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The document ceased to be valid since February 9, 2022 according to article 78 of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic of December 30, 2021 No. 471-VIQ


of June 25, 2002 No. 345-IIQ

About TV and radio broadcasting

(as amended on 19-05-2020)

This Law establishes legal, economic and organizational basis of the activities of television and radio aimed at providing freedom of information, thought and the word of each person, its right to carrying out open and free discussions.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

1.0. The concepts used for the purpose of this Law express the following values:

1.0.1. the subscriber - the physical person or legal entity using services television and broadcastings (further - TV and radio broadcasting);

1.0.2. audiovisual information - seen (with the image) information accompanied with sound;

1.0.3. broadcast channel - set of the technical means necessary for TV and radio broadcasting, and also the frequency band used by TV radio transmitter;

1.0.4. TV and radio broadcasting - initial transfer on certain distance of the sound or visual teleradio programs in large quantities extended on electromagnetic waves in open or in the coded form by means of satellite, cable or other land technical installations and accepted by teleradio receivers in any quantity. Also join in this concept ensuring distribution via the satellite with legal entities and physical persons with use of the coded installations (cards) and the programs relayed by other broadcasters. The concept "TV and radio broadcasting" does not cover the message or other materials transferred on telecommunication system and accepted on individual challenge (connected with the fax, electronic databanks and other services of this kind);

1.0.5. relaying - partial or complete and unchangeable acceptance and at the same time repeated distribution by means of technical means one television and radio broadcasting company of teleradio programs (transfers) given by other television and radio broadcasting company;

1.0.6. telecommunication - transfer on distance and acceptance of this or that signal, sound or image by means of electric or electromagnetic means of communication (cable, optic and radio communication and other means);

1.0.7. network of collective distribution - acceptance of teleradio programs from the companion, air and cable network and their distribution between subscribers;

1.0.8. broadcasting zone - the territory, within which the conditions of individual acceptance meeting the requirements of the state technical standards and regulations;

1.0.9. network of TV and radio broadcasting - the radio frequencies determined by special permission (license), television and radio-transmitting installations, the satellite transferring and accepting stations, cable and radio and cable networks used by television and radio broadcasting company for distribution of teleradio products;

1.0.10. the list of frequencies of TV and radio broadcasting - the document reflecting the free radio frequencies used for the purpose of air which are subject to use;

1.0.11. live air - user-to-user transmission of telebroadcasts without making an appointment;

1.0.12. social TV and radio broadcasting - transfers or programs of educational, educational and information nature for deafs or people with weak hearing;

1.0.13. television and radio broadcasting company - the physical person or legal entity which passed through the register according to the procedure, established by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, or authorized to make and extend teleradio programs (transfer) or providing relaying of broadcasting by means of the installations and means opening codes of signals;

1.0.14. the nation-wide broadcaster - television and radio broadcasting company whose programs extend in all territory of the country (the words "all territory of the country" are understood as at least 98 percent of the population of the country for telecasts and the territory of the country for broadcasts);

1.0.15. teleradio program - set of the audio-and audiovisual materials (transfers) provided for the general population prepared on the basis of the requirements established by this Law extended in live air or previously written;

1.0.16. telebroadcasts - set of the messages and other materials prepared for TV and radio broadcasting, which are considered as the separate and finished in the organizational and thematic relation part of teleradio programs;

1.0.17. the vendor of teleradio programs (transfers) - the physical person or legal entity preparing teleradio programs (transfer) provided for broadcasting;

1.0.18. technical means of broadcasting - set of the radio-electronic means and technical devices used for bringing programs to the consumer;

1.0.19. the closed television and radio network - the cable television which is not provided for mass broadcasting used within one or several buildings connected with each other for the benefit of education, training, defense, safety, etc. industry interests;

1.0.20. broadcasting of cable network - the television broadcasting providing transfer and acceptance of radio signals by means of cable system;

1.0.21. the additional information - the alphabetic, digital, graphic and other information transferred in structure of signal of TV and radio broadcasting and which does not have any communication with the main program;


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