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Convention on forming and status of interstate scientific and technical programs

of November 25, 1998

The State Parties of this Convention on behalf of the governments (further - the Parties),

aiming to use interstate scientific and technical programs as effective remedy of concentration of resources and efforts for the solution of priority tasks of scientific and technical and social and economic development,

for the purpose of forming of the approved legal basis of interaction in the course of development and accomplishment of interstate scientific and technical programs,

being effective according to the Agreement on creation of general scientific and technological space of the State Parties of the Commonwealth of Independent States of November 3, 1995,

agreed as follows:

Article 1 of Determination

For the purposes of this Convention the stated below terms have the following values:

"the interstate scientific and technical program" (further - the Program) - the complex of research, developmental and technological developments, and also organizational and economic actions for their providing coordinated on resources, contractors and terms of implementation which is carried out by contractors of the Parties and directed to receipt of new knowledge of the main regularities and properties of the public and natural phenomena and also on effective solution of social and economic problems of the Parties, including creation of samples of products, competitive in the world market, for its subsequent production for the purpose of satisfaction of national requirements and expansion of export opportunities;

"the State Party of the Program" - the state which signed the intergovernmental agreement about cooperation on accomplishment of the Program (further - the Agreement on cooperation) and the provided accomplishment of the obligations on its realization by necessary financial and other resources which amounts are determined within this Program;

"the state customer" - executive body (or other authorized organization) the State Party of the Program, the actionee this state of obligations assumed by it according to the Agreement on cooperation and the organization of works on program implementation in the state;

"coordinator" - one of the state customers providing by mutual consent their operational interaction in the course of accomplishment of the Program, organizing mutual consultations and exchange of information between the state customers, coordination of operating plans for the separate periods of implementation of the Program, development of recommendations about enhancement of cooperation, use of intermediate and resulting effects of research and development works preparing and providing the approved information on program implementation in Interstate committee on scientific technology development (further - MK scientific and technological revolution).

The international research centers and the scientific organizations, transnational financial and industrial groups and interstate (intergovernmental) bodies can act as the coordinator of the Program. If the Program consists of the separate projects financed by the relevant states participants of the Program, then the role of coordinators of such projects is carried out by national state customers of these projects.

Article 2 Forming and program implementation

1. The organization of works on forming and the program implementation is enabled by MK scientific and technological revolution.

2. Offers on forming of the Program with the corresponding reasons are made in MK scientific and technological revolution by members MK scientific and technological revolution or interstate (intergovernmental) bodies of the CIS which are engaged in coordination of questions of scientific and technical nature, and also International association of academies of Sciences according to the procedure established by MK scientific and technological revolution.

3. MK scientific and technological revolution considers the provided offers and in case of their approval suggests representatives of MK scientific and technological revolution of the Parties interested in development of specific programs to prepare and provide to MK scientific and technological revolution the draft of the Program with appendix of the explanatory note and the feasibility statement, and also the draft agreement on cooperation which are previously approved according to the procedures adopted in each state.

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