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The document ceased to be valid since March 23, 2019 according to article 50 of the Aviation code of the Republic of Moldova of December 21, 2017 No. 301


of July 9, 1997 No. 1237-XIII

About civil aviation

(as amended on 27-07-2018)

The parliament adopts this law.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Law field of application

(1) This law governs the relations arising in connection with use of airspace of the Republic of Moldova and activities in the field of civil aviation in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

(2) This law is applied to all physical persons and legal entities performing activities in the field of civil aviation in the territory of the Republic of Moldova to all air vehicles which are in airspace of the Republic of Moldova and also the air vehicles registered in the Republic of Moldova where they were.

(3) This law is not applied to the national air vehicles which are understood as the air vehicles used on military, customs or police services. In case of establishment of rules for the national air vehicles the Government considers aviation safety of civil air vehicles.

(4) This law is applied for the purpose of protection of sovereignty, safety and economic interests of the Republic of Moldova within mutually beneficial international cooperation in the field of civil aviation.

(5) In the part which is not settled by this law, the procedure for request, provision, suspension and withdrawal of the allowing documents provided by this law for business entities in the field of civil aviation is determined by the Law on regulation of business activity by permission No. 160/2011.

Article 2. Sovereignty over airspace

The Republic of Moldova has complete and exclusive sovereignty over airspace over the territory.

Article 3. Main determinations

For the purpose of this law the following main determinations are used:

aviation incident - the event connected with use of the air vehicle which takes place since the moment when any face is raised aboard the air vehicle with intention to make flight, till the moment when all being onboard person left the air vehicle, during which:

a) any face sustains serious bodily harm or bodily harms from the death as a result:

- stays onboard the air vehicle;

- direct contact with any part of the air vehicle, including the parts separated this air vehicle;

- direct impact of stream of gases of the jet engine, except as specified, when bodily harms are sustained as a result of the natural reasons, are put to themselves or are put with other persons or when bodily harms are put to the stowaway passengers disappearing in the zones unavailable to passengers and crew members;

b) the air vehicle sustains damage or there is destruction of its designs therefore:

- structural strength is broken, technical or flight characteristics worsen; and

- major repair or replacement of the damaged element is required,

except as specified damage or engine failure if only the engine, cowl or accessories is damaged, or only air screws, wings tip, antennas, pneumatics, braking devices, fairing are damaged, or in covering there are small dents or holes;

c) the air vehicle is missing or access to it is impossible;

airfield - certain site of earth's (water) surface, including buildings, constructions and the equipment, intended fully or partially for take-off, landing, taxing and the parking of air vehicles;

the airport - the complex of constructions including the airfield, air terminal and other constructions intended for acceptance and sending air vehicles, servicing of airborne transportations;

the air vehicle - any device supported in the atmosphere due to interaction with air excepting interaction with the air reflected from earth's surface;

the international airport - any airport in the territory of the Republic of Moldova determined by the Government as the airport of arrival and departure of the air vehicles which are carrying out the international airborne transportations at which boundary, customs, phytosanitary, veterinary formalities, formalities connected with health of the population and also any other similar procedures are performed;

the aviation agent - any legal entity certified for implementation of activities in the field of civil aviation;

permission of the operator - the document permitting to the operator to perform special aerial works or flights of air vehicles of general aviation;

baggage - the property belonging to passengers, transported onboard the air vehicle under the agreement with his operator;

the airworthiness certificate - the document certifying after inspection, audit, repair, modification or mounting that the air vehicle or its constituents meet existing rules of the flight validity;

the air operator certificate - the document permitting to the operator to carry out commercial air transportations;

incident - any event, except aviation incident, connected with use of the air vehicle which influences or could affect safety of its operation;


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