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of June 9, 1999 No. 49

About weapon

(as amended on 24-04-2019)

Accepted by General Court of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on May 14, 1999

This Law regulates the legal relationship arising in case of turnover of civil, office, and also military person-portable small and cold weapon in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and is directed to protection of life and health of citizens, property, ensuring public and economic safety, conservation and natural resources, development of international cooperation in fight against crime and illegal distribution of weapon.

Provisions of this Law extend also to turnover of ammunition to weapon.

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law

Weapon in this Law is understood as the devices and objects which are structurally intended for attack or active defense and defeat of live or other purpose.

The firearms are the weapon which is structurally intended for mechanical defeat of the purpose at distance by the metayemy element receiving directed movement due to energy of gases in case of decomposition of gunpowder or other explosive.

Cold weapon is the weapon intended for defeat of the purpose by use of muscular strength of the person in case of direct contact or the metayemy element at distance receiving directed movement at the expense of the muscular strength of the person, or mechanical devices.

Pneumatic weapon is the weapon intended for defeat of the purpose by the metayemy element receiving directed movement due to energy of the compressed gaseous substance.

Gas weapon is the weapon intended for defeat of the purpose by use of substances tear and irritant action. The list of the irritating and tear substances allowed for use is determined by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Ammunition to small and gas arms is the devices of one-time action intended for direct defeat of the purpose by metayemy element and structurally adapted for shot from weapon of the corresponding type.

Traffic in weapons is production, sale, transfer, acquisition, repair, accounting, storage, carrying, transportation, use, withdrawal and destruction, export and import of weapon, and also import of single copies of weapon to the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Production of weapon is production and repair of weapon, and also production of ammunition and their components.

Article 2. Types of weapon

Weapon depending on the purposes of its use is subdivided by appropriate subjects on:

1) civil;

2) office;

3) fighting.

Other types of fire small, gas and cold weapon which are not provided by this Law can be used in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic only for the purpose of weapon collecting.

Article 3. Civil weapon

Weapon, held for use citizens for the purpose of self-defense, for sports activities and hunting belongs to civil weapon. The civil firearms shall exclude firing by queues and have reservoir of shop (drum) no more than 10 cartridges.

Civil weapon is subdivided on:

1) self-defense weapon:

- fire smooth-bore weapon, including with cartridges of traumatic action;

- fire besstvolny weapon with cartridges of traumatic, gas and light-sound action;

- gas weapon: the gas guns and revolvers, mechanical sprayers, aerosol and other devices equipped with the tear or irritating substances allowed for use of the Kyrgyz Republic by the Government.

- the electroconvulsive devices and spark rated sportsmen having the output parameters conforming to requirements of state standards;

2) sports weapon:

- fire with rifle barrel;

- fire smooth-bore;

- cold weapon;

- pneumatic with dulny energy over 3 J;

3) hunting weapon:

- fire with rifle barrel;

- fire smooth-bore, including with length of cut part no more than 140 mm;

- fire combined;

- pneumatic with dulny energy no more than 25 J;

- cold weapon.

Article 4. Office weapon

Weapon, held for use officials of state bodies and employees of the companies and organizations to which the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic carrying, storage and use of the specified weapon for the purpose of self-defense or for execution of the obligations assigned to them by the law on protection of life and health of citizens is authorized, to property, on conservation and natural resources, valuable and dangerous goods, special correspondence belongs to office weapon.

State bodies on environmental protection, and also the companies and the organizations to which the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic assigns the functions connected with use and use of office weapon are legal entities with singular authorized problems (further - legal entities with singular authorized problems).

No more than 300 J, and also fire smooth-bore weapon belong to office weapon also cut short-barreled weapon with dulny energy fire smooth-bore, long-barreled (trunk length more than 400 mm).


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