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of June 22, 2000 No. 1069-XIV

About information science

(as amended on 09-06-2022)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I General provisions

Art. 1. - This law establishes the basic rules and conditions of activities in the field of information science in the Republic of Moldova, the rights and obligations of the state, legal entities and physical persons performed in the course of creation, management, use and maintaining informatichesky systems the right of access to informatichesky services determines the principles and means of ensuring of freedom and data protection in informatichesky systems.

Art. 2. - In this law the following concepts are used:

illegal access - the information access provided with violation of operating mode;

databank - set of the databases and software products managing them;

the database - set of the data organized according to certain conceptual structure which describes characteristics of these data taking into account the relations between their elements and intended for application in one or several areas;

data - the facts, concepts, phenomena, events, properties, signs, instructions, etc. provided in the conditional form allowing to make their transfer or interchange, and also to perform their processing by manual method or automatic means;

public data - data to which the public access is not organic;

the equipment (hardware) - the technical means intended for computer systems;

information science - the sphere of activity including processing and data transmission by means of the automated computing systems and means of communication;

informatization - organized set of the actions directed to creation, implementation, maintaining and enhancement of the automated computing systems, and data transmission in the course of collection, storages, processings and distribution of information;

data stream - the data exchange between constants or files performed in the course of execution of instructions, procedures, modules of programs or programs;

the operator in the field of information science - the legal entity who renders wide range of informatichesky services at the level of the international requirements on condition of respect for high quality and data security;

informatichesky product - set of the data and programs received as a result of work of certain programs or software packages;

software product (software) - set of programs or subprogrammes, procedures, rules and associative documents of information handling system;

the program (computer program) - the sequence of descriptions and instructions of programming language working in operating system of the computer and intended for accomplishment of certain functions or the solution of tasks;

data protection - set of the organizational and technical actions and regulations used for exception of harming interests of owners of data, to informatichesky systems, and also users by information;

information resource - any element of information system necessary for accomplishment of required transactions;

informatichesky network (computer network) - complex of program technical means for processing of the interconnected data and their transfer on communication links;

public data communication network - the informatichesky network operating in the public sphere;

data security - the attribute of data characterizing their security before events which could break their integrity;

informatichesky services - the services in use of software products, the equipment and informatichesky systems offered in the market;

public informatichesky services - the informatichesky services rendered through public data communication network;

informatichesky system - set of the programs and the equipment providing data automation;

information system - set of information handling system and such associated organizational resources as human and technical which deliver and distribute information;

information technologies - the technologies used in information science in complex with that part of communications which is connected with data transmission in informatichesky networks;

data transmission - turnover of data and programs between two or several users.

Art. 3. - (1) Access of legal entities and physical persons to public informatichesky services, to information containing in informatichesky systems is provided with relevant provisions of the Constitution, this law and other legal acts.

(2) Informatichesky systems and networks, and also information resources can belong to legal entities and physical persons by the right of private or public property.

Art. 4. - (1) Data protection within informatichesky systems and networks is provided with relevant provisions of the Constitution, this law and other regulations.

(2) Persons acting within informatichesky systems and networks shall provide data protection.

(3) Unauthorized access and connection to informatichesky systems and networks are prohibited.

(4) Use of informatichesky means on the conditions excluding discrimination is guaranteed in all territory of the country.

Art. 5. - (1) the Ministry of Economics is the central industry body developing program documents and regulations in the field of information science and information technologies.

(2) Functions and powers of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure in the field of information science and information technologies are established by the Government.

(3) the National regulation agency in the field of electronic communications and information technologies is the central administrative authority regulating according to the legislation activities in the field of information science and information technologies.

(4) Basic functions and powers of the National agency on regulation in the field of electronic communications and information technologies concerning regulation of activities in the field of information science and information technologies are established by the Law on electronic communications No. 241/2007.

Art. 6. - (1) the Relations in the field of information science which are not considered in this law are regulated by other regulations.

(2) For the Republic of Moldova the international relations in the field of information science are governed by the conventions and international agreements signed by it. If conventions and international agreements include provisions, excellent from stipulated by the legislation the Republic of Moldova about information science, provisions of conventions and international agreements are applied.

Chapter II

No. 135 voided according to the Law of the Republic of Moldova of 16.07.2020

Chapter III Information access and to informatichesky services

Art. 13. - (1) in the territory of the Republic of Moldova data transmission is performed without any limit for her participants.


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