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of July 20, 2001 No. ZR-197

About consumer protection

(as amended on 12-06-2023)

Accepted by National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on June 26, 2001

This Law governs the relations arising between consumers and manufacturers (contractors, sellers) in case of sales of goods (performance of works, rendering services), establishes the rights of consumers to purchase of goods (works, services) of proper quality and safe for life and health of consumers, receipt of information on goods (works, services) and about their manufacturers (contractors, sellers), the state and public protection of their interests, and also determines the mechanism of realization of these rights.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

The basic concepts used in this Law are:

the consumer - the citizen having intention to order or acquire the goods (works, services) provided only for the personal, family, home or other use which is not connected with business activity;

uncertain circle of consumers - probable consumers of products (work, service);

the manufacturer - the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur making goods for realization;

the contractor - the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur performing work or rendering service to consumers under the agreement;

the seller - the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur realizing goods to consumers according to the purchase and sale agreement;

the regulating document - the laws, other legal acts (technical regulations) provided in the procedure established by the law which establish mandatory requirements concerning goods (works, services);

lack of goods (work, service) - discrepancy of goods (work, service) to regulating documents, terms of the contract or usually shown to quality requirements of goods (works, services);

fundamental breach of goods quality (work, service) fundamental breaches shown to quality (works, services) requirements (unremovable, and also violations which cannot be eliminated without disproportionate costs or loss of time or such violations which repeatedly or arise again after elimination, and other violations of similar nature) in case of which the consumer has the right to refuse at the choice agreement performance and to demand return of the amount paid for goods (work, service) or to demand replacement of goods (work, service) inadequate quality goods (work, service) which quality corresponds to the agreement;

safety of goods (work, service) - safety of goods (work, service) for life, health, property of the consumer and the environment in case of usual conditions of its use, storage, transportation and utilization, and also safety of process of performance of work (rendering service);

service life - duration of operation of goods from the date of operation or renewal of operation after repair to impossibility of its use according to the destination. It can be estimated in units of time, and also other units of measure (kilometers, years and other);

expiration date - the period after which the goods become unsuitable for use according to the destination;

warranty period - the period during which in case of detection in goods (work) of shortcoming the manufacturer (the contractor, the seller) shall meet the consumer requirements established by this Law.

Article 2. Legal regulation of the relations in the field of consumer protection

The relations connected with consumer protection are regulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the Civil code of the Republic of Armenia, this Law and other legal acts.

The relations connected with consumer protection in the field of consumer crediting, housing mortgage lending are regulated, respectively, by the laws of the Republic of Armenia "About consumer crediting" and "About housing mortgage lending", except for article 11.1 of this Law which extends also to consumer lending and housing mortgage lending.

Article 3. International agreements

If international treaties of the Republic of Armenia establish other regulations, than those which are provided by this Law then are applied regulations of international treaties.

Article 4. Right of consumers to notification

The consumer's right to notification is provided by means of inclusion of relevant requirements in organizational and methodical, all-technical and regulating documents and general education and professional programs, and also by means of the organization of system of information on the rights of consumers and necessary actions for protection of these rights.

Article 5. Goods quality (works, services)

1. The seller (contractor) shall report to the consumer goods (to perform work, to render service), which quality corresponds to the agreement.

2. In case of absence (works, services) the seller (contractor) shall transfer in the agreement of conditions on goods quality to the consumer the goods (to perform work, to render service) suitable for the purposes for which such goods (work, service) are usually used.

3. If the seller (contractor) in case of the conclusion of the agreement was informed by the consumer of specific purposes of purchase of goods (performance of work, rendering service), the seller (contractor) shall report to the consumer the goods (to perform work, to render service) suitable for use according to these purposes.

4. In case of sale of goods on sample and (or) the description the seller shall report to the consumer goods which match sample and (or) the description.

5. If regulating documents establish mandatory requirements to goods quality (works, services), the seller (contractor) shall report to the consumer the goods (to perform work, to render service) conforming to these requirements.

Article 6. The rights and obligations of the manufacturer (the contractor, the seller) in the field of establishment of service life, expiration date of goods (work), and also warranty period for goods (work)

1. On the goods (work) intended for long-term use, the manufacturer (contractor) has the right to establish service life during which shall provide possibility of use of goods (work) to destination and bear responsibility for the essential shortcomings which arose through his fault.


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