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The agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan on cooperation in the field of the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations

of July 17, 1998

The State Parties of this agreement which further are referred to as with the Parties

being guided by the purposes and the principles of the Contract on eternal friendship between the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan of January 10, 1997;

in view of interdependence of ecological systems of the region and possibility of emergency situations which effects cannot be liquidated by forces and means of one of the Parties, and also the need for the coordinated actions of the State Parties caused by it;

wishing to extend the developing regional cooperation to rendering necessary assistance to affected parties in case of emergency situations on the basis of international law;

recognizing need of joint use of rescue forces, material, medical, food, financial and information resources for implementation of actions for the prevention and mitigation of consequences of emergency situations;

supporting efforts of the UN in the field of international assistance in case of emergency situations, and also aiming to make contribution to forming and effectiveness of the contractual legal base in this area,

agreed as follows:

Article 1. Scope of application

This agreement is applied to the prevention and the liquidation of the emergency situations posing hazard to life and human health or involving significant material damage which cannot be liquidated by forces and means of one of the Parties.

This agreement establishes framework of the coordinated help of the Parties in case of emergency situations.

Article 2. Determinations

For the purposes of this agreement the following concepts are used:

emergency situation - the situation in certain territory which developed as a result of accident, natural hazard, catastrophic crash, natural or other disaster of technogenic nature which can entail or entailed the human victims, damage to health of people or to the environment and subjects to managing, considerable material losses and violation of conditions of life activity of people;

the prevention of emergency situations - complex of the events held beforehand and directed to the greatest possible reduction of risk of emergence of emergency situation, and also to preserving human health, decrease in the sizes of environmental damage and material losses in case of its origin;

the help - the direction the providing Party to the requesting Side of groups on assistance and help loads for the purpose of the prevention or liquidation of emergency situations of different nature;

the requesting Party - the Party which appeals to other Party about the direction of groups on assistance, loads of the help and corresponding equipment;

the providing Party - the Party which grants request of other Party for the direction of groups on assistance, loads of the help and corresponding equipment;

competent authority - the body appointed by each of the Parties for management and coordination of the works connected with implementation of this agreement;

group on assistance - the organized group of specialists of the providing Party intended for assistance and provided with necessary equipment;

liquidation of emergency situation - the rescue and other urgent works which are carried out in case of emergency situation and directed to rescuing of life and preserving human health, decrease in the extent of damage to the surrounding environment and material losses and also on localization of zone of emergency situation, cancellation of characteristic factors, dangerous to it;

zone of emergency situation - the territory in which there was emergency situation;

wrecking - actions for rescuing of people, material and cultural values, protection of the environment in zone of emergency situation, localization of emergency situation and to suppression or bringing to minimum possible level of characteristic factors, dangerous to it;

equipment - materials, technical and vehicles, equipment of group on assistance and personal equipment of members of group;

help loads - the appliances intended for free distribution among the population injured with emergency situation;

the transit State - the State Party of this agreement through which territory groups on assistance, equipment, materials of providing and loads of the help are transported.

Article 3. Competent authorities and warning system

Competent authorities of the Parties on accomplishment of this agreement are:

from the Republic of Kazakhstan - Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan on emergency situations;

from the Kyrgyz Republic - the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the citizen to defense;

from the Republic of Tajikistan - Committee on emergency situations and cases of civil defense under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan;

from the Republic of Uzbekistan - the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In case of appointment of other competent authority of the Party will notify on this each other in writing through diplomatic channels.

Competent authorities in the terms coordinated by the Parties will create complex early warning system and notifications about emergency situations. Conditions of creation and functioning of this system will be regulated by the special interdepartmental Protocol.

Article 4. Forms of cooperation

The parties perform cooperation in the following forms:

organization and carrying out monitoring of dangerous technogenic and ecological processes, and also natural phenomena;

the mutual notification about condition of potentially dangerous objects and the environment, the arising emergency situations, the course of their development and possible effects, the taken measures for their liquidation;

the organization of preparation of the population for actions in emergency situations, including on first aid;

coordination of interaction of the interested government institutions on liquidation of emergency situations;

risk assessment for the surrounding environment and the population in connection with possible pollution as a result of industrial accidents, catastrophic crashes and natural disasters;

collaborative planning, development and implementation of research projects, exchange of scientific and technical literature, results of research works and technologies;

exchange of information, methodical and other literature, video and photographic materials;

ensuring interaction between competent authorities of the Parties;

planning and holding actions for the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations;

rendering mutual aid in case of liquidation of emergency situations and taking measures to accommodation of affected population in the territory of agreement parties;

other activities in the field of the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations which can be approved by competent authorities of the Parties.

Article 5. Requests about the help and exchange of information

The parties perform requests about assistance in emergency situations.


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