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The agreement on procedure for transfer and transit transportation of persons detained

of February 17, 1994

The Ministries of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic Georgia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ukraine which further are referred to as with the Parties

being guided by provisions of the legislation and international treaties of the states,

based on the Agreement on the interaction of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of the independent states in the sphere of fight against crime signed in Alma-Ata on April 24, 1992

proceeding from desire to strengthen and develop cooperation in the field of fight against crime,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties shall provide protection, convoy and convoy of the detained persons before transfer to their representatives of the requesting Party in boundary, and by mutual consent - in other Items.

The requesting Party shall confirm within a day receipt of the notification on detention or taking prisoner of the searched person and in ten-day time after receipt of permission to issue to confirm readiness to accept it at the required Party with indication of the place and time of transfer.

Article 2

Each Party according to the decision of competent authority of the state performs transit transportation on the territory of the state of persons transferred to the third state.

In cases, being urgent, and also in case of impossibility of implementation of transportation by other modes of transport, according to the mutual arrangement of the Parties it can be transported them by representatives direct aviation routes.

In the absence of those the third party in Items of change (landing) provides protection and temporary content (up to three days) the escorted persons, and also renders assistance in their further sending to destination. The petition for permission of such transportation is considered in the same order, as the requirement about transfer.

Article 3

The basis for convoy and convoy of the detained person from the territory of the state of other Party is the decision of competent authority of the state of the requesting Party which invests in the personal record of escorted. The body sender on the reference on private business does mark "Follows in... (the state of appointment)" also assures her the signature and official stamp.

By transfer of person to representatives of the host party the instruction of the requesting Party is shown. Transfer of the detained person is performed under the act. The statement is drawn up in triplicate in Russian, from them two copies (including the original) - for the representative of the requesting Party and one - for the representative of the required Party.

Forms of the instruction and the act are applied.

Article 4

The parties jointly determine within three months from the date of the introduction of this agreement in force Items in which transfer and acceptance of the detained persons is performed, including in case of their transit transportation.

The list of such Items goes to depositary which informs on it other Parties.

Article 5

The expenses connected with transfer are born by the Party in the territory of which state they arose, and the expenses connected with transit transportation - the Party which addressed with the petition for such transportation if the legislation does not establish other procedure.

Article 6

The structural divisions of the Parties performing convoy, convoy and transfer of persons detained can come into direct contacts within the competence.

Article 7

In case of disputes between the Parties on interpretation or application of provisions of this agreement, concerned parties consult among themselves with the purpose of settlement of such disputes.

If necessary the conciliation commission from plenipotentiaries of concerned parties can be created. The protocol of conciliation commission signed by plenipotentiaries of the Parties is accepted to execution by these Parties.

Article 8

The parties when implementing cooperation based on provisions of this agreement use Russian. In case of use of other languages of the Party provide interpretation and translation in Russian.

Article 9

This agreement does not interfere with the Parties in development and development of other mutually acceptable forms of cooperation.

Article 10

This agreement does not mention obligations of the Parties according to other international treaties.

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