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The contract between the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan on collateral actions on fight against terrorism, political and religious extremism, transnational organized crime and other threats of stability and safety of the Parties

of April 21, 2000

The Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

expressing concern in growth of scales and tendencies of development of terrorism, extremism and transnational organized crime in all forms and manifestations which threaten the world and safety of all states, lead to human rights violation, fundamental freedoms and democratic basis of society,

proceeding from the aspiration to provide reliable protection against criminal infringement of life, the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states,

wishing to counteract jointly attempts of undermining safety of the states, kindling of social, national, racial and religious discord, political and religious extremism,

confirming the commitment to the purposes and the principles of the United Nations concerning maintenance of international peace and safety, development of neighborliness and friendship, cooperation between the states

agreed as follows:

Article 1 General provisions

1. The parties unconditionally condemn terrorism, political and religious extremism which cannot be justified for reasons of political, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any other nature in any way.

2. The parties confirm that they refuse to grant shelter or concessions to terrorists, extremists, and also also issues for this purpose to the interested state on the basis of international treaties on issue will aim at attraction them to criminal liability.

Article 2 Sphere of Cooperation

1. The parties, according to provisions of this agreement and in case of observance of the national legal system, and also the international obligations, through the central competent authorities will cooperate in fight against terrorism, political and religious extremism, transnational organized crime.

2. The parties will cooperate concerning rendering legal assistance on criminal cases and issue.

Article 3 Central competent authorities

1. Each of the Parties determines the list of the central competent authorities under this agreement and within a month from the date of entry into force of the Agreement sends it to depositary which sends this list to other Parties.

The parties without delay notify depositary on modification of the list of the central competent authorities.

2. The central competent authorities of the Parties for the purpose of accomplishment of this Agreement cooperate with each other directly.

Article 4 Joint efforts

1. The parties will make mutually agreed efforts on counteraction to terrorism, political and religious extremism, the actions directed to violent change of the constitutional system, or violation of territorial integrity, transnational organized crime, to drug trafficking, psychotropic substances and precursors, weapon and ammunition, explosives and destructive devices.

2. The parties will take measures to increase in efficiency of cooperation of the central competent authorities in fight against the specified phenomena posing safety hazard of the Parties and also to life, the rights and legitimate interests of their citizens.

Article 5 Extension of the Legal Base of Cooperation

The parties will aim at enhancement of legal regulation of cooperation within this Agreement, to rapprochement of regulations of the national legal system for the purpose of counteraction to terrorism and any manifestations of extremism, transnational organized crime.

For this purpose the Parties hold consultations on regular basis, perform exchange of the regulatory legal acts adopted for the purpose of accomplishment of provisions of this agreement.

Article 6 of the Direction of cooperation

1. The parties, in view of provisions of Article 4 of this Agreement and according to the legislation, will cooperate in the prevention, identification, suppression, disclosure and investigation of the following criminal actions:

- terrorism, taking of hostages, diversions, organized crime and other dangerous infringement of public safety;

- incitement of social, race, racial and religious strife;

- acts of political and religious extremism;

- organization and functioning of the centers for training of terrorists and extremists;

- arms trafficking, ammunition, explosives and destructive devices, radioactive materials;

- drug trafficking, psychotropic substances and precursors;

- smuggling, violations of the customs and tax legislation;

- illegal migration;

- illegal transactions with vehicles;

- crimes in the field of economy, illegal financial transactions;

- production and distribution of counterfeit passports and other identity documents, securities and bank notes, and also technical means for their production;

- other forms of transnational organized crime which prevention requires cooperation of the Parties.

2. The parties, according to the national legal system, will also interact in the following directions:

- acceptance of practical measures on providing that the territories of the Parties were not used for creation of terrorist bases, educational camps or for preparation or the organization of the acts of terrorism directed against other states and their citizens;

- fight against recruitment of people for participation in activities of terrorist and other organizations of extremist nature, and also rendering such organizations to financial support of activities;

- safety of the airports, railway stations, subways, nuclear, chemical and other objects of the increased technological and ecological danger, life support systems of the cities and other settlements;

- safety of civil aviation, according to provisions of the Convention on fight against illegal hijacking of aircrafts of December 16, 1970 and the Convention on fight against the illegal acts directed against safety of civil aviation of September 23, 1971;

- maintenance and protection of valuable and particular loads;

- conducting joint exercises in the listed directions.

Article 7 of Form of cooperation

1. For the purpose of implementation of provisions of this agreement the central competent authorities of the Parties will perform cooperation, in particular, in the following forms:

- exchange of information which is of interest on the preparing or committed crimes and persons and the organizations, involved in them;

- implementation of joint special transactions (actions) with involvement (use) of the contingents of armed forces, special divisions of law enforcement agencies of the Parties;

- conducting joint investigation and search operations and investigative actions;

- execution of requests about conducting investigation and search operations and investigative actions;

- search of persons disappearing from criminal prosecution or serving sentence;


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