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of November 3, 2000 No. 1353-XIV

About peasant farms

(as amended on 21-07-2017)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Subject of the law

(1) This law determines legal, organizational, social and economic basis of organization, activities, reorganization and liquidation of the peasant farms which are referred to as further with peasant economy.

(2) Operation of this law does not extend to activities of the persons conducting subsidiary farm, and also who are engaged in collective gardening or truck farming.

Article 2. Concept of peasant economy

(1) the Peasant economy comes down the sole proprietor company founded on private property to Earth of agricultural purpose (further - the parcels of land), other property and individual work of members of one family (members of peasant economy), performing production, primary conversion and realization mainly of own agricultural products.

(2) the Peasant economy can be conducted also by one physical person.

(3) Only peasant economy can perform individual business activity in agricultural industry.

Article 3. Legal status of peasant economy

(1) the Peasant economy has legal status of physical person.

(2) the Land area of peasant economy, the size of other property, including leased, shall be such that activities of economy mainly - more than for 50 percent a year - were based on personal labor of his members.

(3) If the peasant economy does not meet the requirements of part (1) Article 2 or part (2) this Article, it shall provide accomplishment of these requirements within three months, either be reorganized, or be liquidated according to the procedure, established by the legislation.

(4) If requirements of part (3) this Article or part (1) Article 24 are not carried out, the peasant economy loses the privileges and privileges provided by this law and other legal acts.

Article 4. Responsibility of peasant economy and its members

(1) the Peasant economy does not bear responsibility on personal obligations of members of economy.

(2) Members of peasant economy bear the unlimited joint liability according to obligations of peasant economy all the property, except for property on which according to the Code of civil procedure collection cannot be turned.

Article 5. Legislation on peasant economy

Activities of peasant economy are regulated by this law, the Law on entrepreneurship and the companies, the Civil code, the Land code, the Tax code, the Labor code and other regulations.

Article 6. State and peasant economy

(1) the State guarantees observance of the rights and protection of legitimate interests of peasant economy.

(2) the State does not bear responsibility according to obligations of peasant economy, is equal as peasant economy does not bear responsibility according to obligations of the state.

(3) Intervention of bodies of public management in activities of peasant economy is not allowed, except as specified, provided by the law.

Chapter II of the Right and obligation of peasant economy

Article 7. Rights

(1) the Peasant economy has the right:

a) have seal, open bank accounts, including currency;

b) determine the directions and amounts of the financial and economic activities;

c) hire workers by the conclusion of individual employment contracts (further - employees of economy) and to dismiss them;

d) build for own needs of the building and construction according to the procedure, established by regulations;

e) carry out irrigating, drying and other meliorative works according to the procedure, determined by regulations;

f) take and provide the parcels of land and other property in lease;

g) dispose of the made products and the gained income;

h) establish the prices of the sold products;

i) perform foreign economic activity according to the legislation;

j) insure risk of loss (death) or damage of common property of members of economy, and also other entrepreneurial risks;

k) be member of commercial societies and the member of entrepreneurial cooperatives, including foreign (but has no right to be the complete member of complete or limited societies);

l) be member of associations, unions and other non-commercial societies;

m) perform other activities which are not contradicting the legislation.

(2) Voided according to the Law of the Republic of Moldova of 07.07.2016 No. 160

Article 8. Obligations

The peasant economy shall:

a) obtain the license according to the procedure, stipulated by the legislation, in case of occupation the activities which are subject to licensing;

b) provide labor protection of members of economy and persons working under the agreement according to the legislation;

c) pay completely and timely the salary to employees of economy, pay fees of the national social insurance for members and employees of economy, to perform their social security;

d) use the parcels of land for designated purpose;

e) not allow decrease in fertility of soils, hold complex of events for their protection, apply nature protection technologies;

f) provide on the parcels of land used by economy servitudes according to the procedure, established by the legislation;

g) not violate the rights of users and owners of the adjacent parcels of land;

h) observe standards, ecological, veterinary and sanitary and other stipulated by the legislation requirements concerning quality of the sold products;

i) carry out completely and timely tax liabilities;

j) fulfill other duties provided by the law.

Chapter III Organization and registration of peasant economy

Article 9. Right to organization

(1) the Founder of peasant economy has the right to be physical person which reached age of 18 years, has full legal capacity, owns the parcel of land by the right of private property.

(2) the Physical person can be the founder (member) only of one peasant economy.

Article 10. Organization

(1) the Peasant economy is established on a voluntary basis.

(2) the Formation document of peasant economy is the declaration signed by the founder and all other members of economy.

(3) the Declaration on organization of peasant farm which is referred to as further with the declaration shall contain the following data:

a) full and abbreviated name of economy;

b) economy location;


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