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Agreement on creation of the Union State

of December 8, 1999

Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus,

being guided by will of the people of Russia and Belarus to unification and relying on community of their historical destinies, caring for vital interests of the citizens;

being convinced that formation of the Union State will allow to combine efforts for the benefit of social and economic progress of both states;

movable by the aspiration to continue development of the integration processes pledged by the Agreement on formation of community of Russia and Belarus of April 2, 1996, the Agreement on the Union of Belarus and Russia of April 2, 1997, the Charter of the Union of Belarus and Russia of May 23, 1997, and also realizing provisions of the Declaration on further unification of Russia and Belarus of December 25, 1998;

confirming commitment to the purposes and the principles of Articles of organization of the United Nations and desire to live in the world and neighborliness with other states;

being effective according to the conventional principles and rules of international law,

agreed as follows:

Section I General provisions

Chapter I of the Purpose and principles of the Union State

Article 1

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus (daleegosudarstva-participating) create the Union State which marks new stage in the course of unification of the people of two countries to the democratic constitutional state.

Article 2

1. The purposes of the Union State are:

ensuring peaceful and democratic development of fraternal peoples of the State Parties, friendship strengthening, growth in prosperity and level of living;

creation of common economic space for ensuring social and economic development on the basis of consolidation of material and intellectual capacities of the State Parties and use of market mechanisms of functioning of economy;

steady observance of basic rights and freedoms of man and citizen according to the conventional principles and rules of international law;

carrying out the approved foreign policy and policy in the field of defense;

forming of single system of law of the democratic state;

carrying out the approved social policy directed to creation of the conditions providing worthy life and free development of the person;

safety of the Union State and fight against crime;

strengthening of the world, safety and mutually beneficial cooperation in Europe and around the world, development of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

2. Goal achievement of the Union State is performed step by step taking into account priority of the solution of economic and social tasks. Specific actions and terms of their accomplishment are determined by decisions of bodies of the Union State or agreements of the State Parties.

3. In process of formation of the Union State the question of adoption of its Constitution will be considered.

Article 3

1. The Union State is based on the principles of sovereign equality of the State Parties, voluntariness, fair accomplishment of cross liabilities by them.

2. The Union State is founded on differentiation of areas of jurisdiction and powers between the Union State and the State Parties.

Article 4

1. For realization of the purposes of the Union State the Supreme State Council, Parliament, Council of Ministers, Court, Audit Chamber of the Union State are created.

2. The government in the State Parties is performed by the state bodies formed by them according to their constitutions.

Article 5

The Union State is the secular, democratic, social, constitutional state which are recognized political and ideological variety.

Article 6

1. Each State Party keeps taking into account the powers which are voluntarily delegated to the Union State sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, state system, the Constitution, national flag, the coat of arms and other attributes of statehood.

2. The State Parties keep the membership in the UN and other international organizations. The possibility of single membership in the international organizations, other international associations is determined by the State Parties by the mutual arrangement.

Article 7

1. The territory of the Union State consists of the state territories of the State Parties.

2. The State Parties provide integrity and immunity of the territory of the Union State.

3. External border of the Union State are borders of the State Parties with other states or spatial limit of action of the state sovereignties of the State Parties.

4. Before adoption of the regulatory legal act of the Union State about frontier protection of external border of the Union State is performed according to the procedure, established by the State Parties at the time of the signature of this agreement.

Article 8

1. In the Union State all patterns of ownership recognized in the territories of the State Parties are recognized and protected similarly the equal rights of citizens to acquisition, ownership, use and the order are provided with property.

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