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of May 30, 2011 No. 34

Technical regulation "About Safety of Drinking Water"

(as amended of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic of 28.04.2017 No. 67)

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on April 21, 2011

This Law adopted according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "About bases of technical regulation in the Kyrgyz Republic" is the Technical regulation and establishes obligatory for application and execution of the requirement to objects of technical regulation.

Article 1. Purposes of the Technical regulation "About Safety of Drinking Water"

The purposes of the Technical regulation "About Safety of Drinking Water" (further - the Technical regulation) are:

- protection of health and life of people against adverse effect of the pollutants containing in the water intended for the use by her people;

- the prevention of the actions misleading consumers when using drinking water.

Article 2. Scope of this Technical regulation

1. This Technical regulation extends to the drinking water intended for population requirements satisfaction and regulates the principles, responsibility, procedures and organizational measures for safety of drinking water.

2. Action of this Technical regulation extends on the legal entities and physical person performing economic activity (industrial, agricultural and other enterprises), operating water supply systems.

Article 3. Objects of technical regulation

1. Treat objects of technical regulation of this Technical regulation:

- the drinking water which is in systems of drinking water supply (centralized, not centralized, autonomous, water supply systems on transport, general and intra house distributive systems);

- the drinking water intended for the use by people and use in production of foodstuff;

- the drinking water in tanks, dispensers and other container (barrels, buckets, flasks) intended for the use by people.

2. Action of this Technical regulation does not extend:

- on drinking mineral waters, medical and medical and table;

- on waters the natural drinking dining rooms which are packed up in reservoir (bottles, containers);

- on the water which is medical product;

- on the water intended for the technical purposes;

- on thermal waters;

- on water in hot water supply;

- on water of sources before water treatment;

- on technical requirements on construction and operation of objects of water disposal.

Article 4. Basic concepts

For ensuring accomplishment of this Technical regulation the following concepts are used:

accident - unauthorized cancellation of water supply system, constructions on purification of drinking water, sewage or destruction of their components which can entail spoil or destruction of property or to create threat for health and welfare of people;

autonomous system of drinking water supply - devices and constructions for fence, preparation (or without preparation) drinking water with giving (or without giving) it to places of consumption used by physical persons and legal entities and which are not intended for general use by the population;

risk analysis and critical control points - the quality control system providing identification, assessment and management of the dangerous factors influencing safety of drinking water;

safe drinking water - water, irrespective of its origin and receipt, natural or after processing which does not contain microorganisms and parasites, and also any substances constituting potential danger for human health, and intended for drink, cookings, productions of the foodstuff or substances used by people and for hygienic procedures;

water intaking construction - the hydraulic engineering construction for water intake from source of drinking water supply;

water supply - supply of surface or underground water to consumers in required quantity according to requirements for safety;

water supply system (water supply system) - system of pipelines with constructions on them for supply of drinking water to places of its consumption;

the state supervision - activities of authorized state bodies for the prevention, detection, suppression of violations of requirements of this Technical regulation in the field of providing the population with safe drinking water;

zone of sanitary protection - the territory and (or) the water area within which the specific mode of economic and other activity for the purpose of protection of source of drinking water supply, water constructions and drinking water against pollution is set;

source of drinking water supply - superficial or underground water object (or its part) which waters meet the established requirements for safety and are used or can be used for fence in systems of drinking water supply;

control - the form of assessment of conformity performed by the observation and conclusions accompanied with the corresponding testing and measurements;

monitoring - system of the regular observations and control made according to certain program for assessment of safety of water and identification of changes;

the best existing technology - the most effective technology of productive activity, including production of drinking water providing achievement of requirements for safety of water use at this level of development of science and technology, applied during the term established taking into account economic and social factors;

insignificant lack of drinking water - lack of quality of drinking water which does not interfere with use of drinking water according to its purpose;

not centralized drinking water supply - the system of drinking water supply from underground sources pumping water by means of water intakes without the parting network (mine and tubular wells and piping of springs);

standard rates of safety of drinking water - the indicators of drinking water guaranteeing safety for the person in the epidemic and radiation relation, harmlessness on chemical composition irrespective of use duration;

disinfecting (disinfection) of water - process of destruction of the microorganisms which are in water to the limits ensuring epidemiological safety of drinking water;

general intra house distributive system of drinking water supply - the complex of devices, constructions and pipelines in the building providing supply of drinking water from centralized and autonomous water supply systems to consumers;

the consumer of drinking water - the physical person or legal entity receiving in accordance with the established procedure drinking water for satisfaction of the needs;

drinking water supply - activities for providing consumers with drinking water;

preparation of drinking water (water treatment) - engineering procedure of processing of water for its reduction in compliance with requirements for safety of drinking water;

the threshold limit value (TLV) - the maximum concentration of substance in water in which substance in case of daily receipt in organism during all life does not exert the direct or mediated impact on health of the population in the present and the subsequent generations and also does not worsen hygienic conditions of water use;

production supervision - the control system on providing the sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) actions organized and of the activities held by legal entities and physical persons in the course of implementation by them, performance of works and rendering the services constituting potential danger for the person for the purpose of preserving life and human health and the environment;


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