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The agreement on cooperation in the field of education

of May 15, 1992

The State Parties of the Commonwealth of Independent States which are hereinafter referred to as - "State Parties".

proceeding from the right of each person to education and responsibility of the states for complete implementation of this right,

in view of the Commonwealth which traditionally developed between the people cultural and educational, commercial and other ties, mutual interest in their every possible strengthening and expansion,

including development of education in state languages and languages of the people living in the territory of the State Parties of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the most important condition of their cultural interaction and cooperation

understanding need of development of national education systems on the basis of humanity and dialogue of cultures,

expressing commitment to revival, preserving and development of cultural, language and spiritual identity of ethnic minorities and ethnic groups,

understanding need of creation of the mechanism of realization of cooperation of the State Parties for the field of education, implementation of joint programs and projects,

performed sincere aspiration to equal cooperation in the field of education,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The State Parties guarantee to all persons living in their territories, the equal rights to education and its availability irrespective of national identity or other distinctions. The persons who are constantly living in the territory of one of the State Parties and having nationality of other State Party get education at all levels, and also academic degrees and ranks, on the conditions established for citizens of the participating states in the territory of which they constantly live.

The participating states will aim to satisfy the mutual needs for training of citizens, preparation, retraining and advanced training of personnel and specialists, determining on bilateral basis the mechanism of the mutual financial calculations in case of cost recovery made by each State Party on training of the pupils, students, graduate students and listeners who are not her citizens and not having the permanent residence in its territory.

The State Parties shall continue training (before its completion) citizens of the State Parties which do not have the permanent residence in the territory of the State Party where they study, and arrived on training till January 1, 1992 at the conditions operating concerning citizens of this State Party.

Article 2

The State Parties guarantee equality of all educational institutions entering their national education systems irrespective of training language, and give them the state support.

Article 3

The State Parties assist satisfaction of educational requirements of the population belonging to ethnic minorities and original ethnic groups including by creation of conditions for education in the native language, to rendering mutual aid in providing and development of original textbooks and other educational and methodical literature, in preparation and retraining of pedagogical personnel for ethnic minorities and ethnic groups.

Article 4

Bodies of the state certification of research and educational personnel of the State Parties can carry out certification of citizens of other states.

Article 5

The State Parties guarantee termless recognition in the territories of documents of the state sample on secondary, professional, secondary vocational, higher education, retraining of personnel, about award of the academic degrees and academic statuses issued in the State Parties by the time of the conclusion of this agreement.

Questions of recognition of education documents, about academic degrees and academic statuses in subsequent will solve the State Parties according to the mutual arrangement.

Article 6

The State Parties provide conditions for preparation pedagogical and research and educational personnel for educational institutions in which teaching is conducted in non-state languages. On the basis of the mutual arrangement each of the State Parties renders assistance in preparation and advanced training pedagogical and research and educational personnel for organizations of formation of other State Parties.

Article 7

The State Parties support carrying out joint scientific research, exchange of information and documentation on questions of development of education, creation of the joint information services, databanks and printing editions.

Article 8

The State Parties will assist in every possible way maintenance and development of direct partner connections in the field of education between the territories and educational institutions of the State Parties, including tourist and excursion activities of pupils, students and teachers, the organization of joint work and rest, holding festivals, creative tenders, the subject Olympic Games, sports competitions, exchange of pupils, students, graduate students and trainees on the terms of the mutual arrangement.

Article 9

The State Parties will participate means of education in mitigation of consequences of environmental disasters and natural disasters in the territory of the State Parties.

Article 10

The State Parties will promote development of material and technical resources of education in the State Parties, including development, production and mutual deliveries of the educational equipment, technical means of training, release of educational and educational and methodical literature.

Article 11

The State Parties will develop contacts in the field of education between state bodies of different level for the purpose of implementation of the approved educational policy.

For consideration of accomplishment of this agreement, other questions of interstate interaction in the field of education the State Parties consider expedient regular holding of conferences of heads of governing bodies of education.

Article 12

The State Parties shall communicate regularly about the specific measures taken according to this agreement.

Article 13

This agreement becomes effective from the moment of its signing.

This agreement is signed for a period of five years and will be prolonged automatically for the subsequent 5-year periods.

Each State Party can leave this agreement by the written notice of it of depositary at least in six months and after settlement of the obligations which arose during action of this agreement.

The agreement is open for accession to it of other states. The procedure for accession is determined separately.

It is made in Tashkent on May 15, 1992 in one authentic copy in Russian. The authentic copy is stored in Archive of the Government of the Republic of Belarus which will send to the states which signed this agreement, its verified copy.


Note. The agreement is not signed by the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic.


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