publishing, book trading and polygraphy within the Commonwealth of Independent States, to promote realization of the approved interstate policy of support of book case and forming of positive public opinion in protection of the book.

Article 2

Free exchange of the book products reflecting different aspects of history, economy, policy, science and culture shall provide the parties according to the national legal system, creating for this purpose optimum legal and economic conditions.

The parties will take the necessary measures providing release of publishers and booksellers of the states which signed this agreement from payment of customs duties and other charges when importing and exporting printed materials, paper, cardboard, printing materials and the equipment made in the State Parties of this agreement.

Article 3

The parties on the basis of the national legal system will provide creation of conditions of the most favored treatment for activities of the publishing and knigorasprostranitelsky organizations of the State Parties of the Agreement in the territory of the states, in every possible way promoting development and implementation of joint programs of release socially important (children's, educational, scientific and technical, help) literatures, works of art of national classics and modern writers, separate books, series and other printed materials.

Article 4

The parties will encourage direct connections and direct contacts between publishing houses, the book-selling and printing companies, associations and associations, and also exchange of specialists (publishers, booksellers, printers, translators) for implementation of joint projects.

Article 5

The parties will promote release in the states of printed materials in languages of the ethnic minorities living in their territories, to deliveries and free distribution of similar editions from other State Parties of the Agreement including on contractual basis - textbooks for educational institutions.

Article 6

The parties in case of determination of circulations of the turned-out book products will consider orders of the knigorasprostranitelsky companies of the State Parties of the Agreement, and also according to the mutual arrangement to provide national libraries with obligatory paid or complimentary copies of the books published in the State Parties of the Commonwealth.

Article 7

The parties will develop cooperation in the field of the national bibliographic and statistical recording of the editions appearing in the State Parties of the Commonwealth, exchange of the relevant information and also to provide provision according to the mutual arrangement of obligatory copy of national editions to the centers of the state bibliography.

Article 8

The parties will expand interaction in the solution of scientific and technical problems, questions of development of the printing companies, uses of their capacities, material logistics and field service.

Article 9

The parties will regularly exchange book exhibitions on bilateral and multilateral bases, creating favorable conditions for expansion and deepening of such exchanges and to promote participation of publishers and booksellers of the states in the international book fairs held in the territory of the State Parties of this agreement.

Article 10

The parties will hold (serially in each State Party of the Agreement) meetings of heads of the relevant departments with participation of representatives of associations and associations of publishers, booksellers and printers for mutual information and determination of perspectives of further cooperation.

For practical coordination of questions of interaction of the Party can create the commissions and working groups if necessary.

Article 11

Settlement between legal entities of the State Parties of this agreement on development and implementation of specific projects and programs for questions of cooperation in the field of book publishing, book tradings and polygraphies will be made on the basis of bilateral and multilateral agreements.

Article 12

In case of disputes in case of interpretation and accomplishment of this agreement they will be permitted by negotiations or consultations between relevant organs of the Parties.

Article 13

This agreement becomes effective from the date of delivery on storage to depositary of the third notification on accomplishment of the interstate procedures by the states necessary for its entry into force, is effective within five years and is subject to prolongation for the subsequent five-year period.

The agreement is open for accession to it of other states sharing its purposes and the principles. For the joining state it becomes effective from the date of delivery of the document on accession to the Government of the Republic of Belarus which is depositary of this agreement.

Each of the Parties can declare the intention to leave this agreement by the written notice of depositary of it at least in six months prior to the expiration of the corresponding period.

It is made in the city of Almaty on February 10, 1995 in one authentic copy in Russian. The authentic copy is stored in Archive of the Government of the Republic of Belarus which will send to each state which signed this agreement, its verified copy.

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