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of May 27, 1999 No. 413-XIV

About culture

(as amended on 28-12-2023)

The Parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Subject and purposes of this law

(1) the Subject of this law are the cultural circle and cultural activities in different areas.

(2) the Purposes of this law are:

a) providing and protection of constitutional right of citizens of the Republic of Moldova on cultural activities;

b) determination of the basic principles of cultural policy of the state, legal basis of ensuring free cultural development.

Article 2. Basic concepts

For the purpose of this law the following concepts are used in value:

culture - set of mentalities, chuvstvovaniye and actions in material and spiritual spheres of life of society and their valuable expression;

cultural activities - activities for creation, preserving, recovery, protection, distribution and use of cultural values;

cultural value - and) the result of creative activities important in certain sociocultural space;

b) product of cultural activities which value can be expressed in cash calculation;

cultural property - set of cultural values;

the cultural circle - set of the organizations and cultural institutions, cultural values, creative specialists and cultural workers creating the circle in which the culture develops;

the organizations of culture - the creative unions, workshops (corporation), consolidation, including public, the organizations, organizations, the companies performing cultural activities;

the creative specialist - the person creating cultural values, performing works of art;

the cultural worker - person who is in employment relationships with the organization of culture;

cultural originality - the system of cultural values determining originality of ethnosocial community;

the cultural voucher - the digital ticket with the cash equivalent considered on the virtual account of the receiver which is not subject to transfer provides access to the cultural services and products provided by service providers;

recreation center - the organization of culture with the status of the legal entity or without it, the performing activities in the field of culture rendering cultural services initiating cultural projects and which purpose is the satisfaction of cultural interests of community.

Article 3. Scope of this law

This law regulates cultural activities in the following areas:

a) literature, theater, music, fine arts, architecture, cinematography, radio, television, art of photography, design, circus art and other areas of creative activities;

b) folk art, art crafts, amateur performances;

c) protection and use of cultural property;

d) museum, archive, library science;

e) the book publishing, other spheres of activity connected with the edition, distribution and use of the book;

f) esthetic and art education;

g) scientific research, management in the field of culture, the organization of creative process;

h) training in the field of culture;

i) international cultural exchange;

j) cultural tourism;

k) other areas of cultural activities.

Chapter II of the Obligation of the state in the field of culture

Article 4. State policy in the field of culture

The state establishes priorities of cultural activities and provides its legal basis.

Article 5. The central body of public management in the field of culture

(1) the Central body of public management coordinating cultural activities in the country is the profile ministry.

(2) the Structure, states and regulations on the profile ministry affirm the Government.

Article 6. State programs on preserving and cultural development

The government develops and finances in accordance with the established procedure state programs on preserving and cultural development according to cultural policy of the state, determines the directions, forms and methods of their implementation.

Article 6-1. Cultural voucher

(1) Owners of the cultural voucher are persons which reached 18-year age. The owner can use cultural services based on the cultural voucher no later than 12 months from the moment of its provision.

(2) the Profile ministry bears responsibility for implementation of the national program "Cultural Voucher", and also for implementation of campaign for informing and promotion of the program.

(3) Cultural services, cultural products and suppliers of cultural services, and also procedure for access to services which can use based on the cultural voucher are established by the provision approved by the Government.

Article 7. Obligations of the state on protection of intellectual property

The state shall protect the rights of creative specialists concerning intellectual property, valuable and non-property interests connected with creative activities.

Article 8. Providing open entry to cultural activities and cultural values

(1) the State provides open entry to cultural activities and cultural values.

(2) For this purpose state:

a) provides budget financing and development of material and technical resources of cultural institutions of national value;

b) stimulates creation and activities of the state and non-state organizations of culture, including private;

c) creates proper conditions for general esthetic education and art education;

d) provides in case of means of the profile ministry financing of the expenses connected with provision of cultural vouchers within the budgetary appropriations approved by the law on the government budget.

Article 9. Demonopolization in the field of culture

(1) any actions for monopolization of cultural activities Are prohibited.

(The State supports 2) and stimulates the alternative organizations of culture.

Article 10. Obligations of the state in relation to creative youth

The state maintains young talents, creative youth.

Chapter III of the Right and freedom in the field of culture

Article 11. Right to cultural activities

(1) Cultural activities are the inalienable right of each person irrespective of national identity, social origin, language, floor, political, religious and other convictions, residence, property status, education, profession and other circumstances.

(2) Human rights in the field of cultural activities are priority and cannot be limited to the state or the non-state organizations.

Article 12. Right to creative activities

(1) Any individual has the right to creative activities according to the interests and capabilities.

(2) the Right to creative activities can be performed both on professional, and on nonprofessional basis.


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