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of May 27, 1999 No. 412-XIV

About livestock production

(as amended on 09-06-2022)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

This law establishes legal and economic basis of the organization of livestock production, governs the relations between the state and owners of animals.

The purpose of this law is conditioning for increase in production and improvement of product quality of livestock production.

Chapter I General provisions

Art. 1. - The livestock production is meant concept the industry of agricultural industry which is engaged in studying, cultivation, reproduction, feeding, improvement of breeds and use of farm animals (further - animals).

Art. 2. - (1) Cultivation and improvement of breeds of animals is of national interest and it is designed to provide the population with live stock products, the light and food industry - raw materials, agricultural industry - organic fertilizers and draft force, and also to promote development of sport.

(2) the State by means of economic levers stimulates development of livestock production.

Art. 3. - The livestock production of the Republic of Moldova is provided by the livestock of animals, genetic banks, grena, food resources, native ranges and haymakings, lakes, ponds, reservoirs equipped for fish breeding.

Art. 4. - (1) for the purposes of this law the animal is meant concept any live organism relating to one of the following types: cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, goats, fur animals, bird, rabbits, fish, bees and silkworm.

(2) all land areas covered with natural grass and treelike vegetation or sowed by feed crops, intended for pasturage or haymakings are considered as Pastures.

Art. 5. - (1) in the production purposes of animals the physical persons or legal entities having animals on the property right, ownerships or uses can be engaged in Cultivation and content.

(2) the Quantity of the grown-up animals can be limited only by opportunities of providing them with sterns, livestock barns, reservoirs, and also opportunities of factors of the environment of the corresponding zone for use of manure drains and waste of livestock production, purification of the used water.

Art. 6. - Coordination of all activities for cultivation and improvement of breeds of animals, to production of forages is assigned to the Ministry of Agriculture and the food industry and its division which develop concepts of development of livestock production and forage production determine the directions of scientific research and implementation of scientific and technical achievements, procedure of the state control in livestock production and forage production, develop drafts of the laws and other regulations in the field.

Art. 7. - The construction and commissioning of stock-rearing farms are performed according to the requirements established by the law.

Chapter II Basic rights and obligations of owners of animals, pastures, reservoirs

Art. 8. - (1) the Baking plate is understood by concept of the owner of animals the physical person or legal entity having in permanent ownership of animals as their owner and/or the owner of object or as person who is temporarily looking after animals. Persons responsible for groups of animals, transport drivers in whom there are animals, and also managing directors of objects like fairs or exhibitions of animal, summer camps, stock-rearing farms and storage centers, the companies for slaughter of animals belong to this category without any exception.

(2) Owners of animals, pastures and reservoirs have the right:

a) to freely choose for cultivation type, breed, type, population, the line, cross, hybrids of animals according to the List of the breeds zoned in Moldova, types and crosses of animals;

b) choose methods of feeding and content of animals, uses of food resources, native ranges and reservoirs;

c) apply the most acceptable managerial and economic decisions;

d) implement animals and live stock products independently or through the profile associations created on a voluntary basis;

e) enter different associations (societies) which purpose is production, sales of products of livestock production, etc.;

f) obtain the credits of banks and use them on construction and repair of stock-rearing farms and Items on artificial fertilization of animals, acquisition of breeding animals, pasture improvement and reservoirs;

g) use public pastures for pasture of animals on the basis of the agreements signed with bodies of local public authority.

Art. 9. - (1) Owners of animals shall:

a) observe zooveterinary requirements for content and cultivation of animals;

b) use in productive activity the growth stimulants, biological and veterinary medicines, disinfectants which are not constituting the danger to people and animals which is not polluting the environment and registered in the Republic of Moldova;

c) represent according to the Law on official statistics N 412-XV of December 9, 2004 to bodies of statistics and bodies of local public authority data on availability of livestock of animals on types;

d) in case of application for reproduction of animals of method of artificial fertilization or manual copulation to use the producers approved according to article 13 of the Law on breeding case in livestock production N 371-XIII of February 15, 1995;

e) have the right of insurance of breeding and productive animals of the main herd;

f) perform branding of animals individual numbers and keep individual account of products made by them;

g) support fund of selection and reproduction in livestock production;

h) not allow use under pastures of the areas intended for other purposes.

(2) Owners of pastures and reservoirs shall:

a) contain pastures and reservoirs in proper condition, to provide their protection, to systematically increase soil fertility and productivity of pastures and reservoirs for the purpose of satisfaction of need of animals for sterns and protection of soils;

b) observe provisions of usage agreements of pastures and annual plans of works on their content, improvement and operation;

c) not allow use not to destination of the areas intended for pastures and haymakings, cultivation of green crops or production of seeds of feed crops.

Chapter III Improvement of breeds and reproduction of animals

Art. 10. - Improvement of breeds and reproduction of animals are performed according to the Law on breeding case in livestock production N 371-XIII of February 15, 1995 and this law.

Art. 11. - (1) Improvement of breeds of animals is performed by carrying out scientific research, selection of animals on the basis of data of official accounting of their productivity and purposeful reproduction.

(2) Official control of achievements of animals is exercised by the National agency on safety of foodstuff.

Art. 12. - Voided


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