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of January 28, 1997 No. 8

About power industry

(as amended on 25-07-2023)

Accepted by General Court of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on January 23, 1997

This Law is based on provisions of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "About power", other legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic and extends to all legal entities irrespective of patterns of ownership, and also physical persons which make, transfer, distribute, sell and consume electrical and heat energy.

Article 1. Purposes of this Law

The purposes of this Law are providing reliable, safe and regular supply electro-, heat power and improvements of quality of the provided services to all consumers, creation of competitive environment and market grouping of energy, encouragement of private sector development and investment attraction.

Article 2. Determinations

In this Law following terms have the following values:

the household subscriber - the citizen using energy under the agreement of power supply for own domestic needs;

the residential customer - the physical person using the electric power for domestic needs in accordance with the terms of the contract;

development electro-, heat power - production electro-, heat power from energy resources;

the company developing the electric power - any state, private legal entity or physical person performing activities for production of electricity and operation of power plants;

hydroelectric power station - any station for production of electricity by means of energy use of water and the hydraulic engineering constructions connected with such production, the equipment;

large electrical power production capacities - hydroelectric power stations, thermal power plants capacity over 30 MW;

the high-level power network - the power network intended for transfer of electrical energy from the producer to Items of connection of local (local) networks;

Low electrical power production capacities - power and thermal plants capacity from 0,5 of MW to 30 MW;

the integrated company - any state or private enterprise performing two or more types of activity in the field of production, transfer, distribution and sale electro-, heat power;

national power grid - system of transmission media of the electric power of high voltage;

national power supply system - the existing complex of power plants, hydroelectric power stations, electric (including the national power supply network) and the thermal networks connected by community of operating mode and having the centralized operational management exercised of dispatching service;

the joint systems - row of the systems of transfer and electricity distribution connected by means of one or more systems;

the electric power for own needs - the electric power developed by the state, private legal entity or physical person for own consumption;

the main consumer - the buyer of the electric power from network of high voltage it is direct at the making company;

transfer - overflow of the electric power of high voltage on power network for the purpose of its delivery to the main consumers or the distributing companies;

the company transferring the electric power - any state, private legal entity or physical person transferring the electric power between points of delivery of the company making this electric power and point of connection of the distributing company or the main consumer;

the consumer who does not have the choice - the final consumer to whom the electric power of low voltage, heat power are delivered by the single distributing company;

distribution power network - the electroconductive network including designs, the equipment and the equipment, serving for the purposes of electricity distribution and its transfer to connection point;

the distributing company - any state, private legal entity or physical person supplying electro-, heat power of consumers in the stipulated territory;

networks of high voltage - power networks and substations of 35 kV and above;

the standard contract on electric utility service - the agreement with indication of the list of certain rights and obligations between the making, transferring, distributing company and the consumer to adhere to certain conditions by provision or receipt of the electric power and services;

connection point - property border between the company distributing electro-, heat power and the consumer or between the transferring and distributing company or the main consumer;

delivery point - property border between the making and transferring company or transferring and distributing electro-, heat power the company or the main consumer;

installation - the device for the solution of the following tasks: production, transfer, distribution electro-, heat power, the including equipment, constructions, buildings and the earth used in connection with them;

energy services - transfer, distribution, sale, storage (except storage of electrical and heat energy) and transportation of energy resources;

the electric power - the goods of special type which are characterized by simultaneity of its production and consumption, requiring permanent, continuous and high-quality maintenance of its parameters in the set limits;

electric power industry - the structure including the state and non-state companies involved in production, transfer, distribution or sale electro-, heat power;

power plant - any station for production electro-and heat power by means of use of all energy resources;

the electro-, heat power company - any state, private legal entity or physical person occupied with development, transfer, distribution or sale electro-or heat power irrespective of their patterns of ownership;

plunder electro-, heat power - unauthorized connection, consumption and delivery electro-, heat power without the corresponding permission;

authorized state body on development of policy in the field of power - the executive body authorized by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic to perform functions on development and realization of state policy in the field of power;

authorized state body on supervision and control in the field of power - the executive body authorized by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic to perform functions in the field of ensuring technical safety, reliability and uninterruptedness of development, transfer, distribution and consumption of electrical, heat energy and natural gas, and also behind efficiency of their use.

authorized state body on fuel and energy complex regulation - the executive body authorized by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic to perform state regulation of activities of subjects of fuel and energy complex by means of licensing and establishment of rates for electrical, heat energy and natural gas;

settlement center - the independent organization providing services with use of centralized information analytical system on collection, processing, reliability check, data analysis on overflows and losses of the electric power, creation of balances of the electric power, accomplishment of calculations for all participants of the electrical power market and also for implementation of monitoring of settlement between participants of the electrical power market.

Article 3.

Voided according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic of 19.07.2014 No. 145


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