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of December 6, 2001 No. 713-XV

About control and the prevention of abuse of alcohol, illegal consumption of drugs and other psychotropic substances

(The last edition from 20-07-2017)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

This law determines policy of the state in the field of control and the prevention of abuse of alcohol and illegal consumption of drugs and other psychotropic substances, reduction and eradication of such consumption, education of the population in the spirit of sobriety and healthy lifestyle, and also in the field of elimination of consequences of physical and (or) mental dependence on alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

For the purpose of this law the following basic concepts are used in value:

chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, toxicomania - the diseases caused by abuse of alcohol and illegal consumption of the drugs and other psychotropic substances causing the dependence which is combined with disorders of physical and mental health and various forms of the antisocial acts and behavior establishing problems for the identity of the patient, his families and societies;

abuse of alcoholic beverages - systematic and permanent consumption of alcoholic beverages in the quantity causing the intoxication degree which is beyond moral standards, or leading to the household alcoholism having an adverse effect on the interpersonal relations and financial position of family on education of children and on public health in general;

illegal consumption of drugs and other psychotropic substances - unjustified drug taking and other psychotropic substances with the dangerous purpose to learn and experience their action for mentality and physical condition, as a rule, in the quantities exceeding therapeutic doses without appointment of the doctor and without availability of the pathological processes in organism which are indications for acceptance of the specified substances;

obligatory treatment - the specialized medical care provided in narcological organization of the Ministry of Health, ordered by the resolution of degree of jurisdiction to person with the dependence on alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substances which is shown in pathological changes of the personality, antisocial behavior, loss of capability critically to estimate the condition, including the behavior in family and society, and also to expect consequences of intoxication or consumption of drugs and other psychotropic substances;

narcological organization - the treatment and prevention facility providing the specialized narcological help to persons abusing alcoholic beverages or illegally consuming drugs and other psychotropic substances, sick alcoholism, drug addiction or toxicomania, and also performing prevention of alcoholism, drug addiction and toxicomania;

the house boarding school – the organization in system of the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family intended for content of the persons which do not have fully capability to sensible judgment (irrespective of, whether is established in their relation measure of judicial protection) lost social communications needing actions for strengthening of health, social adaptation and recovery of capability to sensible judgment for the purpose of return to normal life;

the narcological help - complete physical examination on the basis and according to the procedure, established by this law and other legal acts, diagnosis of narcological disease, treatment, leaving, medico-social resettlement and dispensary medical observation, and if necessary involvement of patients with the long course of disease in information, educational, preventive and medical programs;

state of intoxication - the condition arising owing to alcohol intake, drugs, the psychotropic and/or other substances causing intoxication, and leading to psychofunctional frustration of organism;

medical examination for determination of state of intoxication and its nature - complex of actions and the procedures of medical nature which are carried out for the purpose of identification and confirmation of state of intoxication, and also establishment of the used substance;

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